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Good Conduct Society Protest at the Erotica Convention

September 20, 2008

We protested at the Erotica Convention in Edison, NJ over the past weekend. The convention was a sight to behold. Several hundred people were lined up to buy tickets at $50 a head. The crowd represented a cross section of delegates from the DNC and RNC conventions, truck drivers galore and plenty of motorcycles parked outside the Convention Hall. I’d say 99% were men ready to drool.

Fortunately, I was given a media pass and could enter through a separate door. I was handed a black miniature skirt fit for a midget with a sexy saying in white letters I won’t repeat for fear my mother is reading this. I can either wear it or dry my cat. We’ll see.

Outside the hall two members of my Good Conduct Society were handing out flyers with their picket sign STOP BIRD PORN. The security guards eventually came along and ordered my associates to retreat to the edge of the parking lot that contained about 500 vehicles, mostly pickup trucks with oversized tires. There were no people. So they placed flyers on windshields.

Inside the convention there were about 50 display cubicles with vendors hawking their wares. You could buy T-shirts with sassy comments such as “kiss my ass” or “let me suck your banana.” Very charming indeed! The rest looked like a regular sex shop but more crowded. Yes, I’ve been to a sex shop, I am over eighteen, thank you very much. And not a hypocrite, I think what people choose to do with their mutual consent is fine, it’s involving defenseless creatures like birds in their fantasies is what really bothers me. Anyway.

The VIP lounge was off-limits to the media. But I peeked inside the curtain and there were young ladies wearing only thongs exercising on poles while others were keeping men’s laps warm. What else is new.

There was a stage with an MC and a rock band that presented shows every half-hour. The crowd of men clicking their digital cameras took pictures non-stop of their friends posing with scantily clad women from the different displays. The nearby hotdog stand was really busy. I was often crushed between bodies that threatened to abuse me. But I escaped unscathed.

My thoughts are still with birds and their dilemma to live and mate in peace. Bird Watchers want to intrude on their privacy for personal passion. It’s not fair, it’s not right and I intend to do everything in my power to expose this insidious, shameful, human addiction.