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Stop Bird Porn supporter in the streets of NYC

October 3, 2009


They call it “avian erotica”

March 1, 2009

Yes, one might think initially it is pretty cute. Except, one wouldn’t like it if he were the one being used for “science”.

To find out whether a bird is paying attention these days, it seems you have to get a little risqué.

That’s what a researcher at McMaster University in Hamilton did in a recent study to determine whether Japanese quail can recognize images on a video screen as being from real life.

Alex Ophir, 28, a PhD student in the department of psychology and author of the study that soon will appear in the journal Animal Behaviour, has been showing what amounts to avian erotica to numerous eligible female quail, to see how they respond.

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Plane in the Hudson And the Birds

January 16, 2009

Anaida Krok, founder and president of The Good Conduct Society, an organization she leads for the preservation of birds, today congratulated the Black Throated Green Warblers for safely bringing down the US AIRWAYS Flight 1549 in the Hudson River. The 155 passengers and crew were quickly rescued with only a few minor injuries.

“There are 48 million Peeping Toms with binoculars seeking vicarious sexual pleasure, posing as Bird Watchers,” she added. “Their sordid satisfaction must be halted immediately, otherwise birds will continue their protest by invading jet engines and forcing them to land shortly after takeoff.”

The Good Conduct Society has petitioned Congress to pass strict laws that would curtail Bird Watchers’ from pursuing their perverted passion. Stiff fines will help deter such criminal activities and Ms. Krok has written President-elect Barack Obama to help support her cause.

Letter to President-elect Obama from Good Conduct Society

December 13, 2008

Dear friends and supporters,

At this moment I would like to share with you the political agenda of the Good Conduct Society. I personally wrote a letter to President-elect Obama in which I encourage him to take measures to protect the birds. Yes, there are other problems, we all know that. But does it mean that bankers and newspapers who caused their own demise hurt more than birds who are defenseless against human barbarity?

In my letter to Obama I urge Mr. President-elect as well as Congress to create a law that protects our bird population, now considered “endangered species.” They are an integral part of our planet that needs to be preserved immediately. Otherwise their role in nature, if extinguished by horny bird watchers, will upset and even destroy the chain of animal behavior presently in peril from hunters, voyeurs and enslaved in cages. All zoos, and especially bird sanctuaries, should release their captives and return them to nature’s habitat. Therefore, a Federal Law must be passed by Congress that contains the following provisions:

1. Bird watchers must cease and desist from watching birds cohabitate or face a fine of $250 for the first offense; $750 for the second offense; $1,000 for the third offense and a mandatory jail sentence of one year and a day in a Federal Prison.

2. Keeping birds in home cages are to be forbidden unless for preservation. They must be set free or the kidnappers will be subjected to penalties as stated in #1.

3. Pet stores must not engage in selling birds and will have 30 days in which to release them or the store owner will be fined as in #1.

4.Bird predators, such as Bird Watchers, who have been fined and/or convicted, will be shamed on a website sponsored by U.S. Government

5. Citizens who report violations of the above regulations will be rewarded with payments up to $2,500 for their vigilance and service to their country.

I will keep you posted on the progress. I am leaving for Europe tomorrow and my communication will be limited. The blog will be maintained by Good Conduct Society member Harvey Horton.


Stop Bird Porn protest in Central Park

October 16, 2008

Stop Bird Porn protest in NYC

Now, took at that woman’s face! IS SHE A BIRD WATCHER?

Stop Bird Porn protest - nice reaction!

SBP protest tomorrow in New York

October 12, 2008

We are planning a protest in New York tomorrow. We will be meeting at 59th and Central Park at 2.15 in the afternoon. All supporters are welcome to join us!

Anaida Krok

Birds’ Rights

September 23, 2008

Please check out this link sent to us by New York Bird Club:

Our Town

September 22, 2008

State Sen. Liz Krueger sent a letter to the Pennsylvania State Legislature to push a ban on live pigeon shoots, which she says causes poachers to target New York City. There is a bill sitting in the Pennsylvania legislature that would ban live-animal shoots.“If the Pennsylvania pigeon shoot market for live birds to target in these competitions were ended through legislation, these pigeon nettings would undoubtedly dramatically decline and most likely, cease,” Krueger wrote.

Good Conduct Society Protest at the Erotica Convention

September 20, 2008

We protested at the Erotica Convention in Edison, NJ over the past weekend. The convention was a sight to behold. Several hundred people were lined up to buy tickets at $50 a head. The crowd represented a cross section of delegates from the DNC and RNC conventions, truck drivers galore and plenty of motorcycles parked outside the Convention Hall. I’d say 99% were men ready to drool.

Fortunately, I was given a media pass and could enter through a separate door. I was handed a black miniature skirt fit for a midget with a sexy saying in white letters I won’t repeat for fear my mother is reading this. I can either wear it or dry my cat. We’ll see.

Outside the hall two members of my Good Conduct Society were handing out flyers with their picket sign STOP BIRD PORN. The security guards eventually came along and ordered my associates to retreat to the edge of the parking lot that contained about 500 vehicles, mostly pickup trucks with oversized tires. There were no people. So they placed flyers on windshields.

Inside the convention there were about 50 display cubicles with vendors hawking their wares. You could buy T-shirts with sassy comments such as “kiss my ass” or “let me suck your banana.” Very charming indeed! The rest looked like a regular sex shop but more crowded. Yes, I’ve been to a sex shop, I am over eighteen, thank you very much. And not a hypocrite, I think what people choose to do with their mutual consent is fine, it’s involving defenseless creatures like birds in their fantasies is what really bothers me. Anyway.

The VIP lounge was off-limits to the media. But I peeked inside the curtain and there were young ladies wearing only thongs exercising on poles while others were keeping men’s laps warm. What else is new.

There was a stage with an MC and a rock band that presented shows every half-hour. The crowd of men clicking their digital cameras took pictures non-stop of their friends posing with scantily clad women from the different displays. The nearby hotdog stand was really busy. I was often crushed between bodies that threatened to abuse me. But I escaped unscathed.

My thoughts are still with birds and their dilemma to live and mate in peace. Bird Watchers want to intrude on their privacy for personal passion. It’s not fair, it’s not right and I intend to do everything in my power to expose this insidious, shameful, human addiction.

Good Conduct Society update

September 10, 2008

We attended both Democratic and Republican conventions and I am very pleased and even overwhelmed with the degree of awareness we were able to raise. Sure, some people laugh. But they would probably also laugh at puppies being skinned alive and claim it’s not for real. Makes me sick to my stomach to even think about how insensitive humans can get.

Overall, we were getting an amazing reaction at both conventions. Pedestrians stopped to listen and learn, one kid even told us a story of his grandfather who used to be a bird pornographer but realized how sick it was and mended his ways. It made me think. We should probably start and grow a movement of Birdwatchers Anonymous to help the ones who are ready to fight their sick addiction. Not a bad idea! Please stay tuned!