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Bird watcher also bird-watcher n. A person who observes and identifies birds in their natural surroundings.

According to the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service forty eight million people watch birds. We have discovered that certain demographics of Bird Watchers are more sexually active than others.The elderly find that bird watching is not strenuous. And this erotic experience can be enjoyed privately through binoculars. Most disturbing are the groups of bird watchers seeking vicarious sexual gratification in the woods. Oftentimes they gather in relatively large groups and, aroused by birds’ mating rituals, they get involved in sickening mating rituals of their own, without any regard for birds’ privacy.

In this day and age, the society pays very little attention to the needs of animals, assuming animals are there for our joy and pleasure. Is it really so? Let’s see what Wikipedia says about birds’ mating habits:

Ninety-five percent of bird species are socially monogamous. These species pair for at least the length of the breeding season or—in some cases—for several years or until the death of one mate. Monogamy allows for biparental care, which is especially important for species in which females require males’ assistance for successful brood-rearing. Among many socially monogamous species, extra-pair copulation (infidelity) is common. Such behaviour typically occurs between dominant males and females paired with subordinate males, but may also be the result of forced copulation in ducks and other anatids. For females, possible benefits of extra-pair copulation include getting better genes for her offspring and insuring against the possibility of infertility in her mate. Males of species that engage in extra-pair copulations will closely guard their mates to ensure the parentage of the offspring that they raise.

Does it remind you of another species, commonly known as humans? So may be birds do have an agenda of their own, after all, and – oh my God – emotions, just like people?

Even more so, some species (not all) have mating rituals so complex that, when interrupted by nosy bird watchers, they become shy, stop mating and sometimes fail to resume properly. Which, in term, leads to a significant drop in the population of those species. Take a look, for example, at this article. What the article does not mention, however, is the reason why some of the bird watchers chase mating birds.

A psychologist who studies bird watching says: “Adults, disguised as bird watchers mask their debauchery by taking trips in groups. They can then achieve climax in the safety of the woods. Particularly disturbing is the high number of senior citizens using binoculars and telescopes to observe birds mating. These horny Peeping Toms satisfy their craving for sex by focusing their debasement on birds. This perversion must be halted, otherwise the entire moral fibre of our nation is going to hell.”.

A former birdwatcher, who recently resigned from his club in Meritt Island, FL, said:“I am sad about the reprehensible behavior of these bird watchers who need to satisfy their pornographic pleasures. Shame on them!”.

A member of Congress, who requested anonymity, is quietly drafting legislature that would levy stiff fines against people caught with bird porn in their possession, either photos or internet images.

For further information on how you can help discourage senior citizens from bird watching and, instead, to channel their energies into socially accepted activities, please email us at info@stopbirdporn.org or call us at (212) 592 3677.

P.S. We created a youtube channel just to post Anaida Krok’s video response to some “clever” posters:

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678 Responses to “Our mission”

  1. Robert Porter Says:

    It’s about time that someone brought this problem to the attention of the public. In my area, the bird-watching perverts are truly disgusting. They congregate in large numbers and enjoy their “hobby” on weekends. On more than one occasion, I’ve had to lead my children away from the area, lest they witness this perversion.

    Just because these people are old, that doesn’t mean that they aren’t freaks. Getting your “jollies” by watching birds have sex is just SICK! Something needs to be done about this. Our politicians don’t seem to care. Everyone should write a letter to the editor of their local newspaper about this perversity.

  2. Allison Says:

    Is this a joke?

  3. Stefan Says:

    please tell me this is a joke.

    donate money to help those in need and not by handing out flyers and posting stuff on the internet. spend some time at a nursing home and learn something from the seniors – once they are gone so are many of their memories.

    The fact that these seniors are getting out and enjoying nature should never, ever be discouraged.

  4. Annie Says:

    Really? Do you have nothing better to do than this?

  5. Colleen Says:

    Is this for real because I take this very seriously!

  6. jim sweitzer Says:



  7. jim swietzer Says:


  8. stopbirdporn Says:

    Colleen: So do we. Very seriously! Thank you for your support!

    Annie: Unfortunately, that’s the approach many people take. It is a lot easier to find “better” things to do and ignore the problem that is impacting our society.

  9. Endicott Says:

    I couldn’t agree more! It’s about time someone dealt with this. Every parent knows that when there’s a nature show on television, the two things that kids always “pause and replay” are the scenes where there’s a “kill” and the mating scenes. How many times have I had to rush to turn off the television when two elephants are getting amorous? Growing up, all the boys knew exactly which National Geographics had the bare-breasted women in them. I’m certain it’s the same with those bird watchers. It’s not about nature. It’s about sex. They know where to get their rocks off.

    The FCC seems to be cleaning up the airwaves. It’s a shame the courts threw out the Janet Jackson fine. Now it’s time for the National Park Service to crack down on the perverts in the parks.

  10. david Says:

    vile, vile individuals.

    where is the ‘donate’ button? my wallet is ready and willing. I can’t wait to watch the hammer of my disposable income sweep the depraved from my area park and/or forest preserve.

  11. Kay Says:

    We truly can’t believe that our tax dollars would be paying for this. No wonder our country is in such horrible debt. This must be a joke.

  12. Rol Says:

    This has psych major or grad student thesis topic written all over it.

  13. Joe Schmo Says:

    WTF?! Someone was handing out fliers with this crap around the White House area in DC this weekend…

    Guys?! serious!?

  14. Stuart Barcliff Says:

    Stop Bird Voyeurism? That seems to be what really bothers you, and inasmuch as I can tell, bird porn does not seem to be as big of a problem. You really should focus a bit on the constant exploitation that goes on in aviaries, where bird sex slaves literally are on display without any privacy. The exploitation of these glorious and colorful beaked friends is appalling! Bird voyeurism, sex trafficking and pimping are all happening, and with powerful friends in D.C. you are uniquely equipped to sound the alarm.

  15. jason Says:

    “horny Peeing Toms”
    Not only are they watching birds have sex, but they are urinating too?

    Put me in the group that thinks this is some kind of joke.

  16. Julie D Says:

    It appears that you do not understand the concept that coorelation is not causation. Only some one who personally finds birds erotic could ever come up with an idea like this. Perhaps you should admit that you are in fact the sexual deviant here and stop persecuting bird watchers who enjoy nature for all the right reasons.

    Beastiality is wrong. Stop YOUR disgusting thoughts.

  17. Spread Eagle Says:

    Greetings good-natured Samaritans,

    I totally heart Foghorn and Hot Cock. Thanks for addressing our privacy issues. At last, someone is advocating on behalf of our perversions.

  18. Spread Eagle Says:

    Where does a rooster have to go to get his freak-on, away from the Peepers??? My brother Foghorn and I were totally double-teaming this big-breasted hen and these old fogies insisted on watching and taking pictures. That really irritates the guano outta me!! Thanks stopbirdporn for addressing the voyeur aspect of this problem. What we do behind coop wire should be our business and ours alone.

  19. jackie Says:

    I agree with the replies above – this has to be either a joke, or the psych / soc grad project EVER.

  20. Gabe Oppenheim Says:

    To all the above posters,
    I’m Gabe Oppenheim, a Washington Post writer currently considering a story about this “movement.” I’d like to interview people who have been handed flyers or have witnessed the protests. My office phone number is 202-334-6367. Please don’t hesitate to call (and to leave a message, if I’m away from my desk). I appreciate your help.

  21. Emanuel Says:

    What needs to be stopped is stupid websites. I should start one – stopstupidwebsites.org There should be some regulatory authority for websites and the garbage they spread. Come on!
    Endicott – I was jumping up and down when the Janet Jackson fine was thrown out. I was watching that game and I didn’t know I saw anything until I was told the next day on the news, and also – what better ways to learn about the “BIRDS AND THE BEES”!!!!! than from the dang birds themselves. Is hiding the remote really gonna do anything? I don’t want to go off on a rant here, but parents seem to be very backward when it comes to matters of sexuality. Show me a sexually depraved adult, and I’ll show you an adult who had ultra conservative parents.

  22. I Stay SMH Says:

    ^^^ DEAD!!!!!


  23. Bob Hurliman Says:

    To those of you who think that watching innocent animals having sex is funny, well, you don’t understand, do you?

    Where I live there is an annual festival where people from all over congregate to (supposedly) innocently watch birds. Some of the behavior I’ve seen at this “festival” would turn the stomach of any right-thinking individual.

    To be honest, I didn’t consider actually speaking out against this perversion until I encountered this young woman and her crusade. I am 100% in favor of rooting out these perverts and preventing them from spreading their perversion to the rest of America. Our society is MUCH too permissive. A line has to be drawn and this is as good a place as any.

    Stop Bird Porn, indeed!

  24. Henry Harris Says:

    I tend to agree with these bird porn people. We’re living in perilous times whereby the computer can serve as a monster or muppet. In the latter instance, kids latch on to the internet with the same dexterity they drive an All Terrain Vehicle that can result in paralysis and death. Therefore, bird porn is available to pre-teeny boppers and they get their rocks off at an age when they should be playing only with themselves. As far as the old farts are concerned, they can go fuck themselves!!!

  25. Rod Thornton Says:

    Geez, what a pile of guano. Whoever created this ridiculous website is obviously nothing more than a Cuckoo! And, if anyone else thinks this is true, then you are a Cuckoo too!…or maybe a Loon?

  26. Hey Steph Says:

    Thanks for this ~ I laughed like a loon!

  27. Marty Mathieson Says:

    What a bunch of Hooey!

  28. Roger Wilfred Bush III Says:

    A close friend, in whom I confided my fetish several years ago, alerted me to this site. I have been a closet bird-porn-addict for years. In fact, I’ve raised the ante to PELAGIC bird porn, a unique type of bird porn where you go out on boats with other birders and watch everything unfold right in front of you, unobstructed by trees, buildings or vegetation. I feel so much better now that I know there are others who suffer from my affliction and aren’t afraid to come out of the closet. All I can say is THANK GOD FOR THE WEB!! – Roger

  29. Steve Luebke Says:

    I agree. These birds need to be stopped! Who in the ef do they think they are… procreating in public?! Do they have any sense of decency whatsoever?! I once saw this video called Planet Earth and it was littered with bird porn! Lets get this filth off the streets, out of our local video stores, and prosecute these bird porn pedaling perverts to the fullest extent of the law.

    Let’s put a stop to this madness TODAY!

  30. Markus Unread Says:

    I feel your outrage. Those poor little copulating birds…

    But wait. In a recent Psychology Today article, they said –
    “Outrage is an emotion that has three components. First, it has negative affect. That is, it is a bad feeling. Second, it has high arousal. That is, it is a strong and powerful emotion. Third, it occurs when people experience a violation of a moral boundary.”

    So, maybe the stopbirdporners are actually aroused by their outrage? That outrage amplified when they come together as a group… That means.

    Oh god. I feel so dirty! How could you!?!
    I’m glad I didn’t touch your flyer! Oh ick!
    You bad angry sticky bad people!


  31. Ari Says:

    We found this in the Express newspaper this morning, we are pretty sure this is a prank, or some lame form of viral marketing, where the product will be revealed to us eventually.

  32. Sean Yardley Says:

    Oh come on don’t bull shit me! I’m from down under, visiting New York City and saw your fucking flyer in a street corner window box. Hey mates, why don’t YOU GUYS leave the birds alone. They have survived for thousands of years without some goodytwoshoes freaking out over their rights to privacy. Leave the seniors alone, assholes. Get a life and have some sex while you’re at it. You might even enjoy the experience. Yours not very truly, Sean Yardley

  33. Jack D. Johnson Says:

    To everyone that likes birds, you can take what I have between my legs for a Swallow !!!

  34. Anna Dove Says:

    The sexual deviants are the people who keep birds in captivity. They are voyeurs who pry into the breeding practices and habits of caged birds who cannot hide or escape.

  35. Jack Says:

    I knew this bird pornography and beastiality has been going on for a long time. Those people who masquerade as bird watchers have been using their binoculars to watch birds fornicating and also spy into bedroom windows. They are a bunch of sexual diviates and perverts. The next time these so-called bird watchers come near my home and children I’m going to call the police and have them arrested. I now keep a baseball bat handy and ready in case these perverts step onto my property again. Thank you stopbirdporn.org for exposing what those disgusting bird watching groups are really all about.

  36. A. C. Pence Says:

    My objection is to the birds in cages. When multile and diverse species are housed and restrained, they tend to exhibit extreme hostility and will fight with one another. There are bird watchers who only want to see this sort of mayhem in order to “get off.” Humans behave the same way (“Nation of Sheep” by Lederer). Let’s release all birds from captivity and set them free, by law if necessary. If bird watchers are enjoying birds having sex, so be it. There are other more important problems to solve in the USA.

  37. Sam Says:

    I really do hope this campaign is unsuccessful. Where else will I get my bird porn from? Good thing I’m off in the woods, in a nice remote location, where I can enjoy my lacsivious urges without you interlopers to stop me. You’ll have to excuse me, but I must pause now. Two REALLY hot doves just landed on a branch above me……

  38. Spanking Sparrow Says:

    I recently introduced my girlfriend to this sport. I took her to witness a flock of seagulls fucking at the beach. She was so turned on that she demanded I Fuck her right then and there..oh my….it was amazing. This new sport reinvigorated our sex life–who knew?! I’m glad to see there are others out there who see the beauty AND HOTNESS of birds screwing!! Is there some kind of Bird Sex club we can go to?? I mean why stop at binaculars…lets see some UP CLOSE ACTION.

    Thanks for giving us this forum to talk about what has now been unleashed–raw, hot bird watching sex!!

  39. L. I. Beachgoer Says:

    So! I was at the beach today on the south shore of Long Island. This single engine plane goes by with a banner trailing behind it with “this” website advertisement on it. So here I am checking it out. Is this really for real? If it is, I’m speachless! How about going over to Democrat Point on the end of Robert Moses Beach and tell those friggin pipping plovers to go mate somewhere else during the month of July so we can have our truck beach back. The nerve of them to close the beach for 6 weeks so they can mate. Make them fly down south and get the heck off of my beach!!! Oh yea! I don’t see any seniors watching them. Is this really a joke? Did someone actually hire a plane to do a fly by for this. OMG!!!

  40. L. I. Beachgoer Says:

    I forgot to ask!! Should I run the other way if I see seniors with binoculars roaming through the woods? I’m so confused right now.

  41. fjsdkl Says:

    hahaha this website was on a banner that was pulled by a helicopter over jones beach in long island, ny today.

    good job. someone’s put a lot of money into this…

  42. J Says:

    so i was relaxing at the beach today when i saw one of those planes witht he tow flyers go by. what did it say? http://www.stopbirdporn.com wtf? is this serious? ive never seen anyone workin it while watching birds. binoculars would get all shaky.

  43. Sam Says:

    I love bird sex. Nothing better.

  44. Sally Bee Says:

    You’re EF’n kidding right? I was at a long island, NY beach yesterday, and a plane with a banner trailing which said “STOPBIRDPORN.ORG”
    Now, unbeknownst to me, I only figured that ANY “dot.org” website was bonafide… and with that had to find out what all the fuss was about… well, I am shocked on SO MANY different levels.
    I actually LMAO at my desk at work, I was actually crying at some of the responses… My question is…

    1. are said groups of people masquerading as committed birdwatchers, just to get their freak on with each other…OR
    2. are said groups of people actually peeping at birds having sex and getting off together?

    What is this world coming to???

  45. Jayson Goldstein Says:

    I was on the beach yesterday enjoying the sun, ocean waves and sea gulls. The last thought in the world was that these lovely flying creatures could be “dirty birds.” Than along comes this ad on the back of a plane with a website, http://www.stopbirdporn.org and I had my laptop to check it out. I COULDN’T BELIEVE MY EYES!!!! You funckin folks have to either be kidding or crazy!! Take your fuckin heads out of the sand!! I still can’t believe it. I’ve been getting drunker than a skunk to think the whole thing over and now I’m going to bed and sleep it and YOU FUCKIN IDIOTS off. Called in sick. Jayson

  46. Gelsie Says:

    I was at the beach this weekend and saw a plane with your banner. Curiosity got the best of me. I can’t believe anyone will waste their time, energy or money to spend on this stupid topic.

  47. stopbirdporn Says:

    I am bewildered to know that there are people who find our cause “stupid”, while birds are actually getting abused and bird porn is growing by leaps and bounces like a disease. But that’s human nature – lazy – c’est la vie. That’s exactly the reason why we are trying to educate people. I doubt they would hear the truth on TV.

  48. karl j. zeyus hennigan Says:

    Woop de doo, you fuckers fuck chickens anyway so why is bird watching so bad. I once saw Bill Oddie sucking on the balls of the lesser spotted ladyboy.

  49. Arnold Says:

    This is a very serious problem we have in this country. These sexual deviates are watching birds mating to satisfy their bestiality perversions. The perverts are everywhere, using their little binoculars to get their vicarious thrills. This activity is being done in our communities and near our children. It’s absolutely appalling and disgusting. Let me know what I can do to help flush away these sexual predators from coming near our day care centers, schools, churches, and neighborhoods. I’m ready to join your protests and rallies. Please keep me posted.

  50. Anna Dove Says:

    You advertised a protest outside of the Audubon headquarters on our message board. Do you have a permit? The Audubon is unaware of your upcoming protest.

  51. Teeter Totter Says:

    I connnnnnfuuuuused….
    who is F’n who ? are the birds gettin it, or the old farts ? or both….
    and someone actually paid to fly a banner over the beach for this ???
    for real ???
    better yet who cares ?
    if you see it happening, laugh it off….if your kids see it, then explain to them that it’s not appropriate, and move on to some real issues in this friggin world……

  52. stopbirdporn Says:

    Good Conduct Society has its roots in Russia and is now establishing its awareness program in the USA. Major cities are being targeted, more specifically the Audubon Society’s headquarters in New York City and Washington DC. This insidious group, funded by misguided people and milksop foundations, has brainwashed millions of sheepish citizens into its quicksand of sick behavior. Heaven help us if the next administration succumbs to a squeamish “don’t ask, don’t tell, attatude with Bird Watchers. Our people won’t rest until we see these perverted predators arrested, tried and punished with fines and incarceration for repeat offenders. Finally, as to Anna Dove (could she be the bird imitator seen on “America’s Got Talent?”), our protests at Audubon Society Headquarters are carried out peacefully. No permit is needed. I suggest Ms. Bird read the United States Constitution!

  53. George Shaw Says:

    Hi everyone, We’re driving to New York City from Poughkeepsie on Friday Aug. 22 to participate in the protest against the Audubon Society’s abuse of birds. We’re meeting at their headquarters (225 Varick Street) for informational picketing around 4 pm. Then beginning next week there will be regular protests during business hours. I hope to see a few dozen of our cohorts on the picket line. It’s important to protect our kids and keep them from growing up and becoming brain washed by Bird Watchers.

  54. Anna Dove Says:

    Why don’t you protest the sale of birds in cages instead.

    Peaceful Demonstration against Bird Paradise
    WHEN: Saturday, August 23, 2008 from 2:30 pm – 4:30 pm
    WHERE: Public right of way in front of Bird Paradise, 551 E Rt. 130 S, Burlington, NJ 08016.

    See website: http://www.BirdHell.com for complete information.

  55. Legal Demonstrator Says:

    Why not protest pet stores who assault legal demonstrators right on camera:


  56. Janet Levine Says:

    Wow this is crazy. I really don’t see why it’s a problem for people to watch birds mating. Who cares if someone watches? Do the birds mind? I saw this site on a banner at a beach on LI and I think it is a crazy cause quite frankly

  57. Mark Edsell Says:

    Well I love these delicate creatures with their tiny bones. They are designed by God to be like angels and fly fly fly. I love to watch them. So innocent. So perfect. So sweet. My whole life is bound by their music and joy. Why take this away? Why?

  58. Rosie Says:

    you freaks were demonstratin outside my hotel in las vegas last week, noone understood what the hell u are going on about.
    i agree with the person above who stated that only a person who personnally found birds erotic could come up with such bollox.
    sort yourselves out and find something better to protest about because this is ridiculous, but i suppose it gave the whole of las vegas something to laugh at for the day

  59. christoffer Says:

    I love bird porn

  60. christoffer Says:

    My name is chris I love to spank birds

  61. laughing my ass off Says:


  62. vaporland Says:

    peeple are sheeple

  63. What the heck? Says:

    I do not know about your so-called “cause,” but maybe it should be PEEPING TOMS instead of PEEING TOMS. EVERYONE KNOWS THAT YOU CAN’T PEE WHEN YOU ARE AROUSED!

  64. Dave Says:

    Just got this flyer at the DNC in Denver. I sincerely hope that those of you sayng “is this a joke” (or the chucklehead who talked about “using our tax dollars for this” were joking…if not, our nation is beyond salvaging, I think.

  65. Mark Shepler Says:

    I can not believe the number of people who think this must be a joke or a prank. Have they no idea of the number of seniors who observe this sick behavior of birds and then try to take it back to their nursing homes and assisted living facilities? This absolute filth must be stopped. Currently outside my office, near the Democratic National Convention, people are protesting abortion, war, loss of civil liberties, and torture. They obviously have no notion of the real problems facing our society. STOP the birds and the seniors who try to imitate them!

  66. Bob "The Bird Watcher" Says:

    I am certain I cannot post pictures in the comments section, but you would not believe the filth I caught in my daughters bedroom the other day. There was foul of every kind, posters, books, stuffed animals. I never believed in this perversion until I found this blog. I will be commenting regularly on the other violations I see. Something must be done.

  67. Craig Harding Says:

    I agree. I have sometimes had to pick up my grand childrens and leave state parks to keep them from seeing these perverted individuals and their sex toys (binoculars and telescopes.)

    I saw one carry a pair of Leica binoculars that came with a zipper pouch that you could close or just flap over your bins and that was connected with the binos’ straps. How perverted can you get?

  68. david bauer Says:

    I cant stop thinking about tweety. Its there such a position as birdie style?

  69. Lunar Logic Says:

    OMG this is funny as h*ll! Oops, is it OK I said h*ll?

    Remember, when binoculars are outlawed, only outlaws will have binoculars. And by that time it may be too late to see the birds coming….

    I meant COMING! (Not coming, you dirty-minded cockatiel, you!)

    One writer states “I love these delicate creatures with their tiny bones”. That’s just cruel. It’s not their fault!

    BTW, does anyone know if it is true that swallows cannot get pregnant?

  70. Laura Says:


  71. Tia Says:


  72. kris Says:

    Since there are no other problems in the world that need to be dealt with, why aren’t you actively protesting all zoos and schools? Wouldn’t they be considered the worst of all offenders? Schools are still booking field trips to go see these shows of total unadulterated animal nudity and such. I’ve heard they even show animals deficating in front of the public eye on occasion! Not to mention birds that deficate on peoples cars!

  73. The Crowker Says:

    I do believe this is the best representative use of Irony and humor I have seen in ages. You guys are really showing the ridiculousness of so many of the extremist groups out there right now. People wasting their times on imagined , or posssibly unimagined but nonetheless private, issues , when real issues of great importance face our society. I saw ou on the 16 th street mall here in Denver at the DNC today , and you gave me a great laugh. Afte hearing morons ggo on about aortion andhow its murder, etc, you offered a very sly and witty slap in the face! BRAVO!!! I also have a boyfriend who birdwatches. I think we may have a problem now. I had no idea what he was really up to!!! LMAO! Thank you. AN continue one. I’m a performance artist, and this is great satirical performance art!

  74. Tom Says:

    I got a flier directing me to this website in Denver, CO, outside the Democratic National Convention. Hilarious.

  75. SpoonBender Says:

    Tell me the idea of your grandparents hopping back in the saddle because of birdwatching instead of Viagra doesn’t make you happy. Shut down big pharma! Free love! Power to the people! FREEDOM! If people are allowed to dress up as animals as a prelude to lovemaking, the elderly should be allowed to watch some birds. After all, isn’t there a reason we have that talk about, “the birds and the bees?”

  76. SarahMonster Says:

    This is hilarious! Thanks for the laugh!

    And to those who think its a grad student project, I can’t imagine it is actually ethical enough to get approved by an ethical review board and endorsed by a university. Much less to receive funding. Additionally, we were given no informed consent (see APA ethical guidelines http://www.apa.org/ethics/code2002.html#8_02). It very well may be a student of psychology or sociology or the like, or someone who just has a general interest in the fascinating, yet simple and predictable human mind.

    That is not to say that it is not ENTIRELY fascinating. I certainly will be stopping back (that is until I just lose interest for want of intellectual stimulation). I am especially interested in the comments of people who make the statements along the lines that there are so many more important things we could be spending our time reading right now.

  77. seabird Says:

    they are not looking at their genitalia! They are looking at their god like feathers!!!!!!!! You guys need to get your minds out of the gutter!

  78. birdperv69 Says:

    Seabird you can go f#*k yourself! I love birds, I love porn, and I love bird porn. You need to let me be!

    Thanks Birdperv
    P.S go rub one out to a bird or two!!!!!!!

  79. stopbirdporn Says:

    Thanks again for your support, and for pointing out the typo that we had on the site! 🙂

  80. turtleash Says:

    How are Paul, Frank and the others doing? Love you monkeys!

  81. Itoldyouso Says:

    The exhibitionistic behavior these voyeurs so crave is already bringing nature’s vengeance on our feathered brethren! Before binoculars, birds had no shame. No modesty. They needed neither. Then came compound lenses, and old people in every corner of the world started following birds around, and teaching them human shame. Of course, birds everywhere picked up on the concept of shame, and exhibitionism was not far behind! Now, a few generations later, a disgusting schism has taken place. Modest, humble birds are forced from their natural habitats in search of ever more remote places to have sex in private, while the ever more prideful specimens look for voyeurs for whom to perform. Third and forth generation sex worker birds have been eating human contaminated food, bringing such plaugues into the general population as the Wes Nile virus, and chicken pox. Before it’s all over, most birds will be dead, and the remaining population will be openly hostile to humans. Oh, what evil we have wrought!

  82. zack bard Says:

    personally i love watching birds have sexual intercourse. i live just south of denver in a tent just to satisfy my sexual needs. i must say though i have had quite explosive orgasms whle i take part in this horrible activity.
    please send help.

  83. Michael Sullivan Says:

    Oh crap… I was looking to hit it off with some high-res bird porn. Pics, vids, stories, doesn’t matter. Have you guys ever seen a tucan, a pigeon and a parrot in a menage a trois? It’s the most exotic thing you’ve ever seen. I’ve actually started producing some of my own videos. I’ve got a Regal bird feeder in my backyard that’s perfect for attracting all different species. I set up a house as well full of props and toys for the birds. Chains, paddles, you name it; you’d be amazed at how quickly they learn to use EVERYTHING!!!

    One time I was on this vacation in Hawaii. I slipped away from the tour with my video camera… well, if you can imagine a hornbill together with a parakeet, email me at parrotluvr69@hotmail.com for the clip.

    What’s your guys’ problem judging my way of life? I graduated from USC film school and as far as I’m concerned, any way of expressing yourself through film is a noble pursuit.

    Like I said, anybody that wants to enter into a discussion about the merits of bird porn, feel free to send me an email. parrotluvr69@hotmail.com

    If you want to make it in bird pornography, don’t let these bastards stop your dream. Let’s not let these puritanical fascist jack asses ruin our shit.

  84. Barbara Butterfield Says:

    Why does God make people like you? Sex is a fact of life. We all breath, we all eat, we all urinate, we all defecate, and we all have sex – birds, insects, reptiles, mammals; that’s where YOU came from, unless, of course, you think you are the immaculate conception!! This may be the scariest web site I have ever seen. I am so sorry that you don’t have a life that allows you to focus your energy on more important problems; hunger, homelessness, poverty, energy, et cetera. Try volunteering at your local food bank, homeless shelter, or a minority organization. I really think you need to get out more and spend some time with thinking human beings.

  85. Dem2theMax Says:

    Tweety? Leave Chris Matthews out of this!

    Only a DU’er will know what that means.

    I’d rather watch a bird plucking. I’ll leave it at that. 🙂

  86. William Young Says:

    Boobies! Tits!

    Even in naming species, fowl foul-minded folks can’t leave the poor birds alone!

  87. William Young Says:

    Oh, just pretend the strikethrough worked for “fowl”.
    …Darn non-HTML comments ruining my back-up pun…

  88. Big Al in Colorado Says:

    I saw this cute young girl with the, “Stop Bird Porn” protest sign at the DNC in Denver yesterday along with a guy with a little bullhorn. Joke or not it’s friggen funny! To the poster who was amazed at tax dollars being spent on this…Are you dumb or just uninformed?

  89. Jingle Says:

    SO… human porn is okay, but bird porn is NOT?

  90. BK Says:

    I think you should develop a 12 step process for quitting. Then post it for for people to download.

  91. Allen K. Says:

    This must be stopped! What, I’m not exactly sure.

  92. daughertyfans.com Says:

    As an avid aviary owner, I have never been so insulted in my life! Just because I have a large enclosure for these beautiful creatures to procreate, doesn’t mean I’m a pervert. According to California State Law 133.b section 81, I can not be associated with the term “pornography” or “voyeurism” since all thirteen of my previous charges were dismissed.
    Long live the the Cockatoo and the Moustached-Woodpecker!!!!!!

  93. parnell Says:


  94. Robin Phuckalot Says:

    So what if my husbeand and I get our kicks while bird watching. its a free country right. According to the constitution we can be sexually active anywhere we want! PROTECT BIRDWATCHING…its the only time my wife will have sex with me!

  95. Wilkeson Says:

    It’s about time someone finally championed this issue. Why if I had a wooden nickel every time I went for a nice nature walk only to come across some “bird watcher” with his pants around his ankles, I’d have more wood then they do.

  96. Denise from Denver Says:

    Is This The Jay Leno Show!? Am I Gonna see this on TV!? cause if not…YOU People have Wayyyy too much MONEY AND Time on Your Hands! Why Dontcha Go Volunteer at Childrens Hospital.. on the ONCOLOGY floor While You’re here!? Instead of WASTING other Peoples Time! Breatthing OUR Air and Takin Up Our SPACE! And While You’re there.. Donate Some Cash While You’re At it!!! You OVER PRIVALEDGED Little BRATS!!! Get Real!

  97. Robert Maslow Drake Says:

    Obvious troll is obvious.

  98. what?????? Says:

    Get a freaking life people…seriously…..

  99. Ali Says:

    Is this real? Who thinks up this stuff??

  100. DavidT Says:

    Y’ know, the quickest way to get this the publicity that it deserves is to get the Christian Coalition involved.

  101. Stuffed pheasant Says:

    Penn and Teller need to know about this for their show.

  102. Stop Bird Porn! - PoliticalGroove Forums Says:

    […] sexual gratification in the woods. Here’s a couple of their comments: jim sweitzer Says: August 5, 2008 at 12:36 am I LIKE BIRDS. I LIKE WATCHING THEM BECAUSE THEY ARE AWESOME. THIS CAMPAIGN TURNS ME OFF BAD. BIRDS […]

  103. Schadeboy Says:

    What I find disturbing is how many people take this seriously. I suppose it’s not possible in any way shape or form that the bird watching people simply enjoy birds in general. Isn’t it possible that this doesn’t involve sexual gratification? Is it possible that there are people out there who simply think birds are cool? I suppose everything’s got to be sexual nowadays, don’t they?

    Also, Horny Peeping Toms would be a good name for a rock band.

  104. Genevieve Swift Says:

    This is hilarious. Thank you for the comic relief. The person with the “Stop Bird Porn” sign on the 16th Street Mall in Denver, during the Democratic National Convention, has truly entertained the masses! The issue is certainly getting a lot of attention. This site is great!

    I’m laughing harder than I was at the cute man I saw riding his bike down the street yesterday (remember that the DNC is in town and it’s got everyone all riled up) wearing full rain gear and a giant orange life preserver. I guess he thought that would protect him from any protesters (maybe the “Bird Porn” sign scared him).

    I’d ask that the “Good Conduct Society” concentrate their time and efforts on a more worth while cause… but, I’m not sure anyone of sound mind could take them seriously; so, as a person who has more interest in issues such as child advocacy, immigration rights, and equal rights/gay rights, I ask the “Good Conduct Society” not to put their stamp on any of those issues, because it might hurt those causes.

    The laughs are great though. Saturday Night Live and the Onion would love this stuff!!! You’ll be happy to know that I’ve distributed your flyers to some friends, spreading the word about this issue. They too got great satisfaction and entertainment from this! I’m still not 100% convinced that this isn’t a joke… but I think it’s probably not…

  105. bigbird Says:

    What I hate are the birds who get off on watching old people mate. How sick is that? They must be stopped. http://www.stopbirdswatchingoldpeopleporn.org

  106. BK Says:

    Is it true that the societies directors maiden name is Anaida Lust

  107. Robin Says:

    The solution is obvious: we need laws requiring birds to have sex only indoors with the curtains closed. And the lights off. And their clothes on. Senior Citizens who get off on watching birds have sex should be forced to sign a Bird Pervert register and be relocated to special camps; those camps should be patrolled by armed guards ready to lay down their lives if necessary to prevent infiltration by anarchist terrorist birds bent on having sex where the camp inmates might see them.

    Only with measures like these can we keep this country safe from the Wild Bird Menace. You know it makes sense.

  108. Boo A Peek Says:

    Please, please, please tell me that this is a joke. Bird porn, seriously?

    I laughed harder at this website and some of the whackadoodle responses, than I have laughed in a long, long, time.

    Bird porn?

    National Geographic and the Discovery Channel MUST BE STOPPED! How can these atrocious and sexually deviant behaviors be allowed to continue? I can’t even let my kids go to the park, let alone the backyard! There are birds having sexual relations and freaky geriatric voyeurs! I can’t let them turn on the Television without having to watch some elephants get it on! Oh and National Geographic? Someone cover these women up! This is not Playboy for Chrissakes!

  109. cult fan Says:

    It’s about time our god almighty has sent this message to the people. God would never have wanted people to look at birds. All thee that look at birds shall be one with the devil. I have seen plenty of devil worshipers looking at birds in the forest and they shall pay for their sins in the depths of a fiery hell. Why do people think this is a joke? Do you really think god almighty would want you to look at birds? You should be ashamed of yourself!! This topic is just like drugs you start off taking a hit of marijuana and the next thing you know you’re selling your body for crack on the corner of the street. I will support this mission with all my financial capability, will power and time. Join me friends, lets get together in gods name and rid our great world of evil bird watching whores!!!!!!

  110. Pamela Says:

    You have got to be kidding me. Seriously there are REAL issues in the world today. Like our Economy, the War. This is a free country and if people want to watch birds screw then who cares! I personally think it is kind of sick that someone could get turned on by that…but if the birds are not caged and they are just watching them out in the wild then what’s the problem? You people have nothing better to do!

  111. CantBelieveThis Says:

    When there are actual problems in the world, how can anyone get hung up on something like this. Absolutely ludicrous and I second every sarcastic comment on this whole website. GET A LIFE!!

  112. John mcdizzle Says:

    Let me tell you my friends, I John McCain am an avid bird watcher

  113. ilovebordporn Says:

    This website is evil. People who watch bird porn are NOT criminals.

  114. Llucy Boggs Says:

    What a proud moment when I left my office building in Denver to be confronted by a large congregation of anti-porn demonstrators. What a great organized group of dedicated people. Of all the demonstrators in Denver, they even had a bullhorn. Bravo!

  115. Derek L Says:

    lol, a congressman is “quietly drafting legislature that would levy stiff fines against people caught with bird porn in their possession, either photos or internet images.” I don’t think I’ve ever seen a website more fake than this. But not to unbelievable, whoever thought of this, ingenious.

  116. Kara Says:

    You’ve got to be kidding me.

  117. Dr. Fennel Says:

    Bird watchers will almost certainly blow a gasket when they see with website, but we indisputably must make the case that it’s time to step things up a notch and address a number of important issues. These perverted hobbyists may claim that they do not harbor any illicit desires for our fine-feathered friends, but of course that’s exactly what you’d expect them to say. But bird watchers would also have us believe that there’s nothing wrong with participating in the most abject, depraved, and unsanitary behavior you could ever imagine. Lastly, for those of you who diligently read this posting, I doubtlessly hope you take it to heart and pass this message on to others.

  118. MoveOnToMammals Says:

    I used to watch birds, but before long I couldn’t get off watching birds anymore. It lost some of its excitement. Then i discovered squirrels. They’re so wild and passionate in their lovemaking and I don’t think I can ever get tired of it.

  119. HideTheFlowers Says:

    Could you add a ban on flower shops to your campaign? It’s an affront to my decent sensibilities for people to take delight in looking at the reproductive organs of plants. I must turn away when people look at and smell the delicate things.

  120. Q_Mech Says:

    Do you have a militant branch? You should, because it’s time to TAKE BACK THE FORESTS, MAN!

    Power to the parakeets!

  121. A TRUE American Says:

    This website and your message, displays everything that is wrong with with the world today! In a world of poverty, child abuse, a falling economy in the United States, war, genocide, human rights violations and a rising crime rate, all you can find to complain about is people that watch birds? In the most sincere honesty, the creators of this site and it supporters are some of the most pathetic people that I could ever imagine. Just when I thought that people could not get any more stupid, you prove me wrong!

    A TRUE American

  122. Jay Robbins Says:

    Everyone knows that bird porn is one of the biggest issues of our day; bigger even than global warming. The other day, I was watching two red-breasted woodpeckers get it on and I became so aroused, I dropped my binoculars in the neighbor lady’s swimming pool where she was sunbathing. I am so ashamed. I’m glad the Democrats are doing something about this: Nancy Pelosi has introduced a bill in the House to buy proper clothing for all outdoor birds – at taxpayer expense. Thank God. It’s about time SOMEONE put a stop to this outrage! And y’all quit looking at dogs humping people’s legs when Mom and Dad and the Kiddos stop in for a visit at Grandma’s house…..

  123. SaveBirdPorn Says:


    We have enjoyed playing with our wangs as we gaze the birds for years. We do not hurt anyone, nor do we harm the environment. For a matter of fact, after a few robins and perhaps a starling or two I fertilize what ever nature is near. It saves the environment and is good for my wang, too.

  124. Pearl Says:

    I think this site is trying to help birds but has gone over the edge. I think if its not hurting anyone or anything then its okay, but when should not be spending our tax dollars on it. Don’t think I hate birds or anything as I myself have four, but I still can’t tell if its one of those joke sites. Please tell me.

  125. Birdies!Birdies!Birdies! Says:

    Really i don’t know anyone who would like bird porn. i mean seriously people!! How many people on this page are democrats? Oh my god i am about to lose my mind my sister is poking me with a pen and i am pissed!!!

  126. the Gaiafag's representative Says:

    This is just terrible. How dare people get off from birds! How dare people get off from anything! Right after we stop bird porn, we should start on stopping the internet altogether!

  127. Hikaru Says:

    …Wow. What happened to this being a free country? This is a waste of time and money. People like what they like. What’s the difference between bird porn and…say… hentai?

  128. Longmont Says:

    I took a picture of y’all today at the DNC, out on the 16th Street Mall.


    Best sign I saw all day,

  129. Tweety Says:

    If you get a STD from a canary, is it untweetable?

  130. Jack Says:

    This is a very serious dilemm…I feel like this is such an over looked subject. I really hope that once Joe-Bama become President that he will bring this issue up in his Sate of the Union Adress. Trust me I know all there is about this subject. I am embaressed to admit that I am one of the select few who have ABPVD (Agressive Bird Pornography Viewing Disorder). I have been sober for 5 years now and regularly attend BPVA (Bird Pornogrophy Viewers Annonymous). Wow back when I was on the feed I especially loved the Cockatoo…wow when that crown came up somethin else came up (if you catch me drift). And my oh my those birds of prey, ouchy mama they are so…so…dominating. Wow this feels so good to get off my chest. Well I’ve gotta go to my BPVA meeting. Good luck.


  131. Bob White Says:

    Do you sell merchandise???? I would definately by a tee shirt

  132. Nya Says:

    Won’t someone please think of the hatchlings!

  133. Charlotte Says:

    Whether intended as a joke or not, this site and/or group is a joke. You think the birds really care whether or not they are watched? I have a pigeons that live on the a/c outside my bedroom window where they mate. Does this make them exhibitionists?

    Please. I was handed a flier by this group in Central Park. I was hoping it really was just a gag.

  134. Puce Says:

    My God…I’ve finally found someone even more clueless than the “let the world rot because the Apocalypse is coming” crowd.


    Wow, here I was all this time thinking I was the only one who got off watching birds mate! For any of those wondering if bird porn is real, the answer is YES! Bird porn is alive and well and satisfying the sexual needs of not just the elderly, but every generation (I’m only 25). I’m just glad I am not the only one, and I am also grateful to stopbirdporn.com for bringing the topic into the discourse of issues that need awareness and attention. While I do not agree that it is gross, or somehow ethically wrong, I support bringing attention to the topic and am excited to continue the discussion!

  136. Pyrrhuraphile Says:

    Birds are sexy. Woof!

    Besides, have you considered that at least some birds might enjoy the attention? Maybe these people are doing as much good for the local songbird populations those of us putting out bird seed.

    Oh, this whole issue really sticks in my craw.

  137. John Davies Says:

    I sometimes walk in the woods with a camera. Now everyone will be pointing and staring at me assuming that I am a bird pornographer looking to make a little extra dough.

    Now I’ll have to cut a hole in my gym bag and use a remote trigger.

  138. ChickenChoker Says:

    I was watching some sparrows going at it, and thought hell, while the actions good ill join the fun. I whipped it out and choked that chicken like you wouldnt believe. i almost started a fire. If only a hedgehog had come along…

  139. Robin Swallows Says:

    PEEP SHOW! Save me one of the CHEEP SEATS? All these fine CHICKS around here, I feel like a CHICKENHAWK! Practically ROBIN the NEST! Talk about EGG on my face!

  140. Titwatcher Says:

    I love to watch tits. Great tits, blue tits, crested tits, I love’m all.

  141. Don Juan Says:

    Always knew birdwatchers were a bit on the animal lover side. How upsetting, I of course, prefer to love humans.

  142. David Says:

    As an avid “bird-watcher” I must insist that you cease and desist all further action. This is a private matter between consenting senior citizens. Please leave us alone.

    Now excuse me I think I see a yellow-breasted cockle finch!

  143. Mark Says:

    Does anyone know where I can buy the videos?

  144. You'reAnIdiot Says:

    Before I make up my mind on how I feel about this topic, I would like to educate myself as much as possible. So…where can I go to see what this “bird porn” looks like? Are websites devoted to just this? Videos on YouTube? If so, I will check those out, then return and re-post my opinions &/or judgements here.

  145. antporn Says:

    Humans will believe anything nowadays. Why not stop ant porn? and maybe even lion porn? Perversion is natural. I love how everyone against it pulled the innocent card. Everyone’s a little perverted. Some more than others. ^_~ I’m all for bdsm. that’s my perversion. If they like birds, w/e let them. The birds are just out there. and If you’ve ever noticed when birds mate, it’s basically one on top of the other with a little exchange (not even visible, i believe) and then it’s done. Life’s life get over it. And get a good grade. (Stick me in the I think it’s a project catagory :D)

  146. Anon Says:

    I always fapfapfap when I watch birds!

  147. Daan Says:

    What it the real issue here? Birds having sex, or senior citizens taking care of their own needs by looking at the birds?

  148. BlameTheBirds Says:

    The blame for the pornographitization of these fowl creatures should not be leveled at humans, but rather at the real culprits themselves- BIRDS. I mean look at them, with their colorful ruffled breasts, slim stick-like legs, phalic beaks, and lucious tailfeathers. It’s obvious they WANT to be viewed as sex objects. They are no more innocent than the swath of high-dollar whores that have flocked to Denver for the DNC this week!

    Furthermore, I don’t blame the elderly, they’ve always been loathsome perverts… No, I blame all of our society for this psychological canker. After all, do we not oversexualize birds on a daily basis? Chicken breasts all over our supermarket shelves, blue-footed boobies on TV, turkey thighs laid bare on our tables during family holidays, even our amateurish mimickry of the birds’ language… COCK-a-doodle-doo? The depravity!

    If we are to truly understand, and one day solve this fundamental American ill, we must first place the blame where it belongs… on all of us. Otherwise, we are throwing our future to the birds.

  149. big nut sac Says:

    nothing makes me more stiff than watching 2 birds. i even anally molest my 2 parrots. it is so awesome!!


  150. TINA Says:

    You’re kidding right?

    How about channeling your energy toward something important, like the homeless; Darfur; children being prostituted in Thailand…

  151. new bird porn lover Says:

    I need t-shirts, bumper stickers, etc! This is the best site ever! stop the madness of these perverted bird watchers!!!!

  152. Carolina Says:

    These perverts of all ages must be stopped. I submit that legal action should be taken, e.g. not allowing the freaks convicted of avia-voyeurism to live within 100 yards of zoos, parks, forests, anywhere they would be tempted to fulfill their sick fantasies. Birds are living beings with rights to privacy, not just pieces of meat. (Except for chickens.)

  153. hen house fan Says:

    What is even better is I just saw an infomurtial for BIRDS GONE WILD. you can buy this great stuff in the main stream now. IT’s HOT!!!

  154. straittrippn Says:

    Well I think if they are not out jerking off in public, WHO THE FUCK CARES!!!!!
    People in this would get off on a bunch of shit from stockings to getting shit on, and now apparently birds screwing, but we don’t rise up and attack the guy who gets his jollies by watching boobs bounce. If anything give the birds a ticket for indecent and lewd acts in public better yet give me a pellet gun and ill go fix the problem!!! imagine the perv getting off on two birds banging and then pop there goes the head of the one on top…. haha haha haha and fuck PETA.

  155. rick Says:

    the elderly have found a healthy fetish, good for them. They should start a website promoting and defending their rights to watch bird porn. and to all the parents freaking out about their kids seeing animals (especially birds since all that happens is some wing flapping) your idiots. they see more sexual things on billboards, so either let your kid learn the ways of the world or their gonna have a complex and cry after sex.

  156. Birdsex Says:

    people are idiots.

  157. anonymous Says:

    Are you serious? How did you find out about this bird porn? Is this any type of bird or just peaCOCKS and woodPECKERS!!!!

  158. Albatross Says:

    Forget bird watchers. What about *whale* watchers? Now that’s just sick!

  159. dragonflydm Says:

    I see “Dateline” specials lining up the fall season…”To catch a Predator: the Ornithological Edition!”

    This 20 year old Blue Jay has been posing on the Internet for weeks getting these perverts to agree to show up to their nest and see them have wild fluttering sex (sometimes with hatchlings just inches away!). What they don’t know is that Chris Hanson is there waiting to confront these felonious feather-lusters in the act of enjoying it!!!

    While there is not state or federal statute for watching birds do it, various bird-watching watchdog groups like “Fine Feathered Friends” are out there to expose this practice, which has brought irrefutable psychological damage to the birds.

    “We want to call foul on these fowl-porn sickos,” said Mrs. Shatkin, president and only member of “Fine Feathered Friends.” He tireless work to expose criminals that aren’t really committing a crime is laudible, and she has collected over eleven names in her Facebook petition to the California State Legislature.

    Josh Hudson, The Podcast Patriot.

  160. Amy S. Says:

    My 6 year old son was molested in Central Park earlier this year by a group of bird watching perverts. I made a complaint to the NYPD at the Central Park Station House. This is a very serious problem we have in NYC. Dirty old men and women are using their spy glasses and binoculars to watch small animals mating and then masturbate in the bushes near our children. This must be stopped!!! I would like to volunteer with your group, please put me on your mailing list and let me know where I can send my donation check.

  161. Gloria Says:

    *lol* Nice. Of course the truly heinous part is going to be the all-too-large percentage of gullible people who will think this is real and get all in a huff. XD

  162. Jess Says:

    I live in the UK, and birdwatching is very popular here. Infact, you could almost classify it as an epidemic. Thank you for your efforts stopbirdporn people!

  163. crackhead Says:


  164. wyliess99 Says:


  165. its about time! Says:

    im tired of big bird flaunting his inverted paypay. id rather watch http://stuffididlastnight.com

  166. Ralph Says:

    There were two dozen wild turkeys (including young birds!) in my backyard last weekend doing all kinds of things. Yet I couldn’t help but watch them. I didn’t even need binoculars. Yikes! I’ve gone over to the dark side!

  167. Birdman Says:

    I like looking at birds. The other day I saw 2 toucans getting it on on the Discovery Channel. The size of those beaks made my toes curl and made my hair stand on end. It was such a beautiful thing and I wish I could have taped the footage. I’m looking at Kiwis now! So kiss my bird lovin ass, bitches!

  168. James Says:

    You have got to be kidding me!!!

  169. Max Balabob Says:

    It’s all well and good to “complain” about people worrying about this issue when there is a war going on but let me tell you something! What is a war? I will tell you: it is a chance for our young men (and women) to find their courage and develop true moralfiber as Americans, by putting their lives on the line and living by a tight code of honor and getting extremely physically fit for a cause. In this sense war is excellent and highly moral and we should only be so lucky to have one in every generation! (You won’t hear “the media” say that but I just did because I will always speak truths and not “be oppressed” like I’m some minority!) So in conclusion I daresay these “seniors” who get off on birdporn never fought in any war and were probably even war protestors and therefore are highly immoral ! Root them out!

    McCain 2008 and Stop Bird Porn — these are EQUALLY valid!!!!

    We have a country to save people.

  170. DuggleBogey Says:

    All those people who are calling this website stupid and a waste of time are very OBVIOUSLY all users and lovers of bird porn. It’s a very easy and political technique to dismiss something you are VIOLENTLY against by calling it stupid and a waste of time.

    The people who are against this web site should be hunted down and investigated for their bird porn activities.

  171. Dave W Says:

    How do i donate? If i could set up auto pay.. and donate a portion of my income biweekly for the rest of my life.. that’d be perfect. perfect.

  172. birdwatcher/notlover Says:

    You guys are nuts. I have been watching birds for years and never saw any mating,and if I did, it would not turn me ,or any normal person on. the person responsible for this website and any real ads should be locked up in the nut house.

  173. Big Bird Says:

    Polly want a cracker?


  174. deep throated swallow Says:

    you think this cause is worthy?

    please join with me to save the fire ant. google fire ant and just take a look at the hideous assault on the poor fire ant. save the whales? hell not the fire ant is under assault ! please join with me.



  175. deep throated swallow Says:

    join with me to save the fire ant !

  176. deep swallow Says:

    fire ants die in vain

  177. deep swallow Says:

    save the fire ant

  178. deep swallow Says:


  179. who gives a crap Says:

    Did any one catch that episode of sesame street on saturday? Man Big Bird is hot!!!

  180. WTF... Says:

    Seriously though, WTF people… You want to talk about social problems? America is fighting an unjust war on three fronts, gasoline is more than 4 dollars a gallon, the Earth is slowly warming, and we could have the 8th dumbest person on the planet, and all you want to do is WASTE time and space on bird porn? There should be legislation to stop people like you from even owning computers… I’d rather see a bunch of people staring through binoculars at some birds then see another jackass on the sidewalk handing me another bullshit flyer for “a serious issue”. How about you send me some info on Global Warming or a plan to stop the war, uh? Don’t worry though, because I’m sure your flyers will make excellent material for birds nests after I shred it up.

  181. Swallow-tail Says:

    It’s cheep Porn and collectable you’ve never seen The Blue J way,The Robin reach,Humina Humina Huming Bird,The Waxing Wood Pecker,The Quall nail. I’ve got them all even a subscription to Forums Cardinal charisma & the northern Bob Heads,Or even old school Fowl fornication Like Peacock play time or Taboo Titmouse all FOR SALE. It’s my only Inharitence from my Grand Mother!!!

  182. anonymous Says:

    wow… so they’re like… ‘so I herd u liek bird watching’

  183. Tynach Says:


  184. dustin Says:

    I’ve actually enjoyed some bird porn. I was once fondling myself in front of a bluebird and he said he could beat me to the punch so I just assume now that it’s acceptable.

  185. BURDLUVR Says:

    not only do i liek 2 watch birds do the nasty, i also liek 2 join in. just yesterday i had 8 inches balls deep in this slutty little owl, it l8r died but it felt so fucking good. i had a 3some with 2 horny hawks who swallowed mai moneyshot as i filmed them… if u search the internetz hard enough u mite find a hot little amateur video… i dont c why u ppl wanna stop this, bird fetish is a legitimate fantasy and i hav the rite 2 raep as many birds as i can get mai cawk in2

  186. kyle Says:

    ROFLMAO you gota be kidding me. there are way worse things in the world. think bout it. the war, drugs, pimps, hookers, killing and your worried about fucking birds? what has this country come to when we have people like this…
    more worried bout birds then real issues

  187. Anony Says:

    You bunch of blithering idiots!

  188. Rusty Shackelford Says:

    Get real jobs you hippy pricks

  189. Stik-Trooper Says:


  190. Will Says:

    I totally disagree with this, I like watching birds and jacking off at the same time! without that, we would all live in lakes and eat caterpillars for dinner.

    I’d suggest you to get a life and a make up a better scam/troll.

    Also, then who was bird?

  191. ILUVBIRDPR0N Says:


  192. Buzz Says:

    Let the birds go. If it wasn’t for SEX none of us would be here. SEX is good and natural. Stop being so uptight.

  193. Swallow tail Says:

    It’s cheep porn and collectable If you’ve never seen the Blue J way you don’t know what your missing or the Robin reach,Humina Humina Huming bird,Waxing Wood Pecker,The Qual Nail,I’ve got them all even a subscription to (Cardinal charisma & the northern Bob Head) or how about some old school Fowl fornication like Peacock play time or Taboo Titmouse. All FOUR SALE it’s my only inheritence from my Grand Mother!!!

  194. Birddogging Neocons Says:

    Will this project be part of the Republican platform? Certainly the anti-sex education forces will be concerned. Why some kid may actually learn something from bird watching. I can see why you are protesting in Denver, but in Minneapolis, I expect to see you on the platform committee and with a speaker on TV. That would be more entertaining than McSame.

  195. Fred Says:

    I am in fact enjoying bird porn right now, and while I also don’t agree with the sentiment of this website, I am pleased that it is finally acknowledged as a sexual orientation.

  196. Gary Says:


  197. camille Says:

    old ppl watching bird born!!!! omg!!! yeah right. they just like birds. they dont watch them for porn. dude! do u guys not have lives.

  198. Tom Jones Says:

    I like to watch lions doing it. that makes me SO HOT!!!1

  199. Tom Jones Says:

    I moved beyond birds a long time ago…

  200. Stephen Says:

    If you think that bird sex is hot, then check out this:

    Slug porn totally got me hooked, and I’ve been off of bird porn for weeks!

  201. Tenacious BD Says:

    I for one am appalled by this website. As a recovering poultrypheliac, I find bird “watching” just as of an innocent release as child pornography. Would you rather us be out on the streets sexually assaulting these creatures? I would think not. Bird watching provides us our only outlet for our sexual frustrations. While bird porn, and bird watching may not be socially acceptable, and may be morally reprehensive, it is still a victimless crime. The birds seem to be way less bothered by us watching them as opposed to us accosting them. I feel that if you want to protest anything you need to take a closer look at what is available to watch these days, like choking chicks and sodomy. I feel that I should be judged for not what is on my hard drive, but what is in my heart.

  202. Manny Fresh Says:

    It seems like you are doing something very wrong when you are cooking your CRACK!!! Please check your receipe before real brain damage sets in. Actually, you should put down the pipe for awhile and eat something like fried chicken or a nice roasted cornish game hen…

  203. Newton Says:

    REally? Does it happen? There are so many other things to admire about a a bird – a matserpiece of nature. You see their vivid colors, enjoy their sounds and feel the boundless energy of the avian fellows.
    If some one is so concerned about the vouyersism then put some restriction on humans s.x

  204. EAt mOre ChiKkEn Says:

    It’s not enough for me to just watch birds going at it like wild animals.
    I like to wait until the male is JUST about to “get off”……
    then I shoot ‘im with a round of bird-shot!

    When they die while excited like that, their endorphins are at their peak….makes ’em a lot more tasty when they’re deep fried.
    You should try it.

    I get an even bigger sexual thrill when I’m gnawing the meat off their little bones, knowing that the little pecker was about to blow his load when I blew mine. mmmmmm!!!

  205. Janice Devine Says:

    Hello Stop Bird Porn,

    I’ve seen your protests in Washington DC and New York City. I’ve read much about your organization and mission to stop bird porn. Please tell me how I can make a donation.

    Also, I ‘m presently attending New York University Law School but I can volunteer on weekends. Let me know if I can help.

    Thank you,
    Janice Devine

  206. Tiberius Says:

    You have got to be kidding me right? That ‘unamed Congressman’ will be laughed out of the Legislature! Surely, there are better causes out there that you could put your energies to… (reduction of wetlands, war, famine, crime, etc.)

  207. Birdy Mc Birdypants Says:

    I happened upon a woman wearing one of these… I believe its a bird feather merkin…. the INJUSTICE!

  208. Corey Says:

    Really? Of all the completely ridiculous stands you could take in politics you choose to stand against SENIOR BIRD WATCHERS? Are you kidding me?

    So you’re saying that elderly people bird watching is somehow more important that an eight year old girl getting raped? Come on guys.

    Cut the political bird watching bullcrap, no bird or human is suffering. Focus on an issue that actually might make a difference.

    PS, count up the hours you wasted campaigning for this. That’s quite a lot of absolutely wasted time. Support something worth supporting. The birds don’t care.

  209. Hanna Says:

    Birds, fine whatever, you have to put in effort to see them mate. BUT WHAT ABOUT THE FRUIT FLIES!? they can be in your kitchen and being visualy raped! Say day to be a fruit fly. SOMEONE HELP THEM!

  210. lanastaslem Says:

    Whom do I contact to start Chapters on Military Bases. It is high time to remove this bird Porn form every PX!

  211. dragonflies man Says:

    Screw the birds – they’re no fun. I’m into dragonfly porn. Man those creatures are ALWAYS going at it. soooo hot…..mmmmmmmmm

    must be alone now.

  212. Patrick Says:

    So the Discovery Channel should be rated X?

    I think this is a joke. This is stupid on the PETA and Vegan level.

  213. Someone Smarter than You Says:

    I read about this in an article by Dave Barry for the Miami Herald. And being Dave Barry, I wouldn’t put it past him to exaggerate the situation for a few laughs. However, he posted this link, and I had to wonder exactly how true this was.

    Our country is at a major crossroads here, with the political scene as controversial as ever. There is a possibility that a black man will be the president for the first time ever. McCain just announced a woman as his Vice President running mate. Either way, history will be made.

    And you’re talking about birdwatchers?

    Don’t you think that the people in DC have better things to do than worry about your sad, empty lives? Because it’s obvious that’s what this is really about. You want something to bitch and wave flyers about? Here’s some suggestions that might give you a little bit of credibility:

    The National Deficit
    The War in the East
    The Oil Shortage
    Gas Prices

    Pick a topic that has some intelligence, why don’t you, and stop wasting people’s time.

  214. MIKE OXHARD Says:

    I like naked birds, smothered in grease and batter, laying in a frying pan. It is sizzling HOT!

  215. sadiejane2279 Says:

    Ok I want to donate to the peeping bird toms side of things. I mean seriously these poor people are just trying to FEEL something in their lives that gives them pleasure. Unless they are whippin it out and whackin off on the birds themselves I say let them have their jollies!!!!!!

  216. trenters Says:

    you all have a fucking screw loose

    need to be banged up in your bird cage

    get that rat outttttt

  217. Rev Stacy Says:

    How ridiculous! Do people really get off on watching birds? They must not have cable and internet. Sick,sick people!!!

  218. Paul Says:


    PLAY! (Thanks for the opiods!)

  219. Sore Rooster Says:

    This has to be stopped. My girlfriend is a bird porn peeping tom. I’m tired of having to get dressed up in a rooster costume just to have sex with her. Wearing the beak is kind of kinky. I am getting good at Cock a Doodle Doing. You have to stop this madness.

  220. Jake Says:

    i like lesbian bird porn!

  221. burdlover Says:

    MAYBE IF THOSE MEADOWLARKS WEREN’T SO SEXY, WE WOULDN’T HAVE THIS PROBLEM!! Seriously, we need to prosecute those shameless birds copulating in public arousing the sexual frustrations in our elderly and sexual deviants. SHAME ON THEM!

  222. Jason Says:

    it isn’t porn- it is art.

  223. Jessi Says:

    Wow, I really hope this is a joke. I really can’t believe anyone would be serious about this. I am 30 years old and I have never seen birds mate. I probably wouldn’t even know if they did. I guess I have seen some bird mating dances on the Discovery Channel…are you going to protest them too..or is that the equivalent of watching a clothed stripper on CSI or something? You seem to have forgotten all about the Discovery Channel…and for that matter, what about all of the other animals? Why not stop dog or lion porn…porcupine porn…lizard porn…insect porn…you can go watch it on YOU TUBE for crying out loud! It’s not even illegal for minors!
    Also, I saw that one of your comments mentions the constitution? What about free speech…the right to peacefully assemble (bird watchers are really peaceful)? What a waste of money this project is. I didn’t see where it said anything about the government giving money, but I have noticed some people mentioning it in their posts. But no matter whose money this is…it is being painfully wasted on banners and planes and stupid flyers and protests, when it could be given to a cause that actually needs it. I mean, it would be bad enough to have the website, but what’s with all the viral marketing? It’s probably an ad for Axe Body Spray or something. I’ll have to check in later to see what the real cause for all of this stupidity is.

  224. Claude Jarvis Says:

    I have read a few of the insipid comments from the uninformed. Bird watchers are indeed an insidious bunch of predators who cover their sexual anxieties with platitudes of bull shit. What does it take to wake up Americans that a catastrophic wave of indecency by humans is taking over and destroying the moral fibre of the USA? Keep the fires burning Ms. Krok and don’t let the naysayers discourge you from your altruistic mission! Claude

  225. Johnathon Says:

    As an avid bird pornist with an affinity for the feel of the beautiful feather on my skin and genitals, the simple pleasure of an owls hoot and knowing its for you is unmeasurable. How dare you all attack my lifestyle you ignorent regular sex having jerks. Birds know how to please a man, the birds come home to roost. I wont get into the specifics but talons on the balls feels amazing.

  226. Bob Hurliman Says:

    “I have been watching birds for years and never saw any mating,and if I did, it would not turn me ,or any normal person on. the person responsible for this website and any real ads should be locked up in the nut house.”

    “I am 30 years old and I have never seen birds mate. I probably wouldn’t even know if they did.”

    Those comments are EXACTLY what I would expect from perverts who “get off” on watching birds mate. You “wouldn’t know” if you saw birds mating? You expect anyone to believe that? Give me a BIG break!

    People, it starts with watching birds. Ask yourselves where it stops.

  227. The Bottom Duck Says:

    We were at the park a few months back, early spring I’d say,any way this one duck seemed to be trying to drown this other duck. I thought, “man, that duck must be pissed off, I think it is trying to kill that other duck”. So I inquired if the park managers planned to do anything about that mean duck. You would not believe what he told me, those ducks were not fighting, turns out….you won’t believe this, they were fucking, only the bottom duck did not seem to particularly want this. The top duck was biting the bottom duck on the head holding it under water while it did it’s thing.

    I have looked high and low since that day for http://www.stopduckrape.com and duckrapesurvivors.com but nothing is being done! Maybe some of us can form a SIG within the SBP.org world to look out for the bottom duck.

    Email me at frank.binetti@yahoo.com if you are interested in protecting those duck rape victims.

  228. Kaguya Says:

    It’s about time someone did something about these perverts. There is nothing more disgusting than seeing a bunch of old f*rts wandering around the woods, their clothing in disarray while grinning in ecstasy.

  229. Robert Schmitt Says:

    I am a senior citizen who enjoys birdwatching. I find your prudish objections to this harmless activity simple-minded and laughable. With sexually transmitted diseases on the rise it is irresponsible to try to curtail masturbation and pornography. Anyway I’d much rather get my thrills watching some hot bird shake its tight little ass than getting it on with some wrinkly old bag my own age or be insulted by some young bitch who’s too full of herself to give me the time of day. Get over it people!

  230. Jessiesp Says:

    Now I’m curious. This site makes me want to find a group of old people and watch them watching birds! Hopefully, I can do my observations anthropologically and not get aroused by the birds or the old folks getting aroused by the birds!

    By the way, what YOU are doing to these birds is called anthropomorphism — that is giving them human characteristics that they don’t have to begin with! Birds don’t give a crap if we watch them screw! And why do YOU give a crap that old folks are getting their jollies from screwing birds?? You want it to be illegal to watch birds? Oh my God, you people are insane!!

  231. Ali Rabe Says:

    Wait…this isn’t a joke?

  232. CU Rulez Says:

    CSU is full of unicorn rapers! We must do our part to stop this rampant violation of our mythological creatures.

  233. cvette Says:

    You obvoiusly have excess time and money. Instead of wasting it on hiring a banner company to fly this over the beaches, could you have not used it in a useful manner? People living among us on LI have lost their jobs. Families are cutting back on food. The money spent on your banner and flyers could really have made an impact. How sad you are.

  234. fred Says:

    Does this mean tits too? also known as Cyanistes caeruleus >>>

    These tits are great !!!!

    as with most tits.

    Who doesn’t like to look at tits?

  235. KeikoasMom Says:

    My husband and I rescue parrots. This means we take in and care for birds that are abandoned by people wanting a pet, who do not realize that birds are wild, even if brought to life within the confines of a “breeders” home. They have lifelong requirements.
    In any case, birds are incredibly intelligent, beautiful creatures, and people watch birds because of their beauty and their wonderful, happy behavior.
    Your group is ludicrous and just perhaps, if you step outside of your ridiculous posturing, you will see that you can’t actually see birds mating in any case. They do their mating out of public eyes.
    Now that I have read many of the posts, I can see that this is probably
    an advertising gimick. Whatever. No intelligent person would take this seriously.
    By the way, most senior citizens (unless they are perverts) could care less about sex…

  236. Ryane Says:

    Sounds like some of you folks need to get laid!!

  237. Wilson Parker Says:

    I’m personally offended that people keep on trying to make this a partisan issue. All year I’ve been hearing people talking about how they’re going to vote republican, because republicans are traditionally against bird porn. It’s not a coincidence that neither McCain nor Obama have taken a stand on this issue yet. You can bet that when they do, they’ll be choosing their words carefully, because as an elderly man, McCain is almost certain to feel sympathetic toward the elderly demographic that embraces bird porn so enthusiastically.

    Of course, I doubt if Obama is going to be any better. He’s voted to preserve and expand national parks before, and it’s not too hard to guess why.

    Personally I think that the government needs to take DRASTIC steps to make changes, or we’ll be at the mercy of the special interest groups whose “special interest” involves a pair of binoculars and a field guide.

    The fact that we have eagles on our money and on the seal of the president of the united states is telling. It shows just how comfortable this country is with the exploitation and objectification of birds. If you ask me, the first step in stopping bird porn should be to get the eagle off the dollar bill, or at least to reposition it more modestly.

  238. Karen Sheridan Says:

    Hello there bird perverts. You protesters are just as sinful as the people you accuse of being perverts. What is this country coming to when humans focus on innocent birds and equate them with child porn? I am amazed, disgusted, angry and disappointed. I was so disturbed over your protest I accidently knocked over a midget on the sidewalk in Manhattan. She cursed me out and I kicked her little ass in return. That’s how disturbed I am over Stop Bird Porn!!!!

  239. kher Says:

    bird brain!

  240. Hans Wilfried Says:

    You Americans are crazy and hilarious at the same time!

  241. josh Says:

    we love this stuff.

  242. Roland Deschain Says:

    Ok…You win. I’ll stop watching birds have sex when you let me watch YOU have sex. That way the birds will be safe and I’ll only be observing a bunch of peckers. 😉

  243. James Says:

    This is absurd! Why not stop people from looking at grasshoppers?? Or a roach? This country has gone to hell….if this is real.

  244. Denny in Dayton Says:

    I think these bird watchers need to be stopped, they must get some kind of perverse satisfaction, down in Cape Hatteras National Seashore and Recreation Area they a pushing to close all the beaches so they alone can go out with their massive spotting scopes and watch piping plovers! Learn more about how they are trying to throw the rest of us Americans out of our national recreation area at http://www.islandfreepress.org look at “beach access” this is no joke, they want to close all the beaches!

  245. luv2surfish Says:

    Can we have the sheriff send out those cards to notify people that a bird watcher is in your neighborhood? And what about that 1000 yard perimeter for living near schools? Why didn’t I think of this! I always knew those big spotting scopes were some kind replacement for smaller appendages.

  246. Iknowwhatyoudid Says:

    I have it on good authority that Denny of Dayton is a fish fucker. Don’t let him around your coolers. You’ll be putting on 8nbait and he’ll grab your puppy and try to mate.

  247. Charlie Allnut Says:

    And I always though that “fuck a duck” was just a simple rhyme. I didn’t know that bird watchers actually…

  248. Jimmy Says:

    I saw a plane carrying a banner with this URL in the Chesapeake Bay today.

    I think you are on to something.

    No wonder granny is smiling so much!

  249. Ramp34 Says:

    Damn Denny,I didn’t know you pumped puppies…ROFLMFAO

  250. Iknowwhatyoudid Says:

    It’s not just bird porn!
    These surf “fishermen” down here and their synchronized conga-line casting make The Village People look like gung-ho, bad-to-the-bone Navy Seals.
    All the while they’re trying to entice the fish in for some kisses, fondling and heavy petting before releasing them back where they’re reduced to being red with shame in front of the rest of the school. (The fish equivilent of alien abduction and anal probes).

  251. Randy Says:

    This filth must be stopped. Over and over again those dirty birdwatchers protest our use of the forest for riding atvs. I agree atv use should be only on designated trail systems to prevent damage to the forest, however those bird watchers attempt to stop all atv use. I never understood why they fight for total banning of our sport. I always felt with proper planning there is plenty of forest space here in Oregon for all recreation activities. Now it all makes sense its not that they are concerned about our trails, which not much larger then their hiking trail, it’s that they do not want anyone else in the woods observe their sick and disgusting behaviors. THEY MUST BE STOPPED!!!!

  252. Free as a Bird (FAB) President Says:

    Free as a Bird Mission Statement:

    It has recently come to our attention that certain demographics of protesters are opposed to something as healthy and natural as Bird Porn.

    We find this aversion without basis and hateful. Bird Porn, within its natural environment, is a beautiful and fulfilling thing to watch.

  253. LeeAnn Says:

    It’s not the birdwatchers you need to worry about, it’s the finch-fuckers and the gackle-gropers and the crow-cuddlers.
    Those filthy buggers!

  254. Swallow tail Says:

    How much wood, would a Wood Duck fuck ,if a Wood Duck could Fuck Wood ?

  255. Tom Says:

    Guess what..you heard of the microbiologists? They are not actually studying bacteria, they get their sexual gratification from watching bacteria have sex through the microscope. Stop bacteria porn too! ..oh and when Archimedes shouted Eureka! he was actually climaxing! Oh..i dont even want to get into the real reason why people keep pets…ban that too! Silly idiots…you and your website should be the first thing banned off the face of earth!

  256. Sapsucker Says:

    Oh, GOD, Swallow Tail, don’t even get me started on woodducks! Flamboyant little two-timing faggots! Sure, you see them in the disco, they come off so nice, and they win you over with their charm, shining feathers and come-hither ways…you almost forget they’re pretty much always dressed for a friggin’ pride parade. And then…just as you think you’re gonna fall in love, you catch him getting treaded by some beer-gutted frigate bird in the men’s room… “Oh…honey, don’t get mad, it’s not what you think!” he says. Well, this girl’s learned her lesson, from now on give me a good manly heron. (And ya know what they say about longer beaks…every word of it true, honey!)

  257. Seen it Happen Says:

    What’s really perverted is those surf fishing guys down at Cape Hatteras. When they are not all together doing their standing-in-line “thing” down on the edge of the water with the fish, they are up in the bushes watching the bird watchers, gathered in a “circle.”

  258. Parula Peeper Says:

    There is nothing more natural than blushing bluebirds, cardinal coitus, or woody peckers. You’ll never stop us. We may be anonymous, but we are many. We are your children’s teachers, we are your school board members (well, in Kansas), we are your city council members, and we are in all levels of govt above that!

    Viva la Bird Porn!!

  259. Little Wing Says:

    I recently attended a celebration of the migration of the Monarch Butterfly. It devolved into an orgy. Then we cleaned up, built a bonfire, rubbed blue mud in our navels and danced under the full moon while chanting in tongues. It too devolved into an orgy.
    After the second orgy, we sacrificed a pair of mating purple veined plovers, and BBQ’d 3 senior citizens we discovered watching us with their knickers off. Their binoculars were difficult to digest.
    We topped it off by beheading 20 morons who think they have the right to decide what’s decent and moral for the rest of humanity. How was it we missed your ass?

  260. Mark Says:

    We must stop Bird Porn! How can we accomplish this?? Simple..

    All the BIRD-WATCHERS should be given Shotguns. Upon Seeing the aforementioned Avians in Coitus interuptus… Watchers are to discharge said shootin irons at said birds… if you eliminate the birds you eliminate the problem…

    Seriously….. you are one Cuckoo that really needs to re-Feather her nest…

    Seek Help you Libby Liberal Loon…

  261. PROUD Bird Watcher Says:

    I heard the Good Conduct Society is run by scandalous elves who are sworn to protect the good will of the once covered-up “Overbearing Fundamental Group” (the OFG) run by gangster faeries.

    Btw, after all my bird watching years I have yet to see birds mate! I guess I’ve been missing out this whole time on some free porn! Thanks for the tip!

  262. Bird Penis Says:

    I love birds and all their magical weiners

  263. I love Birds Says:

    I’m so sure this is a stupid joke that it isn’t even funny. I personally think some one has way too much time on their hands. Way more money than brains too. I love Birds

  264. mindbomber Says:

    Brilliant! How many hits a day do you get?

  265. FluxMass Says:

    Have you ever watched Bowerbirds do it? OMG HOT!

  266. carrie Says:

    Bird watchers unite, and stand up for your right to watch and watch and WATCH. It’s so rare to observe the mating ritual, how dare you try and interfere. It’s generally quick and these days would rate PG13 at the movies and be on Nat’l Geographic channel during prime time. I personally LOVE to see the birds GETTING AFTER IT, and feel it is my right as a U. S. Citizen. Leave us alone!!!

  267. Rob Says:

    Just remember what birders watch even when the birds aren’t mating.


    say no more.

  268. Kevin Ripka- birder Says:

    I love tits and boobies!!! I’ve also been know to stare at a cock or two!! I’m a naughty little birder!!! Who’s gonna spank me??

  269. Matt Says:

    As we say on 4chan, “Y’all be postin’ in a troll thread”. This is absolutely hilarious, though. Thanks for the laugh, SBP.

  270. Joel Says:

    To those of you who are questioning whether or not people should be investing their energy in stopping this behavior, shame on you.

    Who are you to tell someone that they shouldn’t be offended by something?

    If one person in the world is offended by something then I believe it is quite reasonable for them to demand that it stop immediately.

    The only alternative to this would be for everyone in the world to tolerate other people doing things that offended them. This would include the things that offend you.

    I hope that someday there will be at least one organization dedicated to stopping every single behavior in the world.

  271. The Vulgar Boatman Says:

    I thought bird porn was what we did as kids to the chickens behind the barn. Grab legs and wings, let wings go.

    Hey Where did the sheep go?

  272. NO WAY LOL Says:


  273. kanipition Says:

    Litterally a waste of time reading all these posts I could have bbq” ued a chicken by now I guess I,ll settle for papa murphys pizza tonite. we have alot of birds in the yakima valley I guess thats why all prison perverts are released here to register and practice their sinister lifestyle here. Im removing my feeders & birdhouses before they spy on me and think theres a horse in my house.

  274. sax Says:

    If we dont stop this our society is going to fall into anarchy because some people like to get their pleasure from watching birds? I think child porn is more of a problem than this. Get over yourself.

  275. L Michels Says:

    those sick SOB’S. i Knew those horny old bastards were going into to the woods to fufill their bird fetish.

    why cant they watch internet porn like the us normal people!!!!

  276. John McCain Says:

    Everyone stop posting on this stupid site the creators of this site just want attention and by us posting we are fueling the fire. No posts, no attention then this stupid site will be down in 3 months.

  277. plop Says:

    I like to watch birds poop on each other. Is that the same thing?

  278. Mitch Says:

    For all of you posters who are in high dudgeon over this site, I want you to know that there are even worse problems out there, among them dihydrogen monoxide (DHMO).

    Not only do the sexually active birds use it, especially waterfowl in heat, but the pervert birdwatchers have been observed consuming it whilst watching birds copulate. Yes, DHMO may be almost as big a threat as perverts watching birds shagging.

    Go to http://www.dhmo.org to learn more! Very scary stuff, indeed.

  279. Chris Brewer Says:

    “I think child porn is more of a problem than this. Get over yourself.”

    Where do you think child porn COMES FROM? It all starts with watching animals (birds) mate. After all, that is socially acceptable, as you can see from many of the comments here.

    When the thrill from watching birds “do it” wears off, the pervert then moves on to humans. It’s just like how marijuana is the “gateway drug” to the harder stuff.


  280. Priest Says:

    Whats your real motive, this is too obviously rediculous. This isnt even an issue. People masturbating on the streets fine. Bird watching? NO! next youll say no going to the zoo or wildlife preserve because there was no consent from the animals to be viewed. My question is what is the real motive behind this. Once its illegal to carry binoculars or even to look at a bird, what next? How many more freedoms and joys of life will be taken? And for what? Like i said, public exposure and masturbating is very serious. Bird watching? no deep sea diving, the fish dont like any uninvited guest, call ahead for reservations first. to study life and enjoy it. If people take anti-bird watching bull seriously, i really fear for the future not only as a nation but for the world. We’re all doomed!!!!!!

  281. Pam Says:

    Wow I think the comments were more funny then the actual text about this “Issue” I saw a sign at the DNC that talked about Stopping Bird Porn, who knew it was something sexual to look up and see a bird flying around. The most pleasure I could see coming from a bird would be it taking a shit on some random car or some old dudes head….

  282. Bills Best Says:

    Way back in the late 1950’s or early 1960’s an organization made headlines in city after city as it’s “Executive Director” came to town with his seemingly outrageous campaign to put clothes on animals: family pets, animals in the zoo, even farm animals. The organization bore the name “Society for Indecency to Naked Animals” or SINA, and the spokesman was Clarence Zuckerman.
    As it turns out SINA was a hoax and Zuckerman was a performance artist named Buck Henry. Buck went on to a great career as an actor/author/screenwriter and occasional host of Saturday Night Live. Any similarities here? Hmmmmm.

  283. and3w Says:

    I thought the site was funny… then I read the replies!
    Now I can’t stop laughing,

  284. Rick Says:

    This is either a Jon Stewart farce or a plank in Al Frankens platform.

  285. chrs andrews Says:

    i love watching birds. especially woodpeckers s&m. it’s like blowing your load in a strippers hair. funny and demoralizing.

  286. eish Says:

    What The Fuck

  287. Eli Says:

    South Padre Island Has Lots of Sea Gulls. This is a Hot Spot For Bird Watching…….Forget other species, Sea Gulls Get it on and Have their own chant!


  288. wtf Says:

    wtf i did a newspaper article 4 civics about this……..

  289. Joe Sutton Says:

    Mark Says: “Seek Help you Libby Liberal Loon…”

    Hey Mark, what makes you think the people behind this are liberals? This sounds more like those crazy right-wing crackpots who use the names like “The Family Council.”

    As for me, forget the boogying birds. I’m going to find the bootleg video of the night of babymaking between Levi Johnston and Bristol Palin.

    By the way, if you want to get your rocks off on animal stuff, go to the Aquarium of the Americas in New Orleans and watch Bucky the Otter with his tube.

  290. Adamanteve Says:

    This is some funny shit. LMAO! XD XD XD

  291. Chris Brewer Says:

    To all of you who say that bird porn is NOT a problem, I ask this simple question:

    How would you feel if you found your child masturbating to birds mating?

    Would you ignore it or would you consider it a problem?

    If it isn’t alright for your child to engage in such behavior, how can you say it IS NOT a problem?

    Open your eyes, people!

  292. Certik Bertik Says:

    I don’t think this is a prank and if it is, apparently, it’s very elaborate because some nutty Russian woman was at the DNC for the big Obama speech with a website and double language sign. THIS IS A REAL PROBLEM PEOPLE! DROP EVERYTHING AND STAMP OUT bird porn. Please.

  293. Chris Brewer Says:

    Here’s a perfect example of this kind of filth:

    Warning: Bird Porn

    This is on the Internet, out in the open, where any child can see it. The photographer even refers to it as “bird porn.”

    The person who took this photo says, “So much for being in the best position (me), I had spent an hour in front of this spot, then moved under them and to the left of my old spot…”

    AN HOUR watching birds mate from different angles!? And from “old spot,” I can only conclude that this is not the first time this person has done this sort of thing.

    Lurking around the Zoo, watching birds mate. Sad.

  294. Jessiesp Says:

    Chris B. — you are one crazy bird fucker! Rock on, dude.

  295. Elizabeth M Says:

    C’mon. My beloved grandparents did bird banding and documentation for the Audubon Society. Knowing a little more about birds would turn you off of this ‘bird porn’ garbage: birds share one organ, the cloaca, for discharging all waste. That is also used for mating. Think about it. A real turn-on, huh?! By the by, how did you all get born? The cabbage patch?!

    Elizabeth the Laughing

  296. bob Says:


  297. Darrell Says:

    Emanuel said: “What needs to be stopped is stupid websites. I should start one – stopstupidwebsites.org There should be some regulatory authority for websites and the garbage they spread. Come on!”

    What needs to be stopped is people trying to regulate other people. There should be some regulatory authority for regulating people who are attempting to regulate other people.


  298. Mister Fweem Says:

    I’m glad to hear there is an organization fighting this sickening scourge in our society. I come to you as a former bird porner, one who would drive miles out of my way to watch golden eagles, magpies and even stay up late into the evil witching hours to watch owls. I started having dreams about bird-watching. I tried to taper off after a while after I knew I had a problem, but every time I walked past the pet shop, there they were. What can I do to help?

  299. Mike Honcho loves bird porn Says:

    I had tears in my eyes at the end. Finally!!!! Finally someone cares. I think we all need to settle down and lets get to the real problem with bird porn. Birds. yes the Birds. If they weren’t such exhibitionists and celebrity wannabes then we wouldn’t have this problem. They think its real cool to sit out on a tree branch and bang any ol’ finch, robin, or bluebird in sight. Not Cool!!!!!! They eat those red berries and fly right into my windows saying “look at me!!!!” I’m not down with these rouge sex-addictied birds that just want to get drunk all day and lay some eggs. If they don’t want to be photographed, why not put some clothes on or at least take the banging to the bird house. Have some decency like the condors and eagles and either catch and eat the offending birds or let them continue their treebound orgies.

  300. woody woodpecker Says:

    Thye don’t call me woody for nothing

  301. MJ Says:

    What do you have against birds and the natural process of mating that you would want to stop something as beautiful as life?

    I think you should stop wasting your time with other peoples waste of time and go breed yourselves.

    Damnit, I wasted a whole 5 minutes on this.

  302. David B. Says:

    What you liberals fail to acknowledge is that bird porn is a gateway behavior. Watching two birds fornicate may on the surface seem to be harmless (if creepy), but numerous studies have shown that it often leads to deeper and more dangerous forms of aviaphilia, including wren fondling and emu wrestling.
    Which is exactly why we must remove salacious magazines like Bird Fancier Monthly from all 7-Elevens — to protect the children!

  303. Jessi Says:

    Chris Brewer said: “To all of you who say that bird porn is NOT a problem, I ask this simple question:

    How would you feel if you found your child masturbating to birds mating?

    Would you ignore it or would you consider it a problem?

    If it isn’t alright for your child to engage in such behavior, how can you say it IS NOT a problem?

    Open your eyes, people!”

    What? The only way to stop this is if you killed every bird that could ever been seen in public. This is just ridiculous…come on! Personally, I don’t think my kids would even think to masturbate to birds doing it. It seems to be something they would never even think of.

  304. Jessi Says:

    I am just waiting for Axe body spray (or whatever other stupid company) to drop the punchline.

  305. SL Says:

    this has got to be a joke to you people have nothing better to do. Do you realy think there going to waist tax payers monny on this?! brid porn… dont make me laught

  306. Not So Fine, Young Feathered Friend Says:

    Whatever mixes us up and gets us to not take it so seriously is good for me!

    I guess people will take a stance on anything these days…

    I hope that I will get it on when I’m an elderly woman. There’s hope yet.

  307. e^2 Says:

    if old people are actually gratifying themselves in public, then it should be stopped, regardless of what they’re using to get off. but if people are sharing illicit videos and pictures of “bird porn,” then who really gives a fuck? is it anyone’s business what people do in the privacy of their own home so long as it doesn’t harm others?

    and to “david b,” are you seriously suggesting that we stop people from engaging in a legal activity simply because of what MIGHT happen later possibly as a result of it? better not sell anyone digital cameras then, because studies have shown that while photography as a hobby is mostly harmless, over 70% of pictures of child pornography were taken on digital cameras, making photography a gateway habit. (that thought got a little garbled on the way out, but you get the idea) ps in what way does removing porn from a 7-11 protect children? pps if your main motivation is actually to protect children (albeit in a pointless way), why didn’t you also suggest removing perfect 10 and penthouse from 7-11’s? ya silly bastard.

  308. mattolupo Says:

    Did you eat paint chips as a child? I sincerly hope you haven’t spawned. Thats one of the two things that scares me about this site….you can vote and you can breed. So, for the love of all that which does not suck, don’t bread.

  309. Big Bird : ) Says:

    Someone really needs to stop these birds from performing their exhibitionists acts in public. This display of indecent exposure should be dealt with by a BB gun. Tell them to take it back to the nest!!!!

  310. Chris Brewer Says:

    “Personally, I don’t think my kids would even think to masturbate to birds doing it. It seems to be something they would never even think of.”

    Yes, it SEEMS like that, but denial is a BIG part of the problem. Check your children. You might be surprised at what you find.

    “What you liberals fail to acknowledge is that bird porn is a gateway behavior.”

    Amen and thank you, Sir or Madam.

  311. Wow that video is retarded Says:

    The Video on youtube that was posted as a resonse to people making fun of this ridiculous cause is horrible. The woman in the video didn’t even bother to brush her hair and her argument is incomplete. The goal of an argument is to persuade the other person to see your point of view. You can’t do this if your argument doesn’t have a single valid premise or a conclusion.

    Brush your hair and think about what you are going to say before you say it!

  312. Mike Says:

    Thank you for bringing this problem to the forefront. I know all too well the pervasiveness of bird porn. In fact, I have been diagnosed with being a bird porn addict. This is a disease, folks. I cannot stop watching those cute, little feathery creatures with their strange songs and dances culminating in a flurry of feathers.

    uuh… ung… UGH!!!!!!sfnlsk

    Sorry, see what it does to me? Needed the hand release there. I just can’t stop thinking about the birdies.

    My ultimate fantasy is to have sexual intercourse with Big Bird or the Muppet that is the American Eagle.

    This bird porn must stop! Please send me money so I can get help. I need rehab.

  313. fredo Says:

    i love watching birds do it missionary.

  314. fredo Says:

    two birds one cup was some hot, hot stuff.

  315. GHP Says:

    I like to watch birds screw.

  316. asiwouldsay Says:

    Everytime I see some bird’s wet cunt, I drop mega-loads.

  317. Howard Stern Says:

    I actually fuck birds myself. Why should they have all the fun?

  318. Howard Stern Says:

    I fucked three ostriches the other day. Fucking whores!

  319. Howard Stern Says:

    I fucked the chicken in both ends and under the wings. Marinated it and then baked with it with a beer can holding it up.

  320. Artie Says:

    I saw two birds fucking and I ate them.

  321. Artie Says:

    I saw a bird give another bird a facial in the woods the other day

  322. Artie Says:

    I saw this Robin get DPed by two sparrows.

  323. Fride Says:

    Thanks for the laugh. Saw you in St Paul yesterday.

  324. Fride Says:

    Thanks for the laugh, say you in St Paul yesterday!

  325. Uncle Milton Says:

    Q: Why did the chicken cross the road?
    A: Cause it was stuck on the end of my dick!

  326. Grossed out Says:

    I don’t care to see old people or any people getting their jollies in public, no matter what it is getting them horned up. You want to screw outside? Get a tall fence you fuckin’ pervs…

  327. Chris Brewer Says:

    I would like to direct all of you who say that “bird porn” isn’t an issue in our society or claim that birds are exhibitionists who engage in sexual activity so they can be observed to this:


    This poor innocent bird actually CALLED FOR HELP on more than one occasion. Yes, the police responded but they didn’t take the situation seriously. I’m sure they, too, think that bird porn isn’t a problem.

    WHAT IS IT GOING TO TAKE to get people, including the police who are supposed to protect the innocent, to take this societal scourge seriously?

  328. Chris Brewer Says:

    I’m so rattled about this that I gave the wrong address for the story. Try this:


    And look at this one:


    It’s all SUCH A JOKE, isn’t it?

  329. revoL nroP driB Says:

    You guys are idiots. This is no different than regular porn, the only difference is that it’s with another species. I am a bird porn lover, and I’m proud of it! 🙂

  330. Master P Says:

    So what, I like gay bird porn–cockfighting, that is…does that make me wrong?

  331. Tomtom Says:

    I had sex with a hen last night, now i am eating it. Wonderfull lovestory

  332. splendidelles Says:


    Poe’s Law?

  333. Don Dupre Says:

    The retarded person who objected to the YouTube video of a young lady urging viewers to stop fornicating with the birds obviously needs therapy. I would be willing to contribute money for his rehabilitation if he will contact me and verify that he was the blabbering idiot who posted his shallow critique. I will not even dignify his contrite objection with a response. But I believe in helping lepers.

  334. MC SmokesAlot Says:

    Birds are great like the Big Brestted Cocksuckle, but why stop at watching bird sex is the bomb. I had to stop for a wile after that one day at the park, I mean you run across one playground with a Robbin (at least I think that was her name) stuck on your wang and your branded a monster. Oh! snap you mean like tweet, tweet birds, that’s just sick. Oh! you mean watching them. You people are out of your minds, don’t you have something better to protect you children from.

  335. Chris Brewer Says:

    “This is no different than regular porn”

    EXACTLY (except for the fact that it involves innocent birds)! It must be stopped. NOW!

  336. pulpo Says:

    There was a plane with a banner, in tow, at the beach, with this web site on it. That’s the only reason I knew about it. For someone to rent a plane to advertise the site, either there is some money to be made or some rich guy has nothing better to do.

    The whois info is below but the phone number is fake.
    Registrant Name:Lowest Hosting
    Registrant Street1:2373nw 185th str
    Registrant Street2:
    Registrant Street3:
    Registrant City:Hillsboro
    Registrant State/Province:OR
    Registrant Postal Code:97124
    Registrant Country:US
    Registrant Phone:+1.8001234562
    Registrant Phone Ext.:
    Registrant FAX:
    Registrant FAX Ext.:
    Registrant Email:admin@lowesthosting.com

  337. wakeskater17 Says:
  338. Darrell E. Field Says:

    When is enough is enough ?.
    This is a ridiculous cause .
    Stop stealing my oxygen and
    Do the world a favor and kill
    Yourself !!.
    Darrell E. Field

  339. Dan68 Says:

    I’m getting my bird freak on right now. It’s a life decision. You don’t get some bird booty and Monday and call up Charlene on Tuesday. Guys ask me “Hey, let’s go out and get some girls” I say “No way man, tonight it’s just just gonna be me and some hot steamy birds sex for me man.” Bird booty is where it’s at.


  340. Cbrennan04 Says:

    I don’t get it? Why are you people trying to stop something SO beautiful to some of us? Bird humping and the watching of bird humping has been a passion of mine for over 4 years. The way you connect with a bird is just far greater then that with a human. You people should be disgusted with yourselves for trying to stop what we have the right to do in privacy.

    I have to go, a large bald eagle just landed in my backyard.


  341. Yo Says:

    Yo yo…

  342. A. Green Says:

    Assuming your campaign is legitimate, what I find even more disturbing than voyeurs “achiev[ing] climax in the safety of the woods” is your campaign’s willingness to enact Thought Crime legislation.

    What I can infer from your campaign’s mission statement speaks very plainly about its distorted notions of personal liberty, privacy, and human sexuality. If you’re the face of change in this country (the US), then I’m gladly supporting any citizen’s right to get off in the woods watching a bird through his or her binoculars. In an age like ours, we could stand to have more such harmless fun as this!

  343. are you insane? Says:

    I’m thinking Chris Brewer is the bird nest haired ladies lover….Bird’s of a feather……
    or it’s just her because I cant’ imagine 2 people promoting this far fetched NONSENSE!!!

  344. Dan68 Says:

    Homeless city birds are the worst of the worst. One time I was held hostage on the city bus by this one homeless bird jerking off. So he’s jerking off right, and nobody says a word. Actually I was sitting right next to the bird. So he’s jerking off and making all these sounds and finally I said “Come on dude! DUDE! You’re hitting my elbows and shit.” The bird didn’t say a word and just kept jerking off. Finally someone said, “He’s right, will you please stop that sir. PPlease, that’s disgusting.” So the bird got up and started hopping up and down the aisle jerking off holding us hostage, and says, “Nobody move, I’ll let it loose.” So the guy right behind me makes a mad dash for the door. Just then the bird busts a nut. It did this real slow anti-gravity matrix thing in the air, and POP, lands right on the dude’s forehead. I couldn’t believe it. He fell on the floor rolling and screaming, “It burrrns, it burrrrnnns Oh my God!!” The dude’s day was over. Yours would be too if a bird busted a nut on your forehead and 8:30 in the morning. You gotta watch out for those homeless city birds- they’re wacked. Crazy, I tell you, just crazy.

  345. Bushy Says:


    theres weird, theres fucked up, theres 2 girls one 1 cup filthy but whatever cunt thought up somethin as random as this needs his head shot off

  346. Bob Says:


  347. Shocking in Texas Says:

    Get a life.

  348. Dan68 Says:

    Oh, get a life and lighten up. Do you ACTUALLY believe everything you hear? It’s a Chappelle bit replaced with a bird. For God’s sake get real.

  349. Dan68 Says:

    What’s worse is why are we talking to eachother on a some gay ass dumb bird porn site anyway??? ROTFL!!!! We all need to get a life!

  350. but on the cool Says:

    i used to watch piegons fuck waiting for the trolley

    its hilarious

    male pigeons be rapin all of them hoes

  351. PeteTheBirdMan Says:

    I think the only way this will work is if you start going after the birds that are making porn. In every definition of “Pornography”, it is very clear that the INTENT of the producer is sexual gratification. If birds are humping it up just so they can help an old man gratify himself, those birds need to be stopped!

    What’s worse, it makes those birds who are just trying to have sex with each other (as God intended) look bad. I’d hate to think some poor bird who is just out fulfilling his God-given desires might be mistaken for one of those nasty birds who likes to tempt old men.

    This does give me food for thought, however. I will make sure I have completely gratified myself at home prior to bird watching, just in case I run into one of those nasty birds trying to tempt me.

  352. jmon Says:

    Stick to your guns! How else will we be able to wipe out the dread caneral disease chirpes?

  353. DR Says:

    There has to be some mentally wrong with you people, i mean really.

  354. bird lover 69 Says:

    i ll never forget about the time that i got off to 2 crows doin it on the light pole

  355. Cardinal Lover Says:

    I am one of these so called bird watchers who are portrayed so biasedly on this site and would like to clear up several of the inaccuracies here. Bird watching is not just an elderly activity. Ever since I was 8, and saw the beauty of bird sex, I have been a bird watching fanatic. Just watching cardinals, robins, meadowlarks, and other birds elope brings a more enjoyable climax to me than any human sex I have ever had. Much of the discrimination that bird watchers such as myself face is due to ignorance. Many of my friends were shocked when I described my hobby, yet when I convinced them to try watching bird sex, they instantly became fans. I have even started taking my 20 month son to observe the beauty of birds having sex. I hope I cleared up some of your misunderstandings and feel free to post back on this wall if you have any further questions for me.

  356. Cleo Says:

    Hi ! I saw you at the DNC, and you were kind enough to pose for a picture, which is now posted on the wall at my campaign headquarters at: http://www.goldenbarker.com

    Good luck !

  357. Goosefucker Says:

    I fuck geese. I love watching them, I love fucking them. You’re all tools.

  358. Sicko Steve Says:

    Hey! I’m no senior citizen but I just LOVE to watch birds gettin’ it AWN! Makes me cum a ton load in my knickers! I say we should all learn from the birdies. Why can’t we all just get along and show the birds what we’re really made of? 😀 😀 😀

  359. lovetowatch Says:

    I have to agree, this is a major problem in America, my major issue is I cant stop myself from continuing to join the perverts in all the birdy glory… I just love to watch two (or more) beautiful birds get it on while I check out the grandparents all around me doing the same thing. love it. you should try it, just hang out in your back yard or a park, pretty soon you will be hitting on 80yr olds and a woodpecker will take on a whole new meaning…. sickos.

  360. BirdyBoy Says:

    Looking to exchange horny birdporn pics with other like minded birdwatching pervs.

    Horny Birdy.

  361. You People Need a Job Says:

    Do you people seriously have nothing better to do? Go do something more productive for socitey insted of this joke of an orginization. I thought this was a joke until i found your website… And for real, did you honestly say “restrict sales on binoculars” you people are really worthless waste of space, please do us all a favor a jump off a cliff.

    Oh PS. I am going to go watch birds now mating with my friends, maybe we can find some ther sexy animals…..Fucking god you people are retarted.

  362. Rrnecckked Says:

    I believe there is a cure for birdporn. It’s called a Rem. pump 12 guage with #7 shot!

  363. mary ann hauser Says:

    You people really are hypacrites
    You need to get a life.
    You spend way too much time
    watching other peoples lives.
    I haven’t ever heard a bird
    complaining about any peeping-
    Until that day comes, I might
    consider joining you.
    But, I wouldn’t hold your breath.
    I suggest that you stop watching
    other people, and go out into
    society and socialize.
    Your lives just might be happier.

  364. RJ Mack Says:

    I can’t imagine why anyone would care about this. Unless of course, the bird had a really big cock and was having sex with a bird with giant tits, maybe a couple of them really all going at it at once.

  365. Dirk Diggler Says:

    My favorite bird is the Cock of the Rock. Gets my rocks off.

  366. Dirk Diggler Says:

    Please provide a reference of the “psychologist” that studies bird watchers? Bet you can’t.

  367. Francis Says:

    I’m happy to see someone is finally doing something about this.

  368. Dave Says:

    Oh this is too rich.

    Remind me again how the birds are being harmed? Do they care if anyone is watching them? And really, what type of person wastes their life advocating a cause as pointless and fictive as this?

    Oh I’m definatly going to donate money to stop people from watching birds.

  369. DuggleBogey Says:

    I have been attempting to record all the IP addresses of all of the commenters who are trying to stop this site by calling it “stupid” and “a waste of time.”

    Those people are OBVIOUSLY trying to keep their steady supply of bird porn coming, and they are SO THREATENED by this movement they want it STOPPED, and they are willing to do anything, including DENYING THE EXISTENCE OF THIS PROBLEM.

    I want them investigated for their bird porn activities, and I want them LOCKED UP and kept away from NORMAL AMERICANS.

  370. Ted Brooks Says:

    Have you ever watched the “Stupid American” videos on You Tube. The fact that so many of you even have to ask if this is a a joke will certainly end up there. C’Mon people. Do you really think this is for real?

  371. Fathermocker Says:

    So what if they watch them? It’s not like they kill them or mistreat them or anything…

  372. Me Says:

    Ohhhh gooooooooddddddddd , sorry, Im just cum over a very sexy bird photo.

  373. melkor Says:

    i like to touch myself while i’m watching animal planet, oh yeah i love birds. i have 30 birds in my house 😉

  374. melkor Says:

    c’mon, this can’t be true…this must be a joke…. try yo stop people who kill birds, not people who watch them

  375. Baro Says:

    Oh America, only you could start something like this

  376. J Says:


    vaya gilipollez……


  377. albeiro Says:

    OH… MY… GOD…
    R… O… F… L…

  378. Adrián Says:

    War, illness, hunger, poverty, child abuse, drugs…

    Seriously, why don’t you go and try to use your time to stop any other problem that’s actually a problem?

  379. ENFERMO Says:

    Eres un enfermo, como tú tienes problemas quieres k los demás te ayudemos, aver fugurín, los pajaros follan pk son animales!!!!!

  380. So funny Says:

    LOL, this is so funny!!! I can’t believe there are so many mentally deranged people to put up this kind of website about this ‘so important’ (LOL) problem!!!

  381. Andres Says:

    This is obviously a joke. EVEN if it’s true all this guy says.

  382. The Failure Says:

    Nice joke… (?)

  383. The Sugar Ship Says:

    Keep fighting!!! Until they are all dead! Then and only then will Jesus return to us and give us more!!!!!

  384. Albin Klein Says:

    BirdPorn?…Oh mY!!!!…I can’t beleive how much people can go in order to do something out of their boring lifes…I mean, you have to be freaking bored to come up with something like this…

    This is hilarious…

    Anyway, good luck and I will prefeer to watch real pron instead of bird porn, see?, I bird doesn’t turn me on as much as 3 hot blonds kissing each other..


  385. Pepito Says:

    Eso es completamente cierto, ponga lo que ponga (no me apetece usa el traductor de Google, nani pereza).

    A mi me encanta mirar a los pájaros haciendo guarreridas, especialmente si pertenece al género de la homozoogerontofilia.

  386. Cono Says:

    Thiz menz i cannot download no moar bird pr0n? 😦

  387. John H Says:

    You know that mating of birds lasts for about 2 seconds (or less depending on species) which is little less than it takes from anybody to get aroused about it. So this is a joke.

  388. Chris Brewer Says:

    “And for real, did you honestly say “restrict sales on binoculars” you people are really worthless waste of space, please do us all a favor a jump off a cliff.”

    Yes, restricting the sale of binoculars is exactly what is needed. You apparently do NOT understand the mind of a pervert. It is NOT enough for them to simply watch the poor birds with their naked eyes, they must zoom right in on the act so they can revel in it.

    The binocular manufacturers are perfectly aware that they are enabling this kind of sick behavior but as long as they can peddle their wares to the depraved, they don’t care.

    Just because it’s LEGAL to sell something, that doesn’t make it morally correct.

  389. Ben Says:

    that green bird in the corner is so pretty. where can I see it? I can’t stop thinking about it.

  390. kiki Says:


  391. Bob Says:

    Anyone who thinks that sex is disgusting should not be allowed to reproduce.

  392. Cajunchrist Says:

    I tied a chicken to the wall, and made it watch as I cracked its eggs on my dick, then I shocked the chicken with a car battery until I it smelled like a KFC drive in. Then I fucked the chicken and pulled out all its feathers. I am now wearing those feathers in an indian head-dress. It all started with bird watching, I feel so dirty.

  393. BrdLuvr Says:

    Can’t you ppl just let us Brd Luvrs b.. We just want to do r thing and be left alone..

  394. Chris Brewer Says:

    “Can’t you ppl just let us Brd Luvrs b.. We just want to do r thing and be left alone..”

    Oh sure. Why don’t we just leave the bank robbers alone and let them do THEIR “thing” too?

  395. Laughter Says:

    Wow…what a pointless and idiotic waste of space on the internet. Anyone who believes this crap is a joke, get a real life you knuckle dragging buffoons.

  396. angie Says:

    wow- my family has been outed! Glad my 90 year old mother limits her birding to only watching out her patio door- she may not get caught by the bird porn police! My only disappointment is that mating in birds is a really, really a quick affair – you can miss it if you blink at the wrong time. If male birds just didn’t have to flutter precariously above while they engaged in the act, maybe we birders would get more of a thrill. In fact- I’m rather surprised that the elderly birders are so adept at this with their shaky hands- hmmm- I’ll have to see what binoculars they are favoring.
    Thank you for pointing out the real problems that need addressing in this world……foget starvation and drought….go anti-birders!
    Now try and catch me, I dare you!

  397. Curious..? Says:

    ok.. all silliness aside.. and theres Plenty to go around…

    but do birds Reallly have That much sex?.. I feel like it would take one
    Hell of a lot of bird watching to catch about a minute of this highly desired aviary coitus. If there were two birds on a wire bangin away in front of me, i probably wouldnt even know what i was looking at to be able to be thus interested henceforth. ha wow

  398. songbird Says:

    this is really funny shit!!

  399. MC SmokesAlot Says:

    The sex is only like a few seconds, but the foreplay… 95% of birds are monogamous, but he still has to shake a tail feather for his lady to give him a little som-n-some. He’s got to get that little birdina flowing before he taps it ya feel me. He’s got to get sperm stored in his seminal glomera within the cloacal protuberance prior to copulation, so he can get his mate on, cause he’s got no penis son no penis. Turkeys and some waterfowl, oh and ostrich they rock out with there birdie cocks out, because they got them but the rest no penis son.

  400. Parker House Says:

    …birds do it, bees do it
    Even educated fleas do it
    Let’s do it, let’s fall in love

    Leave the birders alone.

  401. Whun Dum Phukk Says:

    I cannot believe I am reading shit like this on facebook I think I am going to have to cancel my membership. This has to have been put on the web by someone who shit his or her brains out some time ago

  402. Sue B Doo B Crystal Meth Says:

    Listen, I’ve enjoyed the “rush” I get from bird peeping for 8 years now, ever since my friend introduced my beloved Herbie and I to the sport. Now I call him my finch, and I’m his little crow. We go out with our friends into the woods, and I can’t tell you what it’s done to rekindle the fire in my rusty furnace! To all you people who think it’s disturbing or wierd, it’s not like I march around your bedrooms while you enjoy your boring love life, so stay out of our love forest.

  403. MC SmokesAlot Says:

    Hi Crystal maybe if he were better at eating a little crow you might have a more traditional love life, just a thought. If you all want to go out in the forest and peep on the birds go for it, for all we know they are voyeurs. Ya I said it voyeurs. Did any of you all think a that shit? They wait for Finch and Little Crow (kind of sounds Native-American) to enter the forest then it’s an all out orgy, after the bird orgy (and half a bottle of viagra) Finch enters Little Bird. It’s not just these two bird lovers folks they have a secret code word or more like code chirp that starts the orgy and only after you tweet it does the fun begin. “Twee Twee Twee, Twee, Tweet Twee Twee Tweet”, don’t sing this out side unless you want a front row at the avian bukake party.

  404. John Galt Says:

    Any website that contains a disclaimer saying it is not a hoax, is a hoax. Also, at the very, very bottom of the page there is a smiley face.

    Let’s assume that this is an actual phenomenon and then shoot it down bit by bit. Read the mission statement. The psychologist is not identified by name because he does not exist, and if he did he wouldn’t speak ing hyperbole. The member of Congress requested anonymity because he does not exist. Scientific claims must be backed by empirical data, which is not here because it does not exist. And the syntax is illogical and barely even readable.

    It is impossible to be a voyeur in this situation, since birds are generally outside and in plain view. If we’re going to anthrpomorphise birds, then technically birds are being exhibitionists and guilty of lewd acts in public and indecent exposure. Also, pornography is inherently either on film or in still pictures. So which is it? Are they watching or taping? Or watching the tape? Or all three?

    Climaxing in public is not illegal, as long as the kibbles ‘n’ bits are still covered.

    I’m sure there is at least one person out there who is living the bird porn dream right now. It gets weirder: Look up objectumphilia. People marry their laptops sometimes. But sexual disfunction alone does not a criminal make.

    And this is all a hoax, in case I lost some of you. Don’t get me wrong; you all are free to throw your money at whatever cause you choose. I just don’t think it’s in my personal self interest. And I would know. After all, I’m John Galt.

  405. Boner McDooby Says:

    It’s not bird porn its bird sex. It’s beautiful to watch these creature pump each other full of feather.

  406. Wowzers Says:

    No wonder our country is is so much trouble, we actually have someone in legislation trying to pass this! Bull, it will never pass. Sex will be studied, concept of life! But people don’t only watch birds for that reason. No one can stop people from looking at things they really want to. Birds are defencless, because they have not got a brain big enough to give a damn!Yet people waste thier brain on a matter the birds don’t even care about!

  407. WooBoy Says:

    Finally, a cause I can really rally behind! Because like you, I’m starved for attention and in desperate need of some sort of purpose in life.

  408. Ian Says:

    This is ridiculous. BIRD PORN? Have you people nothing better or more important to advocate against then this? Sure… the Idea of elderly people wanking it is rather unpleasant. But Bird porn? You guys are taking this in a very obscure and somewhat 1984ish direction. There is no such thing as bird porn. These are just people who have sexual attraction to birds… And as long as they don’t actually touch the birds there really is nothing wrong with it. Not to mention instead of focusing on the “innocence” of the birds, why not look at the major issue. While “bird porn” is not an issue I am concerned with indecent exposure which IS against the law. So instead of trying to create some bogus law that is just of waste of time for both voters and politicians, just focus on the fact that these people are breaking the law by masturbating in public.
    Our birds do not need protection from people like this… as far as a bird is concerned, if you are not trying to eat it or it’s chicks, it does not care.

    Also the concept behind outlawing pictures of birds mating is just foolish, both scientifically and in terms of personal freedom. If some weird old man wants to snap a few photos, go home and jerk it.. then he should be allowed to do so and NOT have psychos like you infringing on HIS rights.
    May I suggest knitting or or canasta? Something much more self rewarding and better for the environment.

  409. Max Says:

    I just went to the San Diego Zoo. 2 monkeys were having sexual intercourse right in front of our eyes. Would you say this is a problem? and would I be considered a monkey watcher pervert?

  410. JJ Says:

    United states of america has become the united state of morons. How could you even find the time for such nonsense. If you want to watch cows doing it so be it. Why do we need to control everything that goes on in peoples private lives. We arrest people for driving while drunk, in some states you can’t even be drunk in public if your drunk, yet we sell it and advertise it like crazy. Same thing with cigarettes, we continue to raise the prices on them and make profit like mad even though people die from lung cancer and 2nd hand smoke to those who don’t. No laws or people protesting this. The internet has some of the sickest porn imaginable………we know where the sites are……………its no secret………….yet the servers are never taken down. We are running around like chickens with no heads trying to point the finger on where we all went wrong. The truth is we all support these things knowingly or unknowingly. If we are striving for stricter moral codes then start with our youth not the birds………..hellllllllooooooooooooooooooooo

  411. A Concerned Individual Says:

    The birds obviously aren’t embarrassed by keeping their species alive and mixing genetic information. Why are you all perverting it? So what if they like to get their feathers all hot and sweaty in full view of humans?

    Why don’t you put your effort into stopping, oh I don’t know, child porn and exploitation? Or maybe the sex trade? Or, heck, protecting the first amendment?

    Stop exploiting these poor birds and elderly people in order to gain a little publicity!

  412. izi Says:

    oh fuck!!! hahahah XD… birds porn??? WTF??

  413. MC SmokesAlot Says:

    Yo John don’t be tripping on syntax and little things like logic, I don’t and haven’t heard of the esteemed Dr. Michael Latorus. The good doc can talk to the animals Dr. Dolittle style you hear tweet he hears RAPE.

    I used to not take this seriously because of the little things like “logic” that John points out, but after read the blog I have learned things. Anaida’s blog turned me on to the PUPPY GENOCIDE some bird watchers are committing. She doesn’t say that it going on yet but those in the know, know better. All of you should take a look at the blog interesting stuff.

    Oh and John I can Climax in public? If that’s true then, you’ll get my bird porn when you pry it from my could, sticky, dead hands.
    I am SmokesAlot

  414. BigBird Says:

    I saw one of these old guys doing this at the Fort Greene park the other day. I ran after him and destroyed his face, very bloody. I haven’t seen him again or his buddies after that. I will keep out an eye for you guys and hope to keep these perverts out of our streets. It is SICK! They even do it with children playing near by, they just stand there looking at birds with binoculars as if they are doing no wrong. I will take any action I deem necessary against these vile criminals. Thanks for bringing this to my attention.

  415. Your Mother Says:

    Yeah, we should just open a “birdwatchers anonymous.” Then nobody will be able to watch birds! How vile!

    I got a flyer from an old lady in NYC. MY GOD, I never knew people could watch birds getting it on in nature when everyone can see! Birds should really learn to find a room.

    I really think this will impact our society so much more than oil, and I also think the Good Conduct Society should channel their money to the toilet. Saves them some time.

    Anaida Krok is kinda cute, if she werent so delusional she might even get some. Then again, she might worry if the birds are watching…

  416. hi ror Says:

    what about Insect Watchers?! Bug Porn is also a serious problem!

    (excellent troll, guys, well played)

  417. David Mudkips Says:

    i like pie

  418. chickenfucker Says:

    fucking birds is so hot.

  419. chickenfucker Says:

    in fact I’m fucking one right now

  420. BirdLover23873679 Says:

    YO did you new the new woodpecker species they discovered? That shits Hot!

    I’ve been with this pigeon lately but she’s kinda dirty…

  421. Harrison Says:

    I’ve seen the bird porn protesters, yes, their leader Ms. Krok is cute and looks like Big Bird carrying that sign LEAVE THE BIRDS ALONE. Anyhow, the only significant comment I have is that kids are watching bird porn on computers and pretending it’s a nature study. I teach grade school and have caught a number of these little buggers with erections. So let’s get real and alert the dumbos who can’t see the forest because of the trees. Let me know how and where I can donate my time and money. Let’s all stop bird porn and save our kids from graduating to beastiality and crack cocaine.

  422. steve Says:

    hahaha…love all of the serious responses…actually, kind of pathetic, but really funny, almost as funny as the site itself, and the fact you guys bought ad space on facebook…genius. well done.

  423. wow Says:

    this website is a complete and utter joke… please people go and watch birds have sex? if thats what you want to do so be it. i go to the city the other day and some jackass is walking around with stop bird porn you are all retards.

    L1k3 Z0mGGG!!11one B1rD Sex Uberr cooll PhAT LeWTtZZZ….

  424. Bob from Belgium Says:

    It’s worse than that…
    Pigeon of Doom and Mrs Pigeon of Doom were at ‘it’ again on the fence this morning.
    Not content with putting on a display of avian filth in the relative privacy of their own patch of woodland, they’re now exhibiting their filthy lust in my garden.
    If peeping toms and twitching voyerurs can be outlawed, so can this exhibitionist depravity. It must be SATMPED OUT!
    Ther should be penalties for bird sex in public, with the ultimate sanction, that of being made into a pie, reserved for the most flagrant repeat offenders.
    I for one will be ready to stand up (with my air rifle if necessary) and defend the rights of the moral majority and the creative chef!

  425. tom_in_afrika Says:

    Oh no, I never realised what I exposed my 8 year old to last night. David Attenborough showed us two sparrows mating on BBC and I though that she was watching a nature program and all the while it subtle porn.

    Get a life people – you get all riled up over mating birds (the act of copulating usually lasts no more than 10 seconds), yet dont give an damn that your country (USA) more than any other is responsible for climate change. Carry on like this for much longer there wont be any birds screwing around.

  426. Denver Bail Bonds Says:

    Once this heinous crime is made illegal, I can only imagine how busy I will be bonding these guys out of the “clink”. This is a perversity beyond any other that I can imagine. Any idea as to when legislation will be picking up a bill on this issue? I would think it would have to be sooner rather than later, I see this activity happening at every local park here in Denver. It must stop and it must stop soon!

    I hope that legislators will take this serious and prosecute with at least a class 3 felony!

  427. John Says:

    WTF…..this is ridiculous.

    Let the perverts watch the goddamn birds. It’s not doing the birds any damage. How many kids watch animals mating on Animal Planet, etc.?

    Just fucking get over it, the birds obviously don’t mind.

    I also think this isn’t real. =P

  428. aint it a crock =Anaida Krok Says:

    You have got to be kidding me — I thought this was a joke…. I can see it now murderers, thieves, and bird porn watchers….get real people, we have bigger issues on the table now….so the elderly watch birds and get off – at least they still got it….why don’t you put in the same time and energy to help children in poor neighborhoods – so much time for protests to protect the birds – we keep them caged and in captivity – shouldn’t they be freed!!! Go tutor an underprivileged kid, go help a needy family, get your prioririties straightened out –think of it –if it weren’t for mating we wouldn’t be here anyway.

  429. MC SmokesAlot Says:

    Just fly… good advice “cough” “cough” Anaida good advice, I’m down with that but I don’t know what kind of crazy shit she has been smoking. It must be that messed up salvia stuff. SmokesAlot tried that shit once and everything turned into lego blocks and they started to move like they were on a belt, screw that shit.

    For all you haters Anaida really does care about birds. You can’t see it in the video but her hair is really a nest housing a family of endangered Red Breasted Tittysuckle. She loves birds just doesn’t what dirty old men watching the act of bird love.

    Harrison is also right about bird porn leading to bestiality and crack. Just the other day I say a homeless man fucking his dog holding a sign that said “why shit ya need money for bird porn and crack”. They are doing this in the open people.

  430. Smoking hot Bird Porn Says:

    LOL. you people that think this crap is real and that actually believe that these people get off on Bird Porn, are retarded. Can’t you people read the sarcazm that others are posting? For this to be a law just shows that there are too many dumbass people on this earth and that they need to get a life!!! There are more important things going on in the world!

    And as for the people that actually do crap to chickens and do get off on this crap, well, let’s just say this. I support you, do what you want, keep smoking your crack, shooting your dope and getting off on what ever bird you get off on! Just know that if i ever actually meet someone like you, I’m honetsly just going to probably, hit you with with an object that hopefully knocks sense into you! Maybe you will realize that you have to be pretty f**ked in the head to actually want to get off on such stupid crap.

    WOW… Just WOW. Now peeps i gotta roll out and drink, beat my wife and “Get off” on some jello on chocolate porn. Or is that illigal too? LOL

  431. Nathan Says:

    The birds like it. Sometimes it looks like they’re winking at me.

  432. Susanne Says:

    Ike has recently hit the Texas coast. There is nothing but need and devastation left. Please take the money you are using to print these absolutely insane flyers – and the time and money you waste on travel and put it to good use. Help someone who really needs it. Be wise with your time. Give the money to the American Red Cross to use for others.

  433. Ian Says:

    not only do you make outlandish claims in terms of this topic… but I have called AND emailed you in regards for this issue.

    For a supposed organization you guys sure are lousy at picking up the phone, returning phone calls or even responding via email

    I am sure this is a joke in terms of how serious you are in this fight.

    Pick a better subject, because bird porn is for the birds.

  434. Drod Says:

    I would pearsonally love to stomp the peace of shit motherfuckers ass who put that flower on my truck the other night you people have nothing better to do I am a hunter a consumer of the flesh 90% of the food i eat is from wildlife thats how i was raised i do my damnist as a AMERICAN citzen to mind my own buisness but people like you keep naging shit on so therfor mind your own fucking buisness so what if birds like to fuck out in public its not a crime for people to watch for you dumbass people that dont know its called mother nature thats the way god intended so therfor once again until you people find something better to do with your life keep your comments and your flowers to yourself please

  435. BIRDFUCKER Says:

    You must be cazy if you think I`ll stop fucking chickens.

  436. Offended Says:

    my grandparents watch birds, does that make them perverts?
    you’re stupid.
    some people actually watch birds because wildlife fascinates them and they want to learn about it.
    if you’re going to accuse people of birdwatching for perverse reasons, don’t target the elderly only.
    Target everyone.

    stupid fucks.

  437. longtimebirder Says:

    This is not nearly as funny as the group that existed in the fifties and early sixties called the society for indency to naked animals or something like that SINA- it was a scream and had all these pictures of horses and other animals in clothing… unfortunately you’re not quite up to their level. Here is the Wikipedia entry about them. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Society_for_Indecency_to_Naked_Animals

  438. Ron Says:

    WOW !!

    You are crazy
    You need to see your Doctor immediately
    You need a new prescription Or a new treatment this one is
    definitely not working .

    Good Luck

  439. Nate Heathe Says:

    i wish i had this much free time on my hands…………i think i may start a stupid cause. like………against children who abuse thier stuffed animals. stuffed animals have rights too!. haha

  440. Offended Says:

    as on eperson commented above:

    “You know that mating of birds lasts for about 2 seconds (or less depending on species) which is little less than it takes from anybody to get aroused about it. So this is a joke.”

  441. Dingo Says:

    I wonder if we are approaching this problem from the wrong angle. The best way to prevent perversion is remove the source. While it is hard to control human behavior, it is relatively easy to control the bird population. If we simply eliminate all the birds in our local area the problem will be solved. Of course we have to get everyone involved, so the bird voyeurs will not have somewhere else to go.

  442. MC SmokesAlot Says:

    Wow DickRod, I’m assuming that’s what the D is for chill out. I get born again Christians leaving tracts on my car all the time and I don’t want to kick anybodies ass over it. I’m sure you drive a big monster truck with McCain-Palin ’08 sticker (maybe even and old Bush ’04 sticker), confederate flag sticker and/or front plate, NRA sticker, a gun rack (what hillbilly wouldn’t have one of them) and at least a case worth of PBR or Natural Light, maybe even Busch cans rolling around the bed. I would also guess you lost you virginity at 12 to your cousin behind the barn and you enjoyed it but you weren’t sure if your butt-hole should be a hurten like dat. If you really want to “do my damnist as a AMERICAN citzen to mind my own buisness”, Then ignore the flower. I know what fucking ass-holes a flower what a “peace” of shit, I know what a piece of shit is but please I’m dying to know what a “peace” of shit is. If you want to be left alone then shut your spray paint huffing ignorant redneck mouth. Also “I am a hunter a consumer of the flesh 90% of the food i eat is from wildlife thats how i was raised” hmmm hmmm good, do you know why normal people eat beef and chicken? Because game meat tastes like shit and you can tell me I’m full of shit or a “peace” of shit even but if your not inbred it tastes like shit. We also don’t like sitting in a fucking blind at 4a.m. with 6 other dudes holding each other to “stay warm”. I don’t know why you pissed me of so much, I guess I’m just sick of rednecks saying they want to be left alone when they do there best to get in your face and ALWAYS threaten physical violence. I guess the violence is kind of like the big truck its just to make up for the 2 inch penis.

  443. ARealWildlifeEnthusiast Says:

    I’m still not entirely sure if the premise of this website is a joke, but i see that the comments section is. First of all, I really don’t believe that bird voyeurism is an actual dangerous problem in the world, and i also find it hard to believe that anybody would waste the resources to create a campaign to fight it. As for the people who have claimed that birds want privacy… What? I mean, I’m against keeping birds in small cages but come on folks, these are wild creatures and to pretend that they have the same emotional desires as humans is reaching a little too far for meaning. I’m not saying that I don’t believe animals can feel fear or loyalty, this much is undeniable, but they surely do not worry about wether a human is watching. Also, as a hunter, i hope that MC Smokesalot (wonderful name, btw) can learn that ignorant rednecks like the DROD do NOT make up the majority of hunters and wildlife lovers. I also hope that people like him realize what a vital role hunters play in the environmental community. Do you know what animal kills the most people in America? More than bears, cougars, wolves or snakes? Deer. Car accidents involving deer are a result of gross overpopulation of whitetail and Rocky Mountain mule deer. Literally the ONLY method of reducing deer-related vehicle fatalities is through population control (hunting). What’s more, the only reason you out-of-touch city folk can afford to eat cows and chickens (which live horrible lives compared to game animals) is because we harvested food for you while you learned to do whatever it is you do in that office building or fast food shop. Game only tastes poorly when it is prepared incorrectly. Cutting a deer the same way you would cut a cow smears bone marrow across the meat, which causes that gamey taste. Also, game meat such as venison and foul has almost no sub-cutaneous fat marbling as in beef, and meat from the largest buffalo has less cholesterol than even chicken. As for sitting in a blind at 4 AM, I only hope you can imagine being so in tune with the REAL world around you, the world that will last long after the concrete and steel we pollute it with has crumbled and disappeared.

  444. ARealWildlifeEnthusiast Says:

    Also, birds in general are not going extinct because some old man is getting off watching them. Birds go extinct because we cut down trees, their living, breathing homes to put up cold, dead concrete in their place.

  445. ARealWildlifeEnthusiast Says:

    I also forgot to mention that even hunters who hunt for trophies are conservation minded and concerned for their neighbors. Most hunters who cannot eat all the game that they take donate to various Hunters for the Hungry-like organizations that have provided hundreds of thousands of pounds of high quality protein to shelters, soup kitchens, and the like nationwide.

  446. Phil Says:

    This is a joke but it’s funny to read the angry posts. The world is full of idiots.

  447. JennyKitten Says:

    Awesome, finding this site just made my day! Umm, I mean..down with Brid Porn…sick bastardos! ;)-

  448. BirdLover69 Says:

    how do u know the birds don’t like to be watched?
    id pay to see some sexy birds screw

  449. MC SmokesAlot Says:

    Wildlife guy I never said I have a problem with hunters just dumb rednecks. I still don’t know about the venison I have only tried it once but I did not like it. I have had buffalo meat and damn it is good. Fuck to be honest I wasn’t expecting a comment from anybody with a brain, so you left me at a loss for words.

    So now back to bird sex I just found that ducks sometimes rape other ducks. Now I’m more on the hunters side then ever, I say blast these feathered little sexual predators. I recall Dingo had a kill them all and let big bird (that’s the birds god) sort’em out plan for this problem as well, I think he is on to something. You know what I’m just going to rape ducks from now on, that will teach those fucks. You shoot them they are dead, you rape them then there most likely dead after, but you got to rape them first. Can you picture this some dirty old man is watching ducks raping each other and I jump out the bushes making a meat filled mallardsicle, that’l teach those bird porners.

  450. Robert Hewitt Says:


    It is typically Mallards, not all ducks that commit rape. Also the real participants of this hobby refer to themselves as birders.

    This ridiculous rant really deserves no more of my time I can’t believe that this country has so many f…g idiots

  451. Von Says:

    we got to stop this guys. this is serious stuff

  452. Chris Brewer Says:

    “I’m sure there is at least one person out there who is living the bird porn dream right now.”

    If there was only ONE person watching birds mate, it might not be a societal problem.

    As you can see from the top of this page, however, there are MANY of these perverts out there.

    Problems don’t go away by ignoring them, people!
    Pretend they don’t exist and they WILL multiply.

  453. Jordan Says:

    u guys are all ridiculous there is absolutely nothing wrong with people wacking off to the site of birds especially if they do it in the privacy of their own homes or in secluded places in the woulds out of the public’s site. if they’re are not actually raping the birds they are not harming them in any way, nor are they harming any other humans. u people should be worrying about the people who actually take advantage of animals. u were obviously just bored and had to get mad at someone for nothing stupid cunts

  454. Extrinsic Says:

    Ahahahaha, shit this is so funny. Man, any other bird-o-philes should check out http://www.eroticfalconry.com. I know it turns me on.

  455. MC SmokesAlot Says:

    I told you ducks are sick http://www.guardian.co.uk/education/2005/mar/08/highereducation.research . I can’t make this shit up people.

  456. MC SmokesAlot Says:

    I have to thank Extrinsic for introducing me to falcons so HOT!!! The razor sharp beaks and talons add a bit of danger to your love life and you can train them to kill other birds mid screw, that’ll stop the birders.

  457. dbag Says:

    You know what really bugs me? All those sick little kids watching Big Bird right now….

  458. roger Says:

    you are kidding, right??? with all the problems in the world, you guys are actually SPENDING MONEY on this incredibly ridiculous “problem”. NO WONDER WE ARE GOING DOWN THE TUBES. Get a life, or get some binoculars and go birding…..

  459. Jen Says:

    Support a real issue! How about conserving habitat for these birds, not just prosecuting the people who enjoy watching them. Defend the birds by defending their habitat against developers and destruction.

  460. owlboy Says:

    you guys crack me up.

  461. Birdwatcher Says:

    You guys ought to find something better to do instead of wasting your time here misinforming the public. Maybe you guys should take up birdwatching and learn something about nature! Birdwatchers I know are a bunch of sensible, conservationist naturalists who love to look at birds. They don’t harm them in any way. For your information birds only mate in the spring for a few months, but birdwatchers go out to admire birds ALL YEAR LONG.
    I have never heard of people getting off to bird sex, but really, would you rather have the few individual perverts get off by watching your children playing at the park or your grandma taking a shower?
    All your lameness aside – It’s PERFECTLY FINE to study sexual behavior. Scientists study sexual behavior in all types of creatures, these are studies funded by the government. Are you saying that the GOVERNMENT and SCIENCE are also perverted? It’s necessary biology.
    If people were all stupid like you guys, we wouldn’t know anything about nature and there’d be no advancements in medicine.
    I advise y’all to put your efforts in a place more meaningful.

  462. What the...? Says:

    Ok, really? There is nothing wrong with looking at and appreciating God’s creation. Is there a protest group of birds who say “Stop People Porn”? Do you honestly believe that people who watch birds are horny bastards who get off on it? Do people who look at flowers and take pictures of the ocean getting off on that too? Train and automobile enthusiests? There are more important things that people need to be worrying themselves about so-called “bird porn”. You are wasting your time!!! You have absoutly no grasp on reality. Get a life and get back on your meds because you are clearly off your rocker

  463. Extinction? Says:

    What a waste of people’s time. You are never going to get attention for this on the Web. Any journalist or blogger with half a brain cell can see what you’re doing here. And also, what does voyeurism have to do with bird extinction? You don’t even have enough here to write an op-ed article if you were serious. Now the “Save the Pacific Northwest Tree Octopus” campaign, that’s a good faux site.

  464. Anna Dove Says:

    Please take action so birds can be free. If you think birds in the wild are being spied on, imagine life inside a cage where they can’t get out from under prying and snooping eyes.

    ACT BEFORE 10/18 – No Paradise For Breeding Birds

    Speakers Flock to World’s Largest Bird Store While Breeding Birds Languish
    On October 18 and 19, 2008. Bird Paradise, the self-proclaimed “world’s
    largest bird store,” will host its fifth annual “Parrot Palooza” featuring
    professionals from the bird trade including Dr. Irene Pepperburg, Sally
    Blanchard, Lara Joseph and Madeleine Franco. SEE SUMMARY AFTER SAMPLE LETTER

    1. Are you in the New Jersey area? Join us on Saturday, October 11, 2008 for a
    peaceful demonstration in front of the Bird Paradise store.
    WHAT: Peaceful Demonstration against Bird Paradise
    WHEN: Saturday, October 11, 2008 from 2:30 pm – 4:30 pm
    WHERE: Public right of way in front of Bird Paradise, 551 E Rt. 130 S, Burlington, NJ 08016
    CONTACT: Rowan Morrison, 610-733-1248, boycottbirdparadise@gmail.com

    2. Letters and calls needed ASAP to the speakers and promoters asking for
    their help to prevent the continued suffering and exploitation of birds.
    These speakers and bird advocacy groups should be working to help birds, not
    increase the profits of one of the worst exploiters.

    ph: 970-278-0233 / email: staff@companionparrot.com

    ph: 419-360-1234 / email: pickyparrot@buckeye-express.com

    email: madfranco@aol.com

    ph: 781-736-2195 or 617-295-4852
    email: impepper@wjh.harvard.edu , imp16@brandeis.edu , alex@alexfoundation.org

    Arcadia Bird Sanctuary and Educational Center
    P.O. Box 548 / Freehold NJ 07728
    ph: 732-995-8562 / email: ArcadiaBirds@aol.com

    The Bailey Foundation
    P.O. Box 2122 / Boothwyn, PA 19061
    ph: 484-882-0101 / email: jlevine@bailey-foundation.org

    Chester County Bird Club
    P.O. Box 1025 / Frazer, PA 19355
    email: info@ccbirdclub.com

    Companion Bird Club of Delaware Valley
    P.O. Box 167 / Hawley PA 18428
    ph: 570-470-0034 / email: birdclubdv@yahoo.com

    Jojo the Grey Adoption and Rescue for All Birds, Inc.
    ph: 610-713-0304 / email: jojothegrey@yahoo.com

    Long Island Parrot Society
    P.O. Box 2754 / North Babylon, NY 11703
    ph: 631- 957-1100 / email: info@liparrotsociety.org

    ArcadiaBirds@aol.com , jlevine@bailey-foundation.org , info@ccbirdclub.com ,
    birdclubdv@yahoo.com , jojothegrey@yahoo.com , info@liparrotsociety.org ,
    staff@companionparrot.com , pickyparrot@buckeye-express.com ,
    madfranco@aol.com , impepper@wjh.harvard.edu , imp16@brandeis.edu ,


    I am disturbed to learn that you are supporting the Parrot Palooza at Bird
    Paradise. As shown in the store’s own promotional video, Bird Paradise
    obtains birds from a breeding facility in south Florida where the birds are
    confined in small wire cages devoid of any toys or other enrichment.

    For many of the birds, the sole furnishing in the cages is a perch
    inappropriate for their species. Because the eggs are hatched in the
    artificial environment of an incubator, the parents are deprived of
    expressing their natural nesting and parenting instincts; instead, they are
    confined to the same wire cages to breed over and over, supplying Bird
    Paradise with thousands of birds for sale each year.

    I am also concerned about your support of any store selling birds at a time
    when so many birds desperately need homes. Please ask Bird Paradise to
    discontinue the sale of birds and promote adoption instead.

    Thank you,
    Name / City, Country / E-mail


    Birds, especially parrots, are becoming the world’s fastest growing unwanted
    pet. These complex animals require attention and care that few people are
    prepared to provide, and many times unsuspecting owners who can no longer
    handle the loud, active creatures will simply ditch them or store them in a
    dark basement or garage.

    Studies show that wild birds spend 30% of their time flying just for fun.
    Most captive birds never get a chance to fly, or fly only a few yards. Bird
    Paradise operates a bird store in southern New Jersey offering thousands of
    birds for sale along with a wide assortment of cages, toys and food.

    On Bird Paradise’s infomercial (2008), a visit is made to a Florida breeding
    facility where many of the birds sold by Bird Paradise are born. While
    watching the infomercial you will make some disturbing observations. Among
    other things, the breeder birds housed at the facility are kept in barren
    cages devoid of any of the multitude of toys for sale at Bird Paradise’s own
    store. Captive birds need enrichment, such as toys and out of cage time, to
    remain as physically and emotionally healthy as possible in captivity.

    It also appears that the perches provided for some of the breeder birds are
    an inappropriate diameter measurement for their foot size. In order to avoid
    serious captivity-related foot problems, it is important to offer a variety
    of perch types and sizes appropriate for their foot size.

    Another problem at the facility is the artificial environment in which the
    eggs are hatched. Apparently some of the eggs are taken immediately from the
    parents and placed in an incubator. This is very stressful for the adult
    birds and baby birds alike. And despite the thousands of birds confined at
    the facility, only one employee is shown during the entire video. This
    raises concerns about a possible lack of individual attention for the birds,
    whose lives appear to be limited to a cage, nesting box and perch.

    Reference: http://www.boycottbirdparadise.com

  465. Anna Dove Says:

    Please take action so birds can be free. If you think birds in the wild are being spied on, imagine life inside a cage where they can’t get out from under prying and snooping eyes.

    ACT BEFORE 10/18 – No Paradise For Breeding Birds

    Speakers Flock to World’s Largest Bird Store While Breeding Birds Languish
    On October 18 and 19, 2008. Bird Paradise, the self-proclaimed “world’s
    largest bird store,” will host its fifth annual “Parrot Palooza” featuring
    professionals from the bird trade including Dr. Irene Pepperburg, Sally
    Blanchard, Lara Joseph and Madeleine Franco. SEE SUMMARY AFTER SAMPLE LETTER

    1. Are you in the New Jersey area? Join us on Saturday, October 11, 2008 for a
    peaceful demonstration in front of the Bird Paradise store.
    WHAT: Peaceful Demonstration against Bird Paradise
    WHEN: Saturday, October 11, 2008 from 2:30 pm – 4:30 pm
    WHERE: Public right of way in front of Bird Paradise, 551 E Rt. 130 S, Burlington, NJ 08016
    CONTACT: Rowan Morrison, 610-733-1248, boycottbirdparadise@gmail.com

    2. Letters and calls needed ASAP to the speakers and promoters asking for
    their help to prevent the continued suffering and exploitation of birds.
    These speakers and bird advocacy groups should be working to help birds, not
    increase the profits of one of the worst exploiters.

    ph: 970-278-0233 / email: staff@companionparrot.com

    ph: 419-360-1234 / email: pickyparrot@buckeye-express.com

    email: madfranco@aol.com

    ph: 781-736-2195 or 617-295-4852
    email: impepper@wjh.harvard.edu , imp16@brandeis.edu , alex@alexfoundation.org

    Arcadia Bird Sanctuary and Educational Center
    P.O. Box 548 / Freehold NJ 07728
    ph: 732-995-8562 / email: ArcadiaBirds@aol.com

    The Bailey Foundation
    P.O. Box 2122 / Boothwyn, PA 19061
    ph: 484-882-0101 / email: jlevine@bailey-foundation.org

    Chester County Bird Club
    P.O. Box 1025 / Frazer, PA 19355
    email: info@ccbirdclub.com

    Companion Bird Club of Delaware Valley
    P.O. Box 167 / Hawley PA 18428
    ph: 570-470-0034 / email: birdclubdv@yahoo.com

    Jojo the Grey Adoption and Rescue for All Birds, Inc.
    ph: 610-713-0304 / email: jojothegrey@yahoo.com

    Long Island Parrot Society
    P.O. Box 2754 / North Babylon, NY 11703
    ph: 631- 957-1100 / email: info@liparrotsociety.org

    ArcadiaBirds@aol.com , jlevine@bailey-foundation.org , info@ccbirdclub.com ,
    birdclubdv@yahoo.com , jojothegrey@yahoo.com , info@liparrotsociety.org ,
    staff@companionparrot.com , pickyparrot@buckeye-express.com ,
    madfranco@aol.com , impepper@wjh.harvard.edu , imp16@brandeis.edu ,


    I am disturbed to learn that you are supporting the Parrot Palooza at Bird
    Paradise. As shown in the store’s own promotional video, Bird Paradise
    obtains birds from a breeding facility in south Florida where the birds are
    confined in small wire cages devoid of any toys or other enrichment.

    For many of the birds, the sole furnishing in the cages is a perch
    inappropriate for their species. Because the eggs are hatched in the
    artificial environment of an incubator, the parents are deprived of
    expressing their natural nesting and parenting instincts; instead, they are
    confined to the same wire cages to breed over and over, supplying Bird
    Paradise with thousands of birds for sale each year.

    I am also concerned about your support of any store selling birds at a time
    when so many birds desperately need homes. Please ask Bird Paradise to
    discontinue the sale of birds and promote adoption instead.

    Thank you,
    Name / City, Country / E-mail


    Birds, especially parrots, are becoming the world’s fastest growing unwanted
    pet. These complex animals require attention and care that few people are
    prepared to provide, and many times unsuspecting owners who can no longer
    handle the loud, active creatures will simply ditch them or store them in a
    dark basement or garage.

    Studies show that wild birds spend 30% of their time flying just for fun.
    Most captive birds never get a chance to fly, or fly only a few yards. Bird
    Paradise operates a bird store in southern New Jersey offering thousands of
    birds for sale along with a wide assortment of cages, toys and food.

    On Bird Paradise’s infomercial (2008), a visit is made to a Florida breeding
    facility where many of the birds sold by Bird Paradise are born. While
    watching the infomercial you will make some disturbing observations. Among
    other things, the breeder birds housed at the facility are kept in barren
    cages devoid of any of the multitude of toys for sale at Bird Paradise’s own
    store. Captive birds need enrichment, such as toys and out of cage time, to
    remain as physically and emotionally healthy as possible in captivity.

    It also appears that the perches provided for some of the breeder birds are
    an inappropriate diameter measurement for their foot size. In order to avoid
    serious captivity-related foot problems, it is important to offer a variety
    of perch types and sizes appropriate for their foot size.

    Another problem at the facility is the artificial environment in which the
    eggs are hatched. Apparently some of the eggs are taken immediately from the
    parents and placed in an incubator. This is very stressful for the adult
    birds and baby birds alike. And despite the thousands of birds confined at
    the facility, only one employee is shown during the entire video. This
    raises concerns about a possible lack of individual attention for the birds,
    whose lives appear to be limited to a cage, nesting box and perch.

    Reference: http://www.boycottbirdparadise.com

  466. Paola Says:

    This is a ridiculous website. By stating that bird-watching is bird porn makes you obviously mistaken. You seem to forget that the “extinct” birds you are talking about are actually still ALIVE because the bird perverts that you are accusing, take the necessary precautions for that bird species to remain alive. This happens because of facilitating their mating patterns and habitats.

    So check yourself and the preposterous acusations you make. Have a wonderful and insightful day.

  467. MILKSHAKE Says:

    No offense to you guys
    but there’s plenty more productive things you can be doing to help animals
    this is nothing compared to what we do to dairy cows, chickens, pigs, horses, and so many more animals.
    How about killing animals for fur do you care about that?
    Don’t even get me started on the other problems we need to deal with before this.
    It’s great that you care about this
    It is ridiculous that you’ve put it above other problems in America.

    I mean if they aren’t hurting the birds
    what right do we really have to tell them to stop?
    People have a right to be turned on by whatever the hell they want to be turned on by.

  468. david Says:

    This web site misses the real outrage; birds watching people making love.

    Can anyone deny that birds peep?

    I am setting up a competing site called stopbirdpornography.org.

    Stay tuned.


  469. MC SmokesAlot Says:

    Before I drop some bird faqs on you, give you the 101 on the 10 piece bucket that is the Capercaillie, I have a question. I have to ask you Anadia are you taking this bird porn stuff fully world wide? The thing is our bird friend the Capercaillie is Scottish much like actor Sean Connery, Anadia you are a New Yorker like Biggie was, so that means like you would have to change Scottish law, that is why I ask. As for where I’m from if anyone cares, SmokesAlots kind of like a Ninja I just kind of pop up in a cloud kush smoke to save the day and raid your fridge and fuck your mom and/or sister, you know basic super hero shit.

    The Capercaillie (Tetrao urogallus) is a very fine ass species of bird and it would be a shame for it to go extinct. The Capercaillies main problem is destruction of there habitat not people watching them screw, that being said they do have a complex mating ritual. Emm Hmm Hm, let us begin, The cock postures himself, with an erect hard neck, beak pointed skyward in a fine display of birdhood, wings spread, he starts make these fucked up noises right, there are four parts to it see tapping, drum roll, cork pop and gurgling 😉 or wheezing. The hens, ready to get mounted, crouch and utter a begging sound. That’s right they beg for that cock. The Alpha-Cock (I did not make that up fuckers) screws all the hens and it don’t matter if a boys even done, where talken DP yo. When they get thay’r bird grove on Capercaillies don’t like people all up in there grill even single human observers may cause the hens to fly off and leaving all blue-bird-balled in this very short time span where they are ready for conception. So Anadia is sort of right about this one Scottish bird, that being said humans taking this birds land is it’s main problem. Fuck I need a bong hit, class dismissed.

  470. Susan C. Says:

    I just called the police to get a group of bird watching perverts off my property. They are really disgusting with their little spyglasses and binoculars. I asked one of the perverts what the hell he was looking at through his binoculars and he couldn’t tell me. If these bird watchers ever step foot on my property again then I won’t call the police. I’ll just release the hounds on them. I want to thank the Good Conduct Society and Stop Bird Porn for bringing this problem to everyone’s attention.

  471. BS Says:

    You are all insane, thats all i need to say, im gonna go eat some extra crispy KFC while I butt fuck the fruit loops bird

  472. MC SmokesAlot Says:

    WTF did Toucan Sam ever do to you BS! He has brought joy to countless children through high sugar breakfast cereals and 15g of sugar per serving is not do cause for anal rape. Do you realize that Toucan Sam is 45? The average life span of a toucan is 20, Sam is 2 1/2 times that (I did that in my head yo!) and that’s like old bird. I don’t know if a 45 year old bird can take that kind of a ass pounding. If he was like 5 (that’s like legal in toucan years) then I would say have at it but at 45 leave our cereal shilling, fucked up tongue having, big rainbow beaked friend alone.

  473. mike oxard Says:

    its about time someone stood against these voyeurs, stood there with binoculars, why can’t they leave people who really love birds alone. I love chickens myself, and the last thing i want, when expressing my love for chickens is someone watching me through binoculars. it was bad enough when beastiality became an illegal act, and now we have people watching us embracing our love for birds.

  474. isaac hunt Says:

    I don’t like any kind of birds, if it was down to me, i’d shoot the lot of the feathered cunts.

  475. thanos zartaloudis Says:

    i don’t know how you can be so harsh and inconsiderate about people’s feelings. My bird and i are deeply in love and have been together for 45 years. And we have never had s.e.x. our relationship is purely platonic but it is building up for some decades now towards one and only sexual marathon prior to our untimely, but well deserved, death according to you…If only we were christian perhaps we would have seen the light but our life is -thankfully- much more complicated than that.
    PS-will send pictures and feathers when we blow up!
    tsiou tsiou bang bang

  476. tami lin Says:

    Hey Thanos, have you been haing platonic sex with a dead bird? Wouls like to know if you take pictures when doing so. I think it could make a would birding performance.

  477. Beavis Says:

    You are a wacko sweetheart!!!

  478. Jim Says:

    I love it when the birds suck eachothers huge hard ons.
    mmmmm lick my butt hole mmmmmm.
    yeah…. ever wondered why its called a COCKatoo???
    the have the biggest dicks. mmmmm

  479. /b/ Says:

    i jerked off to bird porn once

  480. Sarah Palin Says:


  481. CAR RAMROD Says:


  482. Ed Says:

    Do you campaign against other acts of ‘voyeurism’ towards animals, because i can hardly believe this is only happening to birds. Actually, do you also campaign for it happening to humans? You need to be consistent with your views. You cannot simply protect the ‘helpless birds’ (which for the record, have the power of flight, and humans do not. a.k.a a smart bird would fly away…) but you must protect every species that ever is under observation. Do you campaign against zoo’s, and wildlife sanctuary’s? What about nature conserves where they try to breed animals, so that the species does not go extinct, do you complain about what they are doing?

    I do not normally speak out against others opinions, but the inconsistency in your arguments, and in your reasoning, just astounds me..

  483. Ed Says:

    To add to my last comment. On what evidence do you state the assumption that all bird watchers are doing so because they get ‘sexual aroused’. Are you seriously going to tell me that you asked all 48 million people? I also notice that you have pictures of birds on your website.. Tut Tut, thats bird porn that is. What if that poor bird did not actually want a photograph of him taken? how do we know that photo was not taken merely for your sexual gratification? Once again, shooting yourself in the foot.

  484. Reverand Sam Stillwater Says:

    I’ve read most of the postings ad nauseum. I can only wonder how the preponderence of postees ever learned to type. They certainly haven’t learned to think! Otherwise how would George II ever have managed to stay in office for two terms without impeachment? Yes, now the voters are speaking out with forked tongue and big balls. I agree we should leave the birds alone and let them have sex without a host of peeping tom lepers watching and waiting for orgasm to be achieved. Then they, the Bird Watchers can also get off. All 48 million of these perverts should be deported to Alaska and let Vice-President-to-be deal with them (incarceration would be beneficial until they have been rehabilitated from their sex addiction to birds) This is a simple solution to a very complex problem. However, life is often unfair. Just leave the birds alone!

  485. Matthew Smith Says:

    I dont really understand what your petitioning about…?! Is it a bestiality issue?! Or an issue to do with getting birds to bread successfully?

    If your worried about people jacking off to the birds doing their thing, I dare say the birds probably dont give a shit and you should stop wasting your time. If its to do with bird watchers interupting and intruding on breeding grounds, you may have a point, but as far as I was aware bird watchers are very consiencous not to disturb the birds that they are watching…or else they will fly off…and they wont be able to watch them anymore…

    The problem doesnt exist – spend your time campaigning for something more worth while

  486. juan kinghoff Says:

    hi please check my website. http://Www.i-fuck-sparrows.com

  487. João Rocha Says:

    Ok. i’m portuguese and i saw you at first in the portuguese tv show Vai tudo abaixo that interviewed you recently… At first i was curious, 2nd i was in disbelive, in 3rd it was funny… lolol… where are the criminals? who to point the finger? birdwatchers? but who specifically? or where in the united states? what species? maybe the time was short to do these kind of stuff since you had to choose between all the clothes available with the “Stop Bird Porn” banner… This doesn’t give you much credit! And what about scientific studies that proofs something about it? Weak… Sorry…

  488. MC SmokesAlot Says:

    Sam the good “Reverand” WTF does George Dubya have to do with bird porn? If you want to bring such things up the reason why Georgi has stayed in office is he stole 2 elections and it’s allot easier to impeach a president for a blow-job from a chubby intern (SmokeAlot would’ve hit it so it’s all good Bill), then for murder. I don’t know it could be my forked tongue and big balls guiding my dyslectic hands but teg a efil amS. Go out and vote November 4 if you care so much don’t post on a site about bird porn. I’ve seen pigeons fucking before does that mean I should be deported to Alaska or only if I had a hard on at the time? Because I had a throbbing erection at the time but it had nothing to do with the bird. Shit if I have to be deported (Is it deportation if it’s within the same country?) Sarah Palin can take care of me alright 😉 rehabilitate me the right way son. Be the vice-presidential slave, incarcerated in the love dungeon. Her husband is some dude named Tod for God sakes, she’s like “O yes Tawd fwuk me hawdah”. Move over Tawd SmokesAlot is moving into the were ever the fuck it the VP lives and then the white house. The white house son, after McCain tries to engage the Vietnamese embassador in hand to hand combat in the middle of a meeting/flashback and is put in an old folks home or back in the senate, I’ll be in the white house yo.

    Peeping Tom lepers? I would like to meet a peeping Tom with leprosy, he goes to jerk it and rips his own dick off. Does this mean that these birdophille are also fucking armadillos? If so that explains the leprosy. I’m dying to know how they do it? Sleep with armadillo that is. Armadillos are armor plated and getting your penis in one… that might be a challenge, but were there is a will, there is a way, I guess. Anaida take this post as a tip and look into the armadillo abuse these sick fucks are perpetrating, on our platted, diseased animal friends. Stop Armadillo Porn Now!

  489. saiful Says:

    you dumb bitch shut the fuk up u chat ber shit u stupid sad lo life whore

  490. juan kinghoff Says:

    check out my new web page




  491. Will Bird Secks Says:

    I’m moist even at the sight of them.

  492. CoSa Says:

    F*ck off with your protestations, we live in a free country!!!

    Whatever, you don’t seem to pose any treat to our activity since no one is taking this seriously…

  493. PJ Says:

    your mission = waste of a life.
    Try and do something more meaningful with your time on earth..
    e.g. stop de-forestation, stop illegal wild bird trade, stop illegal bird slaughter in Malta.


  494. Tomás Says:

    dear keepers,
    i saw this organization in the portuguese Tv, and really, i couldn’t believe it…. of course, you are wright, they (our birds) need to be defended, and also their intimissi…

  495. Jack Sparrow Says:

    i just bought myself 2 parrots! now i can enjoy the pleasures of bird pornography in the safety of my own home without you pricks interfering in my sex life! have a nice day

  496. Abdurahman Jafar Says:

    my father has budgies in a cage – is this sex slavery?

  497. Hannah Schresomething Says:

    What’s so wrong with it huh?? I watch birds at it all the time and they seem to perform even better, it’s as if they like it. No but seriously, birds are the only creatures which have survived the era of the dinosaur, they are possibly the eldest and strongest species alive today, even more so than humans.. I’m sure that people watching some ‘bird lovin’ won’t destroy these beautiful flying creatures as we know them. But hey, knock yourselves out, I’m sure your campaign will be most successful and I wish you best wishes for the future.

  498. Obama Says:

    I love to see birdies having sex.
    But turtles really turn me on, i want to eat a turtlle.
    this is very stupid, why to forbid bird porn ?
    Everyone loves to see birds fucking.

  499. Obama Says:


  500. birds a foder Says:

    Os passaros tao fodidos da vida com essa gente, nem podem foder em paz k sao logo apanhados por velhos sem tesao!

  501. Juan Kinghoff Says:

    If that ugly chick in all the videos, dressed up as a great crested Grebe, I might nail her.

  502. Spatzi Says:

    Hey folks! I also love to watch the german “Rosettensittich” while having sex, ’cause he seems to be the most enjoying and passionated bird, ever.
    Best watched position: Ass-nailed by a wicked crow giving him hell.
    Oh I must go now, my snake wants to be choked out in the woods.

  503. Fuck bird Fuck Says:


  504. MC SmokesAlot Says:

    “Eu vejo que é Portugal dia foram de todos nós a pretensão de ser Português, por isso, permitam Smoky até você os meninos e meninas um pouco de história. Havia uma pesada maconha e usuário grande herói / ninja, uma mulher chamada Anaida Krok (que algum dia atrasado julho passado ela parou de falar ABILIFY ® (aripiprazol)) e iniciou um site sobre aves pornô. Smoky (que era na época alta) estava à procura de algo para fazer on-line e descobriram Miss Krok’s website. Smoky pensava \”vou publicá-la poderia ser divertido\” pouco ele sabia que ela iria se tornar um hábito compulsivo e que ele seria postar cada vez que ele não tinha nada melhor para fazer. Fuck ya Preciso de vida que eu sei, Eh … Eu quis dizer que não me Smoky nosso herói. Smoky Resíduos sua vida só para você experimentar e fazer as pessoas rirem, mesmo que seja para ele e se não rir ele tenha chateado com eles e isso é quase tão divertido. A maioria dos sites teria por agora banida Smoky, mas sobre StopBirdPorn.org Smoky pode discurso retórico para o mesmo ponto que ele é como se \”mano cala a boca\”. Boa noite meninos e meninas.”

  505. MC SmokesAlot Says:

    M to the C to the… Fuck were was I? That’s right, Tha Mutha Fucken Real O.G. SmokesAlot (Kush, Kush), is back from his trip to Portugal yo it was tight like a pigeon you know what I’m saying ;). I used my super-secret-ninja-stoner kush-cloud-teleportation-in-you-face-son-device-A-zazation, so I could learn Português in Portugal son. Yo G got some mad bird porn up in that hizzouse too. Birds just fucked in the trees right in front of me, a G don’t know if he should jerk off or snap some pics know wha I’m sayin playa.

  506. Rambaldi Says:

    You (Anaida Krok) are probably the only pervert here! Only a disturbed mind could conceive such a concept and assumed others have such intentions for birds.

  507. John Smith Says:

    I masturbate while looking at my birds making love in their cage. So what?

  508. Fotobirder Says:

    Hei woman!!

    Deves ter falta de peso!

    Don’t fuck my business, i take photos of birds having sex, the perverts pay me vary well.

    Do you want to see nice moments?

  509. beep beep Says:

    coyote is such a dirty bastard… he always tries to eat me!

  510. John Smith Says:

    I like when the birdies sit in front of my house and show their little asses in my direction.


  511. John Smith Says:

    Rambaldi Says:
    October 28, 2008 at 10:55 am

    You (Anaida Krok) are probably the only pervert here! Only a disturbed mind could conceive such a concept and assumed others have such intentions for birds.

    out of the question….

  512. Paulo VC Says:

    Girl, I’ve seen you in the portuguese television.
    Regards from Portugal
    Paulo VC

  513. O'Neill Says:

    How much heroin are you guys pumping through your veins, for crying out loud??? Get some sex yourselves and leave birdwatchers in peace!

  514. OMGYouareAllCrazy Says:

    the only prevert here is who created this site and who support this joke… this is sad! HELLOOO YOU SUCKERS! THERE ARE PEOPLE DYING OF HUNGER.
    and this is nothing to do with PETA, because PETA does something to help animals and they don’t make jokes with them.

  515. James Says:

    After this the government will be outlawing the ownership of binoculars and/or passing legislation to force people to get a licence, depending on medical examinations and god-knows-what-else that would require paying some tax, in order to practice birdwatching…

    What an insane world…

  516. high on crack Says:

    what about the children in Africa that cant defend themselfs to?

    do you care about them? their humans…

    of course you dont, cause your high on crack, bitch.

    i hope your birds die. all of them.

    fuck the birds

  517. Marlene Smith Says:

    I am deeply disturbed by this website. I’ve been watching birds in the bush for several decades. I am a practicing psychologist in Atlanta with many clients who are also bird watchers. They are REALLY DISTURBED. Why? Because they fantasize their sexual perversions vicariously watching birds fornicate!!! MY heart and soul (and pocketbook if desired) are offered to Anaida Krok and her Good Conduct Society. May she prosper and prevail to end the unforgiveable practice of perverts watching birds. Shame on you!!!

  518. ha ha Says:

    this is a bad college thesis or someone mentally deranged to a point of no return. there is no legitimacy behind the argument, nor is there a way to stop people from freedom of movement and observation. What is ILLEGAL however, is the stickers that are being used in this movement to deface New York City property

  519. Sue Tee Says:

    I’m not sure I understand. I support your belief in protecting birds and wildlife. But I am not sure how the activities of birdwatchers hurts the birds themselves. Yes, I can understand how other people might be offended by such activity if they were to come upoon it.

    But if people are engaging in sexual activity with one another while watching birds — how are the birds affected? Surely you’re not saying that they touch the birds? I’d really like to understand this. Thank you!

  520. stopbirdporn Says:

    Sue Tee,

    It affects those species that are sensitive to having their mating rituals interrupted. Bird watcher pervs can get very loud, disgusting and dangerous.

  521. STOP U PERVS Says:


  522. Cockadoome aka Little Red Says:

    This morning I was masturbating to my favorite episode of Woody Woodpecker when I realized, what the fuck is wrong with me? So I went to my local Wal-Mart and bought a tube of K-Y jelly and some 10×50 binoculars. After about 2.5 hours of hiking I came across a vivid red male cardinal with a hardon that was about 3 quarters the length of his body. So naturally I followed him as my penis grew and my patience decreased. Finally the little fucker came across a female robin and started fucking the shit out of her. Naturally I whipped my tallywhacker out and went to town. Just as I was about to climax I started feeling guilty because I disprove of interracial bird relations. So I would like to head up a subdivision of your organization that not only targets the sick fucks that watch this type of behavior but those God-forsaken birds that take part in it.

  523. i love bird porn Says:

    I love bird porn. is this a joke? if not i hope you fail at everything you do in life. including this.

  524. John Hayes Says:

    Hey Anaida Krok, I heard you on Sirius Radio Monday night and you have a great cause, believe me. I’ve often wondered why all those senior citizens boarded buses and took off for the woods with their binoculars. Now you have enlightened me and I have to laugh at my stupidity. Why else would people quietly watch birds in the woods if they weren’t looking for them to do a little fucking? Makes sense to me. I’ll support your campaign to Stop Bird Porn and would like to be kept informed of any activities I can participate in to end this disgusting habit of these old timers. Let them soil their pants and panties at home, but for God’s sake leave the birds alone!!!

  525. Brandi Says:

    wait. how EXACTLY are birds being affected by “bird porn”? This is ridiculous and if I saw you out on the street calling old people perverts for being bird watchers I would personally take you to court for defamation of character. Everyone and anyone is entitled to look at nature for how it really is. Their perception of it cannot be controlled or manipulated by anyone other than themselves. What a waste of time and money.

  526. MC SmokesAlot Says:

    Emm Hmm Brandi, New York Times Co. v. Sullivan, 376 U.S. 254 (1964) established the “actual malice” standard. Although originally meant for more hi profile G’s and females, you know what I’m sayin like New York Times Co. and Sullivan it hazz it’s importance in this matter, cause it says that it would have to be provin inz a mutha fucken court of law that Anaida’s only intent in doing this is malice a.k.a. fuck those old fucks. Anaida could also bring up Hustler Magazine v. Falwell, (485 U.S. 46) as a de-fence in a court-o-law because most G’s think what Anadia say’s is to wack to be for relz yo! She might be guilty of “per se” defamation but most likely not. So legally Anaida is free to tell me what to do with my cock (hell ya), free speech ya! Anaida honey watch your cute little ass in Europe and Latin American because they do consider the kind of shit you do on the streets, getting up in peoples grills like in those pics and vids too be slander in allot of countries. Just looking out for you babe.


  527. Stan Weckl (the S-one-W) Says:

    I have a question for the proprietors of this site? What is your stance towards those Latin guys with pigeon coops, the ones who pepper the outer boroughs?

  528. Zac Says:


  529. MC SmokesAlot Says:

    Anaida look at what goes on at dinner time in Asia.

  530. Julie Morgan Says:

    Amazing that the elderly and homeless have the energy and money to watch and feed birds. For everyone’s information In New York City bird and pigeon feeding is illegal under the health laws and punishable by fine of $250.00 and/or 30 days in jail. Bird and pigeon feeding is against the law mainly because it is littering and attracts rats and dropping that cause a health hazard to people and small children. Most people don’t want to live in the filth and squalor that these bird watchers and feeders create and are accustomed to. These miscreants are breaking the law and should be reported and arrested for the mess they make. I am a strong supporter of The Good Conduct Society and their message to “LEAVE THE BIRDS ALONE”!

  531. Peter Says:

    I can agree with the subject, it makes sense that it could decrease the number of birds mating. The problem with this is not the topic being addressed it is the presentation. The first video was about the most ridiculous attempt at trying to discuss a serious topic I have ever seen. If you want to be taken serious stop acting and appearing like a heroin addict. This is not the only topic/cause I have viewed as important, but did not get involved in any way due to the childish and very unprofessional nature of the people involved. If this is such a serious thing and you belong to a group of people supporting it, why not take the time to make the presentation look professional to grab the attention of people who could raise awareness. Instead you chose to use a webcam in your living room. I will say that the video was much better than the first.

  532. Luis Says:

    You guys need to seriously get a life.

  533. Anthony Turner Says:

    I have an ecelectus parrot. Who claims he is NOT into bird porn, he states “i was just looking at it”.

    What should i do? I have noticed a deviate glint in his eye, and the feathers inbetween his legs were parted.

    Please help me, email me @ crystalmonkey68@yahoo.com.

    Thanks again,
    The victim of bird porn

  534. MC SmokesAlot Says:

    I have a bird with a simular porn additction problem he is a 8 year old Ejactelectus Parrot aka Pink-Eyed Parrot. This Parrot he got a look a Brown Spotted Shrimp Feltcher that has been posting on the internet, were talking full on spread cloaca stuff and all I can say is he lost it. He’s taken to plucking the fathers around his cloaca to make his “bulge” look bigger and I keep trying to tell him he doesn’t even have a penis but he wont listen.

    I tell you this Crystal or Anthony or what ever… I always had learned that you’ve gotten to grab those feathered fucks by the neck and choke them like a chicken, that’s the only way they learn. This damn parrot though the sick fuck liked it, how was I to know that the Ejactelectus was one of the few breeds of parrots that loves autoerotic asphyxiation. Now he goes around listening to old INXS albums and all my belts are missing and if I hear Suicide Blonde one more time I’m going to loose it.

    If anybody has any help Email me @ HaywoodJayuBlowmee@Yaahoo.com


  535. Huh? Says:

    God! Did you ran from a mental house? So many children dying in Africa from Aids, from wars, others dying in our countries because of the economy and you had to MAKE UP a cause to fight for? If you want to make a diference, do it in peoples lifes. Dont make up fake issues.

    Im sad for u

  536. snafu Says:

    Hey Huh? Are you from Ploto? Get a life dummy. All the people dying are God’s way of maintaining population control. Without our birds and other wildlife…not to mention trees and rivers…our planet will soon self=destruct. And idiots like you are going to become extinct, thank God again for population control that weeds out you undesireables. Get a life leper before you depart.

  537. Ima Confused Says:

    I am in shock that not only is the site insane, but that you allow the responses you do- why did the chicken cross the road? People talking about masturbating? You seriously need help. You must be friends with Anna Dove… You are nuts. Sorry. Spend less on a website and more on therapy.

    good luck, you need it.

  538. STFU Says:

    Hey anaida i fucked your thanksgiving turkey… i chopped off his head during… then finised… enjoy the stuffing…

  539. Zachary Nelson in Steamboat Springs, CO Says:

    Is it considered a sin for me to have sex with a bird? Can I get a battery-operated bird’s vagina? That would be most excellent. Oh yeah,



  540. hermadite Says:

    I can understand the enormous sales Prozac is undergoing, after reading a few of the above tirades. There are so many deranged in our society who express themselves through websites and blogs. It’s a blood-letter experience and provides some therapy. Otherwise they sould run rampant on the streets commiting mayhem. Why can we allow Ms. Krok and her campaign to save the birds continue without torment and scatalogical comments? I understand the problem but not the cause. Hooray for Stop Bird Porn and its campaign the save the birds from extinction!!!

  541. BiordsAreSexy Says:

    Let’s assume one watches birds mating.
    So fucking what ?

  542. ManBirdKing Says:

    Suppose my mother was a bird. Suppose she was minding her own business when a human captured her and violated her. Suppose I am the freakish half human half bird offspring of this wretched liaison. Every time I bleed, I try to squeeze out the blood of that evil rapist. Suppose I have devoted my entire life to eliminating the human race. Maybe I live in a yurt in Siberia, perhaps I live in a cave in Pakistan, or just maybe I live in Anaida Kroks un-brushed hair…
    Suppose I have completed Phase I of my master plan. Phase I may have consisted of a clandestine extraction of your ‘mind juice’ while you visited my little ‘website’. Maybe you were starting to wonder why you have begun an involuntary bird twitch. Is your nose getting longer… and harder…

  543. Juan lon Duang Says:

    So, um….this is for real? Are you serious? Are you really truly serious?

    If so, you prove just how vital it is for the intelligent masses to continue: eating meat for pleasure; testing products on animals (within reason-I’m not promoting barbarism); paying high prices for animal furs and skins in clothing and accessories; and actively working to revoke the animal “rights” movement that gives unborn puppies more protection than unborn humans, and places the “sanctity of a species” above our ability to improve as a species.

    I find it atrocious that it is even possible to form a group like this and actively do anything; it undermines what it means to do this kind of thing and brings shame and humiliation on us all. I wish the very cruelest and untimeliest of deaths upon you and your comrades, and may you kindly go to hell.

  544. MC SmokesAlot Says:

    Wow Juan that’s crazy, Smoky was into the hardcore seen in the 80’s and was in a band called Puppy Fetus. We were called that because our drummer moonlighted performing back-ally abortions on Schnauzers.

    I’m going scrape out that doggy, Oh-a-o-oh.
    Killing little unborn puppies, Wow-a-o-ho.
    pa pa pa puppy fetus (I’m coming ta scrape ya little doggy.)

    We were pro-dog-choice and we respected a bitches right to chose. Things were crazy in the 80’s, Regan took away allot of bitches rights. Now Schnauzers can go to a vet and have an abortion and not have it done in a insane punk drummers basment.

    Stopping bird porn is my new passion, just the other day I stopped a group of these sick birder fucks. I tailed them for weeks and saw were they bought the k-y they were using. I bought all the k-y in the place (told the clerk I was having a orgy) and then I returned it all later that day (told the dude the orgy was canceled on a count of AIDS), but not before I emptied out the k-y and replaced it with super-glue. I emptied out the k-y in an old kiddie-pool, called over DJ Kief and he brought some bitches (This time I’m not talking about dogs) and after we partied we went to the forest. We say like five old guys with there hands stuck to there dicks and two guys that were going to have very interesting story for there wives if ya feel me.

    Peace Out,

  545. Julie Morgan Says:

    I would like to order some of your ‘STOP BIRD PORN’ tote bags and t-shirts from your website and give them as gifts. Please tell me if you have any quantity discount prices available.

  546. MikeCav Says:

    If this IS a joke, the creators of this site are absolutely briliant.

    Let’s not forget Big Bird. Talk about sex appeal…

  547. Upset Says:

    I know people who do nothing but go out to watch tits… ALL DAY!!


  548. ben grunder Says:

    are you guys so bored?

    in my eyes you all are hypocrites. you got the biggest pron business in the world and you don’t care.

    better cry about some half naked girls on burton snowboards or birds “porn”

    hey, sexuality is natural…so open your mind and fight better things g.w.b as an example or some corrupt managers who are able to fire 20.000 ppl a day!

  549. Brian Says:

    Are you guys serious with this….So some old people watch some birds do people question you when you go out to a bar and drink with your friends. NO because its something you enjoy i really cant believe you people take this seriously why dont you spend some time with your kids maybe them themselves like birds.

  550. ben grunder Says:

    @# Big Bird Says:

    Polly want a cracker?

    Polly WANT crack! haha…i remember a very funny comic strip!

  551. LOL Says:

    hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha love the comments best site to make a person laugh, really!! I’m sure the economic crisis is just a tad more important than how the birds feel about being watching while in the act! Aren’t there humans who like being watched? I’m sure birds don’t mind either…. Now, stop making me laugh and do something constructive about the future of our economic future, or our kids wont have a future to look forward to, let alone birds to look at!!

  552. Mike Higdon Says:

    Has anyone paid attention the language of the mission? It’s a false correlation. People aren’t getting horny because of the birds; therefore, it is not bird porn (which is a laughable concept).

    It’s people pretending to be bird watchers, then having sex in the forest. Completely unrelated. I also highly doubt that sex in the woods has anything to do with decreased bird populations, another false correlation.

    It has a lot more to do with deforestation, pollution, urban sprawl, global climate change and global change/evolution. Unless that’s the point of this, though I doubt it some how.

    I’m pretty sure you guys need to do your research, not us. And stop looking at bar graphs then trying to link them together, it doesn’t work that way.

  553. MC SmokesAlot Says:

    I guess that Harvey “Birdman” Horton is the man in charge. Maybe he will let Smoky post. Anaida haz been hatin on Smoky for realz. All joking aside I’m going to “keep it real” and say that you guys really are out of your God damned minds. I had a parakeet and I don’t feel like I “kidnapped” him. In your new “law” that you people want to place on the books you want to set DOMESTICATED ANIMALS free into the wild with no clue how to take care of themselves, fucking brilliant. I know people that re-hab (nothing to do with drugs) large birds such as parrots and cockateels and they act like 3 year old children and become completely dependent upon there owner. I’m not that found of keeping large birds myself because they need constant attention and that’s not in keeping with Smoky’s life stile ya dig:). My point though, you can’t release captive birds and have it be all good. Anaida Это Америка не Россия this is America not Russia, you might be able to kick peoples doors down to search for “enslaved birds” in Mother Russia but things do not work that way in America. Also we are not going to start turning others in even for $2,000, some ass-holes will but most people think snitching out your neighbor for having a parakeet is a very fucked up thing to do. You Russians though would snitch on your mama if you need the vodka money, so I can see why you might think you can bribe us to turn in our friends and neighbors. Остановите выпить так много водочку and maybe you will see that your plans are not very well thought out. I really don’t know if your are making this crap up as you go along or if the vodka and the Chernobyl fallout has fried your brain. This is the most insane cause I have ever seen.

  554. Canadian Says:

    LOL Americans sure are dumb! Bird watching is like stamp collecting-a HOBBY, nothing more, nothing less. Give it up already. Thanks for the laugh though!

  555. Max Says:

    I’m an adament believer in animal rights (Vegetarian hoping to one day be Vegan) and even I think this is ridiculous.


    Ok guys, well, i’m sorry that u creepers feel the need to jack off to birds, i mean, come on, there’s plenty of good porn sites out there, that have girls, and guys if ur gay or whatever, and the girls have tits, no feathers, i mean, how would u get turned on to a bird who is probably (hopefully but i doubt it) smaller then ur dick. It makes me sad, i don’t even know who is serious about this. Think about it, ur watching birds mating, and u jack off to it. That is wrong on so many ways, and old people, if u do that for sexual gratification, please die already, we don’t want/need you, and neither do the birds. I’m sure if birds were humans, and humans were birds, they wouldn’t jack off to us making love, i mean, they don’t right now, so why do we do that to them. I will find anyone who seriously jacks off to birds and rip their balls off, shove them down their throat, rip their arm off, shove it up their ass, and then shoot u in ur legs, then curb stomp ur bird jacking off face, i mean, u probably want to suck a birds cock, that’s wrong, please kill urself, or have someone else kill you. Oh yeah, a good real porn website is http://www.watchhervideo.com, it might be the only way to save bird jacker offers. Peace.

  557. Mine Name Isn't Your Business Says:

    Looks like another ludicrous “point-the-finger” campaign. If you’re gonna blame extinction on bird-watchers, you’ve really got something up your butt. Personally, I think this is another idiotic way to sucker in the few that fool themselves into believing this is true into giving a non-existent group money.

    And how do you even know this bothers the bird? You quit watching your porn first. It’s disturbing the human mating ritual, because it’s preventing the couples getting in bed.

    Get off the internet and keep other peoples sexual preferences their own business. Bird porn my ass.

  558. Mine Name Isn't Your Business Says:

    By the way, your second video did no favors for your little project. You don’t recruit people by downing them. You’ve failed again.

  559. nelson Says:

    Hello I am Portuguese and saw you on TV from Portugal to say that pornography is a crime on birds and I completely agree with because the birds are similar to humans eat drink and sleep and play it until we do, and they can not defend because they are lower
    but those people who make videos which show sex of birds would also not like they did the same while think.go to show that many a great way … “Hi

  560. Lahoma VanZandt Says:

    A HOBBY you say? Just like masterbation, I suppose? Filth!! Filth!!!

  561. Marquez Says:

    Canadian…you´re so right!
    Americans are the ones really capable of everything! I don´t believe that any culture in the world would remind of anything so stupid.
    Mental healness that´s what it is.
    But i guess, we are so used to things that wouldn´t remenber to the devil, from america nation, that i don´t feel surprised, i only feel funny! eheh
    AMERICA is a comic accident always waiting to happen!! 🙂


  562. doug Says:

    viral marketing gold medal

  563. Blind Boys of Portugal Says:

    Vai tudo abaixoooooooo!!!!!!

  564. reco Says:

    is this really serious ?? am i dreamin ???

    what kind of medication are you on ?? or lacking …

    seriously …kill yourself . oxigen is getting scarce by the minute….

  565. reco Says:

    ohhh …i forgot ….really how much money are you getting from this ???

  566. reco Says:

    moderate them comments PLZZZZZZZZZZZZ

  567. reco Says:

    ohhh and about that video response …yea shure you managed to brush your hair …but PLZ …take a little time from bird porn fighting ….and get that kitchen OSRTED OUT …FFS …it looks like a pig stie …and nop human should have to live in that …… ffs!!! ..(i say again)….

  568. MC SmokesAlot Says:

    Funny how any time I criticize you people and your cause my comments start to disappear. This stop bird porn bull-shit has been going on for five months, don’t you think it’s time to end this stupid sociology experiment?

    Oh to Canadian and Marquez stfu, you guys don’t know shit. At least we Americans aren’t under the thumb of a queen who is not even fucking Canadian. I know, I know, she is just a figure head but it still makes you look like England’s bitch. Oh and your “free” health care is a fucking joke, unless you have private insurance you’ll die waiting to see a doctor. I don’t have a problem with Canada, us Americans need you for your sandpaper, cardboard, maple syrup and in California we borrow your water dropping planes during fire season. You also have some hot chicks in Canada (Sorry Anaida I’m not talking about bird porn) but that is about all you frost-backs are good for, syrup, paper products and ass.

    Marquez, that’s a Spanish surname and that means that odds are your Mexican, Salvadorian or Guatemalan. I’m not going to rip on your homeland but for fucks sakes if someone told you they would give you a ride to America you would give your left nut to take that ride and if you say no your lying through your teeth. If you want to talk shit to Americans don’t do it from a third-world country, it just make’s you look stupid.

  569. MC SmokesAlot Says:

    Also Marquez it’s called MENTAL ILLNESS and not healness. If your going to post on a English language site learn English or use a better translation website. Better yet just write it in Spanish, I understand Muy poco of the language but it’s easier to read then your English.

  570. pedro Says:

    Hello anaida, do you remember a blind journalist in New York? because it is true, and you thought he was kidding with the report. it was seen by more than 1 million Portuguese 🙂

  571. kyle Says:

    Audibon and Peterson were two of the first notable bird pornography enthusiasts. This strange ornighological sexual infatuation is immoral. And should be stopped immediately! For it is yet another vile form of beastiality. We must ensure that birds in their nests and aviaries have suitable privacy so that these Bird Porn voyeurs can’t indulge in their sick sexual pleasure. With the modern degredation of morality in our society, this atrocity of bird porn lies astride cock fighting, and in my opinion is just as damaging if not more so. Bird watchers stay home and play with yourselves! Their bizarre fetish is simply wrong.

  572. dont Says:

    omg nerds… get a live

  573. deon Says:

    this is the dumbest thing i have ever heard!are people fucking the birds?because if they are then that is aginst the law if not all 120 members need to put a sock in it!people around the world think we are joke and this is one of the reasons why!illegal imigrants cross our boarders every day,get free wealfair checks,use our emergency rooms as clinics,drive drunk and kill our law abiding citizens!thats not to mention the drug gangs and cartels that are springing up in every boarder state across the usa.your statitics are flawed and so is your message because to print this leaflet a lot of trees were killed and if i remember correctly birds live in the same trees that are bieng cut down to print this crap!get a life!!!

  574. JRNY Says:

    This website has made me realize all that much more how really fucked up this world is, especially our own nation. This is pathetic. I’m actually thinking maybe this is some sort of experiment to see how many people will actually respond. I saw the advertisement for this website on a sticker that was defacing a NYC subway car window. So here’s my input: If this is not an experiment, whoever operates this organization and this website needs to seriously get a fucking life and start focusing on a solution this worlds real problems and stop adding to them. This is bullshit. You want to fight to stop something?? Stop child molestation…stop rape… stop child pregnancies… stop internet porn… stop porn shops… stop sadistic and perverse murders. This world is completely out of control which only further compounds my belief that there is something to be said for God’s word and the fact that judgement is not terribly far off. This much thought and time put into a website is a disgraceful waste of lives that could otherwise be doing something that is of real value. Same thing goes for all of you who are proponents of this ridiculous and totally fucking ludicrous movement. Cut the shit and start trying to do something that matters. Don’t be total fucking idiots, please.

  575. george Says:

    hahahaha. another few pages of mindless trash for the internet, and here is my contibution.

    The only aspect of the website that I agree with is to stop bird watching in large groups. Birds are very sensitive and wary especially to sound and movement in their locale. Those that disturb birds for their hobbies are just being insensitive.

    That said, stopping bird watching altogether seems like an excuse to push television, or worse, money-making sport fiascos. We aren’t apart from nature and if you learn how to watch without making those retarded bird-calls and other noises… bird watching is almost meditative.

    I hope you managed to get enough feedback to finish your psych-project or whatever because this site is totally pointless, but I’ve seen worse. 🙂

  576. hermadite Says:

    Thank God for people like Anaida Krok who are protecting our fragile birds. Humans have robbed them of their air space with planes and missiles. Hunters kill them without remorse. Jet motors suck them in endanger the lives of passengers, as witnessed the recent landing in the Hudson River. But was that just an accident or an act of revenge? Maybe the black box will reveal the truth. Meantime, I hope everyone will just leave the birds alone!

  577. Ruffled Feathers Says:

    Thanks for posting these videos on your site. I’m sitting back in my computer chair, legs asunder and watching them. Do you have anything with bald eagles you can post? I’d be cool with a landing strip eagle as well. Thanks in advance!

  578. Carl Says:

    Are you kidding me… Can you please hit yourself in the head with something.. You must have nothing at all going on in your stupid miserable life..

    Someone get Anaida Krok a life… PLEASE…. And maybe a subscription to Ridlin to get that crazy under control…

  579. Ryan Says:

    This must be some kind of joke?

    Are you people serious?

    I heard this crazy lady on satellite radio I thought it was a joke, you people can not be for real, can you?


    Endicott: wtf has National Geografic to do with this?? what kind of education do you give to your kid??? i feel sorry for them!!!


    I THINK THIS IS ONLY A WAY TO PUT MONEY IN YOUR POCKETS!! You´re worst than bird porn watchers (if that exists!!).

    YOU´RE BIRD PIMPS!!!!!!!!!!!!

  581. Herbert Says:

    This type of horrid filth is ruining the nation!! It’s infecting the minds and lives of countless civilians and birds. This grotesque and unethical practice must be put to an end in order to ensure the sanctity of our lives and of our children!.

    I hereby proclaim my support for your protests. Let’s bring a stop to such a monstrosity before it is too late!

  582. fallen Says:

    With all the crap going on in todays world you people seriously want to waste time with bird watching porn? You guys are a joke, and a bad one at that. I want to quote something:

    “Unfortunately, that’s the approach many people take. It is a lot easier to find “better” things to do and ignore the problem that is impacting our society.”

    Impacting our society? You want to know where I heard about this for the first time? I heard about “bird porn” in my college humor class. I have not heard about this on the news, newspaper, hell I have not even heard anything about this in the tabloids of bad writers who talk about big foot and UFO’s. With all of the other problems in the world like the war in Iraq, Palestine and Israel, the health of the global economy, all of the millions of people that are starving and have no water, THIS is what you people waste your time with, THIS is how you choose to “better society” you are all a pack of deranged neo nazi hippies. Do something useful for your community instead of slandering and defacing something that has been a time honored tradition since Johan Kepler first invented the binoculars. You want to know why he came up with them? So he could watch and categorize new species of birds! Your al useless loons who would do better in society by feeding yourselves to the starving.

  583. tinymark Says:

    Thank the Goddess for this wonderful organization!
    After the sainted Alan Abel’s valiant effort to clothe the evil naked animals all around us this group should be supported with all the money they deserve!!


  584. Lisa Underwood Says:

    I like birds, they are nice, and they can fly, well some of them ha ha.

    Love Me.


  585. Lisa Underwood Says:

    I like birds, they are nice, and they can fly, well some of them ha ha

    Love me

    p.s check out my website

  586. Jenny Rizzo Says:

    If birds weren’t meant for sexual gratification, why would an entire species be called Swallows?

  587. Mitch Says:

    Can I get a “Stop Bird Porn” t shirt?

  588. Gary Edward Topp Says:

    Alfred Hitchcock’s film emphatically declares, “the birds are coming, the birds are coming!”. Where was the puritan film classification board when it was really needed? How visionary Mr. Hitchcock was, suggesting a fine feathered revolution against pervert bird watchers disguised as naturalists. I am, in fact, noticing angry birds gathering high in treetops. Do you think they’re organizing to fight extinction as Mr. Hitchcoch predicted. Can you blame them? Birds just can’t get any privacy, nor any piece these days.

  589. Sam Says:

    As I said – I support you all the way! Don’t listen to the ones who don’t know better than to argue – there are always people like that. Just don’t listen – do your thing, girl!

  590. Heinz Avigdor Says:

    I am a pilot certified to fly jets and I am with a corporate unit that travels a lot throughout the USA and Canada. It seems to me that birds have a right to defend their airspace and see the intrusion by “flying machines” as a threat to their existence. They have obviously formed suicide squads that fly into jet engines and bring them down, albeit safely as with the Hudson River landing. Humans have the planet earth and should stay confined to it. No more invasion of birds’ airspace. Today jets, tomorrow vehicles headed for other planets, trespassing through bird space. Forewarned is forearmed! LEAVE THE BIRDS ALONE!

  591. stephen bird-roger Says:

    Whilst I have enjoyed my many ‘experiences’ of bird watching I recently found myself interested in birds which are not native to the U.K. Some of these feathered lolitas have been lowering the tone in Britian and if my desire for such exotic creatures gets out I fear my membership to the British National Party will be revoked. But if it comes down to the toss of which I would put first, I feel that cheeky,frisky chaffinch that has been teasing me lately would win hands down(my trousers)

    regards Mr Stephen Bird-roger

  592. Rebecca Says:

    I thought this was a project or a joke, until I accidentally clicked on the yellow bag to the right. It is a marketing ploy, to sell merchandise emblazoned with the Stop Bird Porn “logo”. Your shirts suck, your website sucks, your “cause” sucks. You suck.

  593. Nata Says:

    I saw your sticker in SF yesterday.

    I am glad you are bringing it up, because I ran into those pervs myself once or twice, and wanted to kick their butts! They have no business doing what they are doing. Thank you for getting on their case finally!

  594. Danny Brown Says:


    I am a birdwatcher and a veteran. I must admit, when I found out about your group, I was very offended by your mission statement and was going to raise hell about it. But yesterday a buddy of mine invited me to his “birdy bird play trip” as he called it, and after listening to him for a minute I couldn’t believe my ears. I swear, most of the things he told me I haven’t even heard about! And it did involve bird watching, yep. So now I am ashamed to admit that I was wrong, and you were right. I want to join your forces and wipe out the sons of bitches.


  595. Meshan Says:

    Please tell me your on drugs. This is the most insane website I have come accross.

    You say this is a disease that is growing. Where is your proof. I would like scientific proof and not anacdotal evedence.

    Are you mental.

    No realy. Are you mental

  596. Rick Says:

    R U Fucking Kidding Me??????????????

  597. mr slippyfists Says:

    bird pron is the best. i’ve seen chicken on swallow, clapper rail on pellican, and double crested cormorant on canada goose. i love bird pron. these people are trying to take away my rights

  598. Birdy Defender Says:

    First of all, I just wanted to thank you for standing up for the rights of the birds. There has been a battle for many thousands of years now as birds have sought privacy from the leering eyes of voyeuristic humans. I think that it is time that we recognized this conflict and did something about it.

    The effect this is having on society is great. The youth of the world are raised in a sea of corruption that is a result of this ungodly act. Just last week a saw a family in the park with their *3 year old* son, and while they were bird watching the father bird shot the mother bird in the face with a load of his cum. The boy promptly started crying, and it is obvious that he suffered irreparable harm.

    Only when we stand up and assert the rights of the birds will they ever reach the true potential. Bird porn must stop now.

  599. Steven Says:


    It’s sad that this society has bred people so sexually terrified and repressed that they are see sex and sin around every corner. You should be ashamed of yourselves. If anything is perverse it’s your twisted anthropomorphism of wildlife. Birds don’t need privacy because they haven’t been trained from birth by mindless pastors and made-up books to be ashamed of intimacy. People like you make me rethink eugenics.

  600. Bob Robertson Says:

    I agree whole heartedly. Bird porn is so wrong. I strongly suggest that people stop watching birds copulating. The better thing to do is to catch the birds and just have sex with them yourself. They are very feathery.

  601. Sam Sweiti Says:

    This is ludicrous.

    Really! Bird-Porn!!!

    Get a life.

  602. Endicott Peabody Says:

    Saw this on CNN today. Shameful “citizen scientists”

    Ninety years of birdwatchers’ notes going online
    Story Highlights
    6 million handwritten note cards could give insight on climate change

    Citizen scientists transcribing more than 90 years worth of historical bird data

    “This is the longest and most comprehensive legacy data set on bird migration …”

    One-third of the nation’s 800 bird species are endangered or in serious decline

    By Azadeh Ansari
    (CNN) — More than 100 years ago, J.A. Loring had his eyes on the California sky and his hand on a pen.

    His hand-scribbled notes, along with those of 3,000 other “citizen scientists,” can be found lining the drawers of green filing cabinets in the basement of a U.S. Geological Survey building in Reston, Virginia.

    These note cards — 6 million of them, spanning almost a century — contain a trove of invaluable information that could help unravel the effects of climate change on bird behavior.

    “This is the longest and most comprehensive legacy data set on bird migration that we know to exist,” said Jessica Zelt, who coordinates the North American Bird Phenology Program at the USGS Patuxent Wildlife Research Center.

    The cards include personal observations made by the birders. Their personal information, along with recorded bird data about the abundance, arrival, departure and location of certain species, is all found in these historic records.

    Some of the 2-by-5-inch cards date back to the 1880s, when educator Wells W. Cooke founded the North American Bird Phenology Program (BPP), which encouraged amateur ornithologists to record bird sightings around the United States and Canada.

    Now, for the first time ever, the paper files are being scanned, transcribed and converted into a digital database for online access.

    “These cards, once transcribed, will provide over 90 years of data — an unprecedented amount of information describing bird distributions, migration time and migration pathways, and how they are changing,” Zelt said.

    The collection contains data on about 900 bird species, some of which — the Guadalupe storm-petrel, Labrador duck, Guadalupe caracara, great auk, Carolina parakeet and passenger pigeon — have gone extinct.

    Maintaining these records since the BPP program ended in 1970 has not been easy.

    “The cards have been filed and put away and held everywhere from attics to basements to storage facilities,” Zelt said. “A lot of times, they were almost thrown out.”

    They survived almost four decades after the program ended, thanks to the perseverance of the program’s last coordinator, Chan Robbins, a retired wildlife biologist.

    “Each time they would get moved and bumped around, boy, I could remember wrapping those things and wrapping string around each little batch so they would not get unsorted,” Robbins said.

    The BPP program, which is operating on a minimal budget, now has more than 800 online volunteers, ranging from ornithologists to amateur bird watchers to ordinary citizens looking to translate a piece of science history. They have already scanned 200,000 cards and transcribed more than 17,000.

    “Anyone can do it. There is a 15-minute training video you can watch after you sign up for the program online,” Zelt said. “You don’t have to have a background in ornithology, you just have to have an interest.”

    Bird enthusiast and star volunteer Stella Walsh, a 62-year-old retiree, pecks away at her keyboard for about four hours each day. She has already transcribed more than 2,000 entries from her apartment in Yarmouth, Maine.

    “It’s a lot more fun fondling feathers, but, the whole point is to learn about the data and be able to do something with it that is going to have an impact,” Walsh said.

    Climate change already has affected bird populations. Birds use temperature as a cue for many life-cycle decisions. They are also at the mercy of weather patterns that can affect biological processes such as when and where they migrate, and when they breed.

    “Warmer temperatures will lead to earlier springs, and local plants and insects will come out earlier. However, if bird arrival dates remain the same, then they are potentially at a disadvantage, as the primary food [insects] for their young may no longer be at its peak,” said Sam Droege, an ornithologist at the USGS Patuxent Wildlife Research Center.

    Habitat loss, pollution, climate change and competition from invasive species have all reduced North American bird populations.

    A recent survey, “The U.S. State of Birds,” conducted by government agencies, conservation organizations and citizen volunteers, found that nearly a third of the nation’s 800 bird species are endangered, threatened or in serious decline.

    “You cannot return to the past and collect data on the status of plants and animals,” Droege said. “So this data set represents one of the few windows the world has into how a group of animals react to climate change.”

    Because of the work of thousands of people like J.A. Loring, today’s volunteers and scientists can view pieces of ornithological history and identify long-term trends while working toward solutions that could help ensure the birds’ survival.

    “A single bird seen on a large open flat about half a mile west of town,” Loring scribbled on June 5, 1897, upon seeing a northern spotted owl in Donner Summit, California.

    “It was very tame and flew from roadside to fence post where it watched me for some time,” he wrote.

  603. jaythedogg Says:

    Okay, maybe the term bird porn is a bit excessive eh? Laughable really, I mean I have heard of beastiality, horse porn, dog porn, cat porn, snake porn, goat porn, sheep porn, malamute porn, even zebra porn (don’t get me started!)… But this is ridiculous.

    How about getting off the attention getting name, which makes you all a joke & getting something more befitting like “Save the birds” or “RBP” (respect bird privacy)…

    You guys seem to be moving for binocular bans or something. Get a life. We have faaaaar bigger issues in this world right now & even any other time than worrying about an over abundance of bird watchers.

    As a matter of fact, you treat this like we’re killing all of the birds. Frankly, I see this as a non-intrusive way of population control in a minor degree.

    What’s next? Banning scopes so we can’t shoot the little bastards as they ruin our gardens & woodwork on our houses? Block our gutters with their nests? Wake us up too early?

    Look at the big picture & stop fighting a fight for something to do. Go get laid… With protection though, wouldn’t want more looney bird porn haters running around the Earth.

  604. daniel Says:

    Wow, stopping bird porn. I wasnt even aware that birds produced pornos. Get real you bird loving freaks! I am a biology major and fully appreciate saving the environment and protecting endangered species, however this group has taken things to the extreme. Im guessing that those involved in this group were a bunch of hippies back in the day who ruined their lives and can find nothing better to do than protest about bird watching. Also, animals have been having sex for thousands and thousands of years, with humans observing these acts countless times throughout our existence. Fucking grow up and do something real with your life.

  605. Kodiac Jack Says:

    Sometimes I think about all the tiny bird penises out there.

  606. Deeply Disturbed Says:

    This site bothers me on uncountable levels. The fact that someone has such a grand amount of free time on his/her hands that they could make this site is astounding, do you have nothing better to do than to complain of something so insignificant? This is a basely harmless act and in some ways beneficial. Better some mite infested bird, than another human. Next is how cruel some of these responses are. One should never insult the beliefs of another person, I can guarantee there is something that each and everyone of you asses have a belief that can be considered stupid and the gripping of such nonchalant behaviorism’s is what is keeping the human race from making the psychological advances we need to continue existing without killing each other off. Perhaps the next level worth mentioning is the fact that this sort of behavior is done is absurd. Although, I am not surprised this sort of this is done though given the fact that necrophilia is still in practice. Some people need to get laid i guess.

  607. MC SmokesAlot Says:

    I have mentioned before my problems with ducks. Ducks are necrophiliacs http://www.guardian.co.uk/education/2005/mar/08/highereducation.research . So Deeply Disturbed it’s still in practice with the birds too and they are filming it and selling bird porn snuff films.

    All hail Smoky.

  608. Tyler Brodie Says:

    This is the most ludicris, unbelievable topic i’ve ever had the displeasure of hearing about. So you are an organization dedicated to the restriction of documentation of animals and nature going through its life cycles? You all are the most fucking stupid shithead low lifes i’ve ever seen. get a life just get a fucking life this is so retarded. FUCK YOU ALL!

  609. Iain Campbell Says:

    I am a bird guide. I had no idea I was part of this adult entertainment industry.

    I should be better paid!

  610. patrick walmsley Says:

    ohhh boyy, where the hell do i begin. and where can i find these sorts of videos. nothing makes me as horny as watching 2 birds get it on in their wild habitat! i used to have been able to see the birds clearly but watching just wasnt enough for me. my obsssesion with their strange sex ways led me to want to catch some and perfom some moves on them. while trying to seduce these sexy winged animals they flew off and found new homes. i have been without birds in my sight for 2 days and i am dying on the inside. i NEED SOME BIRD PORN VIDEOS!!!!!!!! ASAPPPPPPP WHORES

  611. Two Kidneys Says:

    I’ve read much of the bruhaha posted on this website. It’s amazing to me, a behavioral scientist, how outraged and/or amused people become over invading the sanctity of our bird population. It’s a known fact that birds have feelings. Yes, invaders, they do not want humans or other animals to interrupt their mating cycles. So, Bird Watchers, I would join the overwhelming chorus of cries to LEAVE THE BIRDS ALONE! Play with yourselves, get laid or take up basket weaving. You’ll live a longer, happier life. Maybe.

  612. Steve Says:

    I saw the protesters the other day. My girlfriend thought you were crazy and we had a good laugh, but then the other day, I was in the park, and I actually saw a group of dirty old farts with their pants down, and I did notice a couple of binoculars lying around. I did not even know how to react so I walked away quickly. So I guess, you are not making it up. Just wanted to tell you that.

  613. Mary Zolinski Says:

    I found your blog and read a few of the posts. Keep up the good work. I am looking forward to checking out more from you in the future.

  614. Ashton Says:

    Going off the idea that this is serious (if it is not, then the joke is on me), the leaps of logic you make are astounding, you might want to take a look at that. While I do agree that there is a distinct possibility (if not proven, I’m not too up on my Biology) that other animals have emotions (given they’re simple chemical reactions), the paragraph you gave hardly proves that they have them. The presence of monogamous pair mating, with infidelity (while the males attempt to guard their own mates) is merely a simple mechanism created by evolution. Monogamous pairs can raise off spring better, but can be bad for the mixing of genetic material, hence the infidelity. Hell, humans do it too (I’ve heard research hinting that the reason why human males tend to be taller is a by-product of polygamy in the moderately recent (couple millenniums) past)). Whatever.

  615. Steve Says:

    You are on heroin. Birding is a serious sport/hobby for some serious citizen scientists, not to mention that millions of us report our daily sightings to an organization called ebird.com – run by Cornell University. This collection of reports serves as the most important study of bird migration in human history. Bird migration patterns tell us more about our environment than pretty much anything else. You people are total assholes. Go fuck yourselves.

  616. Mingies Says:

    Your all nucking futs.
    And thats not a spelling mistake too.

  617. Rhys Says:

    I’m a young birdwatcher and I’m looking for any help and advice to stop my disgusting habit. I know it’s dirty, and not healthy for me or others around me, but I just can’t seem to quit.

    It’s like a disease.

  618. rnp Says:

    Is this blog a joke? I cannot tell.

    If it isn’t, you are seriously crazy.

  619. AvianEroticaCollector Says:

    Russian baby in the video you’re hot. Can I stroke your long birds nest and kiss your wild beak? I want you. I need you. Do me like a Sapsucker. I love you…Love you

  620. D-Bell Says:

    Ok, so let me get this straight, we need to stop old people from watching birds doing their thing, but i firmly believe that there is more to life than trying to stop people from getting their jollies off by watching birds doing it.

    Remember there is a war going on, why not try and stop that, how about try to improve ourselves as better humans, or stop littering. How about put forth effort to improve physcial fitness in the country that has a 67% obesity rate.


  621. Theo Says:

    you people are sad. get a life.

  622. Mike Hunt Says:

    i agree totally. we must work together to stop the atrocities of bird porn. those poor little birdies. they should not be used for peoples sexual desires, but for target practice with my bb gun

  623. kubaryi Says:

    I am an ornithologist, a professional bird watcher. I study birds to help conserve endangered populations. I have seen a lot of birds have sex. It takes seconds and isn’t long enough to get anyone off – even an uber-deviant. As for the mating rituals, some are quite beautiful, like cranes; Others are damn funny, like some of the mannikins and birds of paradise. This website did make me laugh a lot. So if that was the point. Thanks. If you are serious, you are stupid.

    And as for the person you said he/she needs to shield their children from the animal sex scenes on TV….come on dude. Sex is part of nature. Deal with it.

  624. Toby Says:


  625. Diego Says:


  626. Diego Says:


  627. Raven Says:

    The sad yet amusing thing is you will probably make a fortune from the woefully puritanical trying to stop any sort of perceived “perversion” they encounter.

  628. videocam24 Says:

    I always knew there was something deeply wrong with the “fascination” so many people seem to have with birds. Finally, this makes sense. It makes me sick just to think about it. What can I do in my area to stop this perversion?
    Oh, dear… I was suddenly reminded of my grandmother’s ritual of “bird-watching” in the mornings. She is an upright, God-fearing woman. Surely she has no idea about the nature of what she’s participating in. I’ll send her a link to this site right away.
    Thank you for the information!

  629. Dee Says:

    I own several Zebra Finches. They have sex. A lot. They don’t care that I’m staring at them, they go at it anyway. If anything, they have too much sex. I have to constantly raid their nests of eggs, lest be completely overrun by them.

    But my main question is: How on earth are people getting off watching birds have sex? You can’t even see their genitalia! Most of them just flutter on top of each other for two seconds and that’s it. Um… Arousing? O_o;

  630. Mike Says:

    Ok, our society has put us with some messed up stuff, but I have to say this is by far the craziest. Really…Really, I mean for god sakes, get a life. There’s more important things to worry about them some old people getting there rocks off to some bird porn. I mean think about it, there old, they cant go into a porn shop and get real porn, so they choose the next course of action, an activity that everyone believes an old person would do, then have hot crazy sex with random strangers that share there love of animals. There’s nothing wrong with that. What’s next, mandatory denture wearing because some people find it erotic to see old people gum’s?

  631. Mike Says:

    P.S how did most of you find this website? I think some of you may have a little secret…looking up bird porn lol heheheh

  632. Kyleuvkewl Says:

    Ok. Why do you care how people get off. No Seriously, Why do you care? It’s not like people are trying to Rape Birds. Tell ya what. As soon as these people start raping birds. ill donate money and help you pass out flyers, but until then if your bored don’t start stupid websites condeming sexually frustrated elderly people, pick up a gameboy, play checkers, volunteer at a soup kitchen, or enjoy some nice missionary style sex that you enjoy.

    your not saving birds you wasting space on the internet.

  633. BIGbird4u Says:

    I used to watch bird porn with my girlfriend. About 6 months ago it started to lose its appeal. Now I do a little more than watch. I bought and emu that I make love to on a daily basis. Its actually large enough and strong enough that I can ride it, while I RIDE it. For my girlfriend on the other hand, we found that a hand full of termites up the twat gets the local woodpecker mighty interested. You should see those little guys pecking away, head buried while I ride BIG BIRD (the emu). If anyone would like pictures or video please e-mail me, tupacmadrapper@aol.com Also I would be interested in any pictures of bird porn anyone else may have.
    yours truly,

  634. Snyder Says:

    If this is real, it’s strange. Are you saying people go out in groups and circle jerk to finches mating on a tree branch? As long as it doesnt become destructive to a natural habitat is it that important? What about the hundreds of other bigger reasons birds are dying out? (Deforestation, pesticides, pollution…) Should they be discarded for some wild and less-important cause? Orthinologists would shun you for your flagrant disregard of more important dangers to wildlife habitats. Time management and common sense dictate you stop wasting domain space and time on this cause and hug trees as lumberjacks try and chop em’ down. The rainforest is cleared in square mile chunks every day with almost no regulation, and you want to kill the birdwatching community? Mating habits of all birds will return to normal within 20 years of human extinction anyways. The background noise of human interaction will die out; the calls will return to their regular pitches and birds to their regular, instinctive habits/mating practices. The threat is in killing the species before they can revert back and their communities heal.

    Not that i give much of a fuck.

  635. Heff Pheobe Says:

    I think that we should be allowed to watch birds getting it on, I mean, it’s not like they are trying to hide it. I have to admitt that it is pretty sexy, and I think that the birds like it. Just the other day these birds saw me watching and one of them (probably the female) started looking at me all slutty like. It was pretty sweet. Leave me and my hobby alone!

  636. DrBenway Says:

    So, presumably it’s OK to birdwatch as long as the birds aren’t actually fucking at he time?

  637. Chris H. Says:

    Really? I mean, Really? I thought hot french chics were supposed to be all smart and shit? Bird Porn? Thats almost worse than the Michael Jackson media circus. Tsk, Tsk, Tsk.

  638. bird raper 9000 Says:

    this shit is funny

  639. Orlando Says:

    OK, well i just need to say that i’d rather have kids watch “bird porn” than actually be out there having sex…and it just nature, we may as well learn from it

  640. nick Says:

    you guys are fucking morons, and you even said above “bird’s privacy”? wtf are you talking about, that means we cant go outside or we are perverted voyeurs. get a job you worthless pieces of shit, seriously.

  641. Linda Says:

    Thanks nice post.

  642. David Says:

    Hi this is so true. Originally I would be inclined to laugh like some other posters here but I know a guy who is into bird porn (no, this guys isn’t me :). And he does go on “bird-watching” trips regularly and films birds copulating and then sells this stuff on his site (very private, he charges helluva lot of money for membership). I despise this. Thank you so much for brining the public’s attention to this perversion!

  643. Kyle Says:

    I’ll have you know that I’m a bird watcher, and how dare you insinuate that I birdwatch for sexual purposes? What if they just like masturbating in the woods? Okay, FINE, I’m there for the bird porn. But if birds didn’t want me to get off watching them, they shouldn’t act so damn sexy. I’m not stupid, I see the way those birds look at me. I think they want me to watch, and watch I will… but I’d let those early birds “get my worm” anytime. And don’t even get me started on those sexy, sexy chipmunks….

  644. CHRIS Says:

    Genesis 9:2

    Listen to this passage

    2 The fear and dread of you will fall upon all the beasts of the earth and all the birds of the air, upon every creature that moves along the ground, and upon all the fish of the sea; they are given into your hands.

    New International Version (NIV)

  645. Jack Says:

    You think that bird-watching is only for sexual pleasure? Well, I have to say that I find bird-watching moderately boring, yet it was not until I was told of your group that I thought some people would think others would actually bird-watch for sexual pleasure. You have to understand how pathetic that sounds. True, birds can be beautiful animals, yet I highly doubt that their colorful patterns would excite any man or woman as you believe they do.

    I must also express that my happily married Aunt and Uncle bird-watch in their backyard to relax on nice summer days. One of them even helps birds live safely whilst windmills are built by their homes.

    It also occurs to me that I hsould mention that you seem to think that these “perverts” are ruining society. What actually ruins society are people like you who try to divide citizens through pointless hatred, ignorance, and closed-mindedness. If you chose not to accept reason in your lives then you are better off keeping quiet to avoid harming others and making yourselves look foolish.

    All in all…what I’m trying to say is this…
    Fuck You

  646. Hieronymus Qoheleth Says:

    WAIT!!! You’re forgetting the worst offenders of all: farmers and ranchers. They even match up animals and force them to mate. Or if they won’t mate, they get a turkey baster, masturbate the male (pervets to the max!) and impregante the femal with the baster. An offense against nature. At least the birders don’t force the wee critters to go against nature. But those farmers, sheesh!

  647. It's just me Says:

    Americans… This is exactly the sort of “problem” and “answer” why the rest of the world thinks that Americans are just ridiculously stupid. And most of them – like funders of this “movements” and pro-posters really are…

    Well, good luck to your new “Holy Grail”.

  648. Annoyed47 Says:

    I’m just curious as to what scientific proof you have to back up your theory that bird watching has caused the decline of the bird species. I haven’t heard one iota of evidence to back up your theory. I just see a group of misguided people spouting off nonsense on a topic they obviously know very little about. And I’ve been around other bird-watchers, and have yet to see any of the behavior you have described. If anyone is the sick ones in this issue, it’s you. Get a life already.

  649. Chicken Fucker Says:

    Muhahahahahaha, I can say moo. I can also say Bawk. For $10 I’ll call the guy a chicken fucker!!! Hahahahaha, anyone a part of this group should be watched by the government since nutsacks like this are the ones that go off the deep end and blow shit up…..

  650. jan Says:

    i kew that in general americans are stupid but this just takes the top award! get a life, there far more important things going on in the world like child porn, rape, war! focus ur activities on something worthwile!

  651. Wrowfe the Viking Says:

    Fer chrissakes, you guys! You yanks think you have a problem? With birdie porn???

    I live in Sweden, Scandinavia. Here they aired a tv-program showing dragonflys mating. You know what the tv team did? They cut of the heads off of the dragonflys, and the dragonflys continued mating.

    That was the most erotic movement I’ve ever seen on TV!

    And you gripe about birdie porn… DUH!

  652. Martin Says:


    My name is Martin – I just sent you an email. My ex-girlfriend ran away with a “bird-watcher”. I am livid and I will be glad to help your cause!

  653. Blair Thomas Says:

    Hey, bird perverts. I mean the assholes who represent this group against bird watchers. You all need lots of therapy and heavy medication. Then do something criminal to be incarcerated. Stay behind bars and leave the bird watchers alone!!!

  654. LOLWUT Says:

    What a worthless cause. These people have no life and should get some hobbies or find something more worthy to protest like animal abuse in farms.

  655. Great Tit Says:

    You are ridiculous with a capital R. The problem with the survival of species such as the capercallie is not solely due to birdwatchers. In fact, the Scottish population is actually an introduced population from Norway, because it went extinct from deforestation of its natural habitat, predation and deer fencing. The so-called “bird porn” is a very small factor to the decline of this species. You, and your 120 supporters would be better off supporting a cause that is less inane. Get a life.

  656. Trev99 Says:

    People are so dumb… and over-sensitive.

  657. Luis Coelho Says:

    I’m a fan of this cause, and to prove it I’ve jack off with Anaida Krok’s tits rather than birds. Puts some tits in photos and I swear that everyone I know that jack off with birds, they stop in the minute that you post your body on then net.
    Only you can save the birds Anaida. Give them what they want.

    A Bird Saver.

  658. yo momma Says:


  659. Jeffrey Thorndike Says:

    I am amazed at the rabble rousers above who shout obscenities decrying the bird watchers protesters. I’m in favor of incarcerating all the lepers and impaired who focus their binoculars on helpless birds trying to perpetuate their species. LEAVE THE BIRDS ALONE AND LET THEM FUCK IN PEACE!!!

  660. stopbirdporn Says:

    @Jeffrey: You clearly have never witnessed those perverts in action. Or, may be, are you one of them?

  661. Still lauching Says:

    the people who think this is not a joke are ridiculous

  662. Chels Says:

    Haha, people, don’t get so worked up. This IS a joke.

  663. Molander Says:

    i come from french.
    Anglais pas bien. alors Frech-je utiliser.
    cette information m’aidera beaucoup.

  664. Dee Laytner Says:

    Hey, what about the birds watching ME have sex?! Are they not perverts, standing there, out my window, on the sill,a s i have an intimate moment (hours) with my lover? I’m going to start my own website. StopBirdPervs.com! Finall a place for all of us whose privacy has been violated by perverted birds!!!

  665. KraecyBil Says:

    This is a wonderful cause and it has inspired me to work to establish a cause of my own — to stop fish porn.

    I shudder to think of the humiliation of all those fish trapped inside aquariums around the world where millions of people actually PAY money to gawk at the poor fish, and all the homes that have fish tanks as well as all the pet stores that keep fish in overcrowded sales disply aquariums. These poor fish suffer from the indignity of having absolutely no privacy whatsoever.

    Clearly it is time we start regulating the sales of fish tanks and correct this indignity we have brought upon all the fish in our oceans and lakes.

  666. homo for birds Says:

    I often dress as a bird and follow them through the parks so I can masturbate. I then spuge into their bird bath and then do it all over again. I tried having sex with a bird once but the guy in the Big Bird costume didn’t take my advances very well. Now I just choke my chicken at the park.
    If anyone knows of good bird humping parks please let me know.

  667. Lars Birdlover Says:

    Where can i find some actual bird porn instead of people discussing it? This may all just be a joke to you guys, but i have been craving bird porn since early childhood.

    @homo for birds: I know a place called Valbyparken, where i often seduce pidgeons and ducks, at one time i even dry humped a swan.

  668. dgsdfg Says:

    rule 32

  669. Joseph Greenwald Says:

    i can understand a horse.. but a bird?
    thats awesome!

  670. PNIZZLE Says:

    Grow up environmentalist pussies. There birds…………………..

  671. Bird Says:


  672. Andrew Says:

    You’re a fucking moron for thinking this is a pressing and serious issue. What about the economy? The environment? Or the starvin’ children in Uganda you dumb knob?? I hope you become the subject of a future South Park episode, just so you understand how retarded you sound to the rest of the country.

  673. Andrew Says:

    God I wanna vag punch you.

  674. oliverjames Says:

    lol wtf dude

  675. ThisIsStupid Says:

    you guys are all so fucking stupid. people watch birds to see how majestic they are not because they are perverts, now get out of here and get a fucking life and go worry about people raping kids or something important.

  676. LOLOL Says:

    …..This is truly hilarious you guys are so gay nobody gives a fuck about some stupid elderly watching some birds get ignant. YOU GUYS ACT LIKE THIS IS A REAL PROBLEM. Meanwhile, we have children in Africa starving, but you assholes are too concerned with this. People probably do this all the time and I am 100% positive it has not or will not impacted my life in any way. You guys are a bunch of fuckers I am so appalled. I bet you everyone of you faggots jerked it to human porn holy fucking lol you are pathetic.


  677. Morteiro Says:

    Seriously, what’s the problem?

    The birds are harmed in any way?

    I just don’t understand.

  678. Need Help Please Says:

    My problem is I just love having sex with birds.

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