Go Obama

I know that Good Conduct Society has followers amongst both parties, and I respect that, but personally, I am absolutely elated that John McCain who IS an admitted birdwatcher did not become president of the United States. What a relief. 

I hope the democrats will appropriately address the issue of bird porn!



5 Responses to “Go Obama”

  1. Mario Says:

    This is stupid..

  2. stopbirdporn Says:

    And why is that?

  3. MC SmokesAlot Says:

    John McCain says: It’s them damn gooks, they would stick bamboo poles in my ass and make me watch birds screw. I hated at first.. then I started to make my self like it so it’s not so bad… now I’M A GOD DAMNED bird porn ADDICT! I’ll tell this, I’m starting to think Sara Palin is a bird sent from Vietnam too fuck my campaign up. (Makes Woody Woodpecker sounds).

    Obama Says: That nigga McCain crazy like a Moutha Fuck fo relz son! Pass that shit Smoky.

    Smoky Says: Don’t be a Bogart Mr. President Elect. Damn!

    Props to the 44th president for real.

  4. Manuel Says:

    Do you mean that you vote for, or discarded, a president because he watches birds?
    Was that your only criteria? I hope not, otherwise someone might point out that examples like you are the reason that democracy will fail in the end.

  5. MC SmokesAlot Says:

    Obama may not be into bird porn but I have it upon good word that he has a huge collection of Lama/Alpaca snuff films. Fuck’em though got special teeth that they use to bite each others testicles off with. It’s true I saw that shit on T.V. they have to cut them down so they don’t neuter each other out on the farm. …Crazy fucking animals.

    …What was my point? …Oh right! Manny You don’t think Anaidas vote would only be based on bird porn, for sure. Also I read on this site that The Good Conduct Society has it’s roots in Russia. I’m not even sure if Anaida’s cute little commie butt could have even voted.? …at least that’s if any of this is real and sometimes I really don’t know anymore man! I just don’t know!

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