Yep that’s him

That’s the “disabled” guy I blogged about before!!! 

He WAS making fun of me, I was right! And they misspelled my name so cleverly, ha-ha-ha! Or may be they simply didn’t know how to spell it? Hm…

Well make fun all you want, we ARE standing up for the birds!

CHECK OUT WHAT ELSE THEY ARE MAKING FUN OF (just found it and still in shock).  Political views may vary but this made me cringe. No, watch it!



13 Responses to “Yep that’s him”

  1. Ricardo Alves Says:

    That retarded guy it´s from a portuguese show with low audience, he makes fun from everyone and everything, so in reality you are only givin him free publicity, i don´t like him but like this he will never stop.

    Sorry for my english.

  2. stopbirdporn Says:

    Thank you, Ricardo! I was just in such shock after watching the second video….that was too much.

  3. Ricardo Alves Says:

    You are welcome, i´m in shock to see how he still have such a low class show an still have ho watch this.

    This is just polution to the people brains, and it doesn´t fit in any class of comedy, it´s plain garbage.

  4. Eva Gina Says:

    You are so retarded…
    What the hell… BIRD PORN? You’re a MORON.
    You should have this guy making fun of you.

    @ Ricardo: Deixa-te de merdas pá!

  5. Liliana Louro Says:

    I think we wasn’t making fun of you… maybe he was! ahah

    Ricardo: Deves ser muito burrinho tu. Dás pena é o que é!

  6. Ricardo Alves Says:

    Vocês provavelmente devem ter merda na cabeça como o gajo, e o mais certo é serem umas pitas, não disse que concordava com o que ela faz, mas não gosto dele, e ela falar dele só lhe dá publicidade, que ele não merece.

    Programas de merda em Portugal existem muitos, não precisamos de mais como isto.

  7. Pitz Says:

    Well…Here’s the thing.

    Miss Stop Watching Birds Fucking, one thing: Do you eat meat? You do? So shuttup. You’re killing them. You don’t? Well, why bother then? If they all stop to reproduce you don’t lose a thing, you will eat your veggies happily anyway. “What about the beauty and the lack of respect to the poor birds?” If you are so concerned about that try to put an end to human porn, they are selling our reproduction mode aren’t they? Or do you do this for being original? Perhaps it’s just a hobby…

    People who watch birds porn: Buy a bird for your own and masturbate at home. If you don’t do that for the sake of animals, you sick fucktards, do that for the sake of people, who don’t need the Analdas Cocks.

    American dudes: You’re the first ones to make fun of the towers thing, so cut the crap. As YOU say: SHIT HAPPENS! Isn’t it?

    Sir Ricardo Alves: You don’t like it, you don’t watch it. Want better, do better. Nice motto huh? About tv shows… And by the way, I’m not even talking with you in our mother language because I don’t think you deserve that. About movie shows, america have them as crappy as they come, as we do, so why do you talk bad stuff about our tv shows? Do you feel more american “Sorry for my english” guy? What about “Feel sorry for YOUR portuguese”? You’re just a Coca-cola minion… Or a poor “Morangos com açucar” follower. Go fuck a bird will you?

    Anyway, I love you.

  8. MC SmokesAlot Says:

    Enough about this Portuguese dude, let it go already. Lets just talk about bird sex. Birds sex is what this blog is all about right? I want to hear about you putting an end to that hot sweaty bird sex. Stopping bird porn gives me a huge erection. I go out and I look for old guys hard at work making old man nut-butter and right as they are about blow there churns, I start chucking M-1000’s at them. One time this one dude started to nut at the same time I threw it and he had a heart-attack at the same time he blew his load. What is even funnier he jizzed right in the eye of his friend who was ducking my blasts, latter found out this guy was a WWII vet that thought it was the blitzkrieg. He must have though it was Hitler’s geheime Samensuperwaffe when his birder buddies man-chowder ran down his face. So the one dude is dying (with a death grip on his cock) the other dude is running around thinking he is blind because there is a large helping of baby-gravy on his face. lol… sorry it still makes me laugh… he looked like a glazed-donut. Hell ya… that’s the stuff… I told you nothing get’s me off like stopping bird porn!

  9. Vitor Says:

    Ricardo, és mesmo um palhaço!!! Se calhar até és um dos muitos gajos, que se reúne com um grupo de amigos a bater uma pivias à custa de ver cães, e cavalos a foder com gajas!!!! CURA TE PÁ!!!! DEVES VER MUITO POUCO DA LUTA CONTINUA!!! VE E DEPOIS DIZ QUE NÃO GOSTAS DELE, SÓ DIZ AS VERDADES!!!

    Now, about you girl I just wanna say one thing, you have a mental problem, do you wanna get better?? why don´t you come to portugal and I make with you one porn that you will love!! I will make see birds every where, maibe having sex too.

    Gel continua, Birdlover go to the hospital

  10. Ricardo Gomes Says:

    Portuguese comic show “Vai Tudo Abaixo” rules. It’s an all new view of comedy: real world is the comedy! I am Portuguese, I love that show, Jel it’s a genious, and you need to see a psychiatrist. Birdwatching it’s a very decent, healthy, familiar hobby, and there’s nothing worng with it. “Bird Porn”? Why not ant porn, lion porn, butterfy porn? You are mentally ill, I feel sorry for you, really!

  11. pedro Says:

    este tipo do vai tudo abaixo pode ter todos os defeitos. o programa nao passa nos canais publicos portugueses. so ve quem quer. eu acho piada pois ele goza com quem é mais defeciente que ele.
    ricardo alves…estás a defender americanos? que nem sabem onde fica portugal? que sao mais burros que sei lá …sexo dos passaros? vamos ser um pouco razoaveis e preocuparmo-nos com o que realmente é importante. importante é preocupar com a merda que os americanos fazem pelo mundo fora, isso sim é importante.

  12. patricia\pedro\miguel Says:

    First: Ricardo you should be ashamed of being portuguese!! Vai tudo abaixo is a great show and almost every youth from our country watches it!! so don’t say lies… Jel is a fucking good comedian!

    Second: Inada Crow how the fuck did you find this bird porn shit????!!!! we think you’re completly crazy and a bit paranoid!! maybe it has something to do with your name,we mean…CROW! maybe you think you’re more related to them so you had this crazy idea (like people who has nothing to do) or maybe you were brainwashed when you were a little child??
    Do you get any money from this shit? but does group sex makes a lot of noise? how do you know? have you heard it or have you made it? it looks like you know a lot! what about the noise of the cars, planes, children playing, old man farting, you screaming??? doesn’t that affect the birds??

    Third: we googled to see what we could find but we only found sites talking about you and your crazy idea! you should visit a mental institution…we bet that you would never leave it!!! (we are not criticizing you, we are giving you a friendly advice)

    Fourth: we are proud of being portuguese because here we are free from the american sickness: we can smoke pot in the streets, drink till we fall, have lots and lots of fun, surrounded by nature where we can watch birds flying, fucking and eating, doing whatever they like, away from that sick mentality!!


    this music is perfect for you…enjoy it

    (we think you’re worst than Peter Griffin)

  13. pedro\patricia\miguel Says:

    we just saw your e-shop and figured out that this is a desperate way for you get easy money!

    Sweatshirt $30.99??????!!!?? what the fuck!! are there so many birds being watched while they are fucking??? and do you use the money to save those birds???

    we dont think so!!! Vai majé trabalhar ó!!!!

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