I accidentally offended a disabled person in an interview, now what?

They were interviewing me for Portuguese television, and the guy was talking kinda funny.

Since I am used to hearing laugher as people’s initial reaction (which is nothing – back home some of our supporters got nearly beaten up after a reporter gave out their info to haters), I assumed he was making fun of Good Conduct Society. It also helped that I did not understand a word of the introduction, since it was in Portuguese. So I asked him what the deal was with his talk.

And it turned out he was disabled! Crap!

Feel bad…


12 Responses to “I accidentally offended a disabled person in an interview, now what?”

  1. MC SmokesAlot Says:

    Dude was like, Eu gosto de fazer o amor aos pássaros! Eu usei-me para começ uma ereção ao prestar atenção ao pássaro grande como uma criança. Esta cadela muda pensa que eu tenho uma inabilidade, I’ m assim que ir sujar com ela.

    I taste to make the love to the birds! I used for começ an erection when giving attention to the great bird as a child. This dumb dog thinks that I have an inability, I’ m as soon as to go to make dirty with it. WTF! Fucking Babel Fish!

  2. MC SmokesAlot Says:

    Eu gosto de furar meu pénis em pássaros e em objetos dados forma pássaro. Este as mulheres pensam que introduzindo meu pénis em pássaros é errado. I’ m que vai fazê-la pensar I’ m incapacitou apenas para parafusar com sua mente.

    I taste to pierce my pénis in birds and given objects form bird. This the women think that introducing my pénis in birds she is made a mistake. I’ m that goes to make to think it I’ m only incapacitated to screw with its mind.

  3. Texas Says:

    Seriously, mulher, got and get reatment

  4. Montanelas Says:

    Estes caralhos são mesmo otários foda-se!!!
    Vai tudo abaixo mesmo!!!
    ganda Jel!!

  5. MC SmokesAlot Says:

    You all want to know what fumarento she would make the Anaida Krok? I would show it that my pénis giant and this would make its vagina wet and ready for cópula. Exactly that its pussy was to drip wet you still começ licks it too much, before you pole it, as soon as first I would execute cunnilingus in it, until its vagina esguincho as a source. Then later that Anaida swallowed my axle too much all the low way for the spheres, a challenge that not very one lady could obtain, I introduced my tap delicately throbbing in its pressed pretty cash. Then the stroke that fumarento likes this, me beat as that one, me beat it with a baton of Wiffle-Sphere. OMG! MERDA! SMoKy’s FrIed HiS CérEbrO. TOO MUCH PORTUGUESE MAKE SMOKY GO LOUCO.

  6. llss Says:

    dont feel bad,it was really a joke and hes not disabled
    just thought u might want to know

    and about the bird porn, too bad this happens.Maybe normal porn should be promoted to make birdporn less known.

    oh and You look good on TV…Ia lá com fé!


  7. stopbirdporn Says:

    Thank you! LOL, that’s good to know that he was actually in good health 🙂

  8. Portuguese guy Says:

    Girl, are you really this stupid? i mean, don’t you have better things to do?? get a real job, get a life, have sex. who cares if some idiots like to watch birds having sex?! who the hell cares??!! really?? why would you waste your time fighting such an idiotic cause?? why??????

    and just so you know, the portuguese dude is a comedian. i couldn’t stop laughing when i saw that shit on TV.

    ps: when was the last time you had an orgasm?

  9. Simao Says:

    Dump Dump Dump, Gel trick you so well, get real.

  10. stopbirdporn Says:

    Dear Portuguese guy,

    Thank you for being concerned about my sex life. It’s so sweet…. 🙂


  11. Kada Says:

    Sex is normal. Stop trying to protect kids from things they need no protection from. Why in the hell would you even go to the lenths you have? I think you must love bird porn youself, but you are to uptight to admit it. I bet sex with humans embarasses you. I feel bad your whoever you with because im sure they never get any. This site is a joke and so are you. There is NOTHING wrong with sex at all in any form. Just because it embarasses you, doesn’t mean you should try to force your beliefs on others.

    Never say it is for the children. That is a major cop out.

  12. fromchupamos Says:

    i tought i had seen everything in america, then i see this…

    Do you know how stupid it looks like to be on a street against bird porn? you must have no self steem

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