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Stop Bird Porn protest in Central Park

October 16, 2008

Stop Bird Porn protest in NYC

Now, took at that woman’s face! IS SHE A BIRD WATCHER?

Stop Bird Porn protest - nice reaction!


SBP protest tomorrow in New York

October 12, 2008

We are planning a protest in New York tomorrow. We will be meeting at 59th and Central Park at 2.15 in the afternoon. All supporters are welcome to join us!

Anaida Krok

I accidentally offended a disabled person in an interview, now what?

October 2, 2008

They were interviewing me for Portuguese television, and the guy was talking kinda funny.

Since I am used to hearing laugher as people’s initial reaction (which is nothing – back home some of our supporters got nearly beaten up after a reporter gave out their info to haters), I assumed he was making fun of Good Conduct Society. It also helped that I did not understand a word of the introduction, since it was in Portuguese. So I asked him what the deal was with his talk.

And it turned out he was disabled! Crap!

Feel bad…