Good Conduct Society update

We attended both Democratic and Republican conventions and I am very pleased and even overwhelmed with the degree of awareness we were able to raise. Sure, some people laugh. But they would probably also laugh at puppies being skinned alive and claim it’s not for real. Makes me sick to my stomach to even think about how insensitive humans can get.

Overall, we were getting an amazing reaction at both conventions. Pedestrians stopped to listen and learn, one kid even told us a story of his grandfather who used to be a bird pornographer but realized how sick it was and mended his ways. It made me think. We should probably start and grow a movement of Birdwatchers Anonymous to help the ones who are ready to fight their sick addiction. Not a bad idea! Please stay tuned!


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2 Responses to “Good Conduct Society update”

  1. MC SmokesAlot Says:

    Anaida brings up a good point next thing you know these sick depraved “bird watchers” will start skinning live puppies at the avian orgy. The warm puppy blood will be used for lube and the furs for rugs so they might lay in the forest and sinfully copulate in comfort. These birdophiles live only to satisfy there base desires they know no humanity, so lock up you dogs and birds people.

  2. Luis Coelho Says:

    Thank God the grnadfather’s kid found his path…
    As a matter of fact, how did that kid knew that his grandfather was a bid pornographer? Did he get his grandfather jacking off with a chicken? Or was his grandfather trying to eat the kids ass in the dark and he managed to eat a peacock’s ass?
    My God I love when a story ends well.
    Get us rid of this bird pornographer as fast as you can. We want your tits on this site Anaida, give us what we want.

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