Our Weekend Report

Well, followers, Friday afternoon in New York City on the sidewalk in front of 225 Varick Street will remain a memorable day. I was there with Paul, Frank and other loyal devotee of Good Conduct Society. A word of promise to the several hundred emails I have been unable to answer who want to become members. Please be patient. We need to do the paper work for as non-profit and this will take a few weeks.

Anyhow, Friday in New York was madness. Everyone is racing like a bat out of hell to flee the city…..in cars, buses, trucks, on bicycles, motorcycles, skateboards and on foot. But they slowed down and stopped in front of the Audubon National Society’s offices on Varick Street. Horns honked, people shouted because they all wanted flyers! Our basic protest sign read: STOP BIRD PORN!

This crush of people continued for hours and we were gratified to respond to their eager requests for more information on our campaign. Now it’s on to Denver for the Democratic National Convention. Our friends in Denver, Greeley, Colorado Springs and Boulder will be assisting our cause. So stay tuned friends. 
We can certainly have a law passed that penalizes bird watchers for abusing birds to satisfy their own neurotic desires.           


Faithfully yours,

Anaida Krok


6 Responses to “Our Weekend Report”

  1. Nerdman Says:

    Get a job and use your brain for something useful.

  2. fetus Says:

    wait a sec… you mean it’s okay to kill babies in the womb, but masturbating to birds having sex is immoral?!?!?

    god i love liberals, you keep the world interesting!

  3. Bird Vajayjayisbest Says:

    You are absolutely INSANE! You need some dick in your life, are you one with the dick?

    I think i will go out and fuck a bird to celebrate!

  4. Jim Says:

    Are you out of your frigging minds? Birds have sex to the amazement of others! Well, screw you! I can’t see anyone getting a woody over this shit! Growup and get a life! You all fall in the double “O” stoopid file.

  5. are you insane? Says:

    You are a total whack job!!!
    You actually beleive they were slowing down in support???
    Come on! they were slowing down in shock as in WHAT THE EFF IS THIS???
    Are you that dumb??? Your you tube video is insane…..it looks like a couple birds nest are going on in your hair!!! Go get help for the love of BIRDS…
    Dont’ you get that the only reason anyone is visiting this site is because it’s so utterly crazy and good for huge belly laughs at your insanity????
    I feel bad for the poor people being accused (well by only you and your stupid few followers)…..think about it. Senior citizens getting thier “jollies” over birds? Do 70 year olds REALLY care about sex much anymore let alone BIRDS doing it????? Weirdo thoughts to the MAX!
    Get help freaks!
    bird watching is not about sex arrrrrrg! idiots!
    Oh and go do a google search for bird porn… if it was such a PROBLEM, you’d think, you’d get results but NOTHING STUPID ASS even comes up when you type it in, not even this retarded site!

  6. MC SmokesAlot Says:

    You guys these people are not crazy. How do I know this? I’m a bird porn addict. It started watching them in the park, screwing and screwing those dirty birdies, the next thing you know I’m getting kicked out of the super market for sticking my penis in the Cornish game hens and I have a restraining order from the San Diego chicken. I mean Why else would you go to a damn Padre’s game? I once bought a pare of love birds and they died because I forgot to feed them because I was to busy jerking away, watching those sluts, preening those feathers, those lon… Sorry I have to stop thinking about it or I’ll fall of the wagon again. Bird porn is no joke!

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