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Our Weekend Report

August 25, 2008

Well, followers, Friday afternoon in New York City on the sidewalk in front of 225 Varick Street will remain a memorable day. I was there with Paul, Frank and other loyal devotee of Good Conduct Society. A word of promise to the several hundred emails I have been unable to answer who want to become members. Please be patient. We need to do the paper work for as non-profit and this will take a few weeks.

Anyhow, Friday in New York was madness. Everyone is racing like a bat out of hell to flee the city… cars, buses, trucks, on bicycles, motorcycles, skateboards and on foot. But they slowed down and stopped in front of the Audubon National Society’s offices on Varick Street. Horns honked, people shouted because they all wanted flyers! Our basic protest sign read: STOP BIRD PORN!

This crush of people continued for hours and we were gratified to respond to their eager requests for more information on our campaign. Now it’s on to Denver for the Democratic National Convention. Our friends in Denver, Greeley, Colorado Springs and Boulder will be assisting our cause. So stay tuned friends. 
We can certainly have a law passed that penalizes bird watchers for abusing birds to satisfy their own neurotic desires.           


Faithfully yours,

Anaida Krok


August 8, 2008

Over this past weekend (August 2-4) I traveled to our nation’s capitol, Washington, DC, along with a dozen of my followers. We had thousands of flyers that spelled out our philosophy in exposing Bird Watchers for what they really are: namely cunning, pervasive, horny preditors.  More specifically, a shameful blight on our society by seeking sexual stimulation from birds in congress.

Birds are delightful creatures. They are so loveable and innocent. But we humans continue to erode our hallowed planet with garbage, toxic wastes spewing on land, water and into the air. Life will end and birds become extinct, along with their forefathers, the dinosaurs.

These thoughts gave me courage to counsel strangers in Washington. Many challenged our position after reading signs that said: STOP BIRD PORN! and LEAVE THE BIRDS ALONE!

Angry people felt we were wasting our time on a foolish mission. One visitor from Germany with his wife and three teenage children asked: “Why don’t you go after your baron leaders who are robbing the people blind and hosting an unpopular war that is bankrupting America?” I explained to this sixtyish stout hearted man with a beard that there are many other organizations to play watch dog and illuminate the problems facing us. And in a free country we have the freedom to make a choice on what to protest against. The tourist would not listen, he seemed prejudiced. He handed me back my flyer and strode away. 

The majority of people around the White House wanted flyers and photos of us with our signs. Many laughed openly. But they became sober upon reading our manifesto berating Bird Watchers. It was food for thought. I saw two senior citizens on a bench seriously debating whether they would continue bird watching with a club they belonged to in Reston, Virginia, or resign.

I must add that there are certainly thousands of bird watchers who do not  become sexually stimulated. But they are too many of them contributing to the delinquency of minors. 

Children imitate their parents’ bird watching activities by going to the internet and finding bird porn. It’s teeny bopper sex online. For shame!